SBL Biocombination 8 (BC8) Tablets for Diarrhoea, loose motions

SBL Biocombination 8 (BC8) Tablets for Diarrhoea, Loose motions

SBL Biocombination 8 (BC8) Tablets for Diarrhoea is indicated in watery stools with blood or yellow, slimy diarrhea, diarrhea during dentition; thin watery, greenish stools foul with undigested food, loose morning stools which at times are involuntary while passing flatus.

About Biochemic: Diarrhoea the term literally means a running through and is applied to frequent passage of unformed motions of loose consistency. There are many causes with one common physiological factor of excessive peristaltic movement. General causes include unsuitable food, excess of alcohol, unripe fruit, chemical irritants, oral antibiotics, poisons & infections. Local causes include gastric disturbances, gastro-enteritis, viral infection, inflammation of small and large intestines and ulcerative colitis. There could be serious factors like typical fever, cholera, food poisoning, cancer of colon, and disorders of pancreatic secretion. These are to be differentiated from general and local causes mentioned above.

Ingredients: SBL Biocombination 8 (BC8) Tablets Calcarea phosphorica – 3x, Kalium phosphoricum – 3x, Natrum phosphoricum – 3x, Ferrum phosphoricum – 3x, Natrum sulphuricum – 3x, Kalium sulphuricum – 3x in equal proportion, Excipients q.s to 1 tablet of 100 mg.

Mode of action of individual ingredients in SBL Biocombination 8 (BC8) Tablets for Diarrhoea
Calcarea phosphorica: It is indicated for diarrhea from juicy fruits and during dentition, green, slimy, hot, sputtering undigested with fetid flatus.
Ferrum phosphoricum: It is a drug for early stages of inflammation and febrile condition is also indicated for watery stool, which may have blood or undigested food or both. It covers first stage of dysentery with blood.
Kalium phosphoricum: It is a drug for mental and physical exhaustion and covers well diarrhea with foul, putrid odour occasionally by fright, depression or exhaustion. Pathogenesis covers diarrhea while eating; stool may be rice water in color or may contain blood.
Kalium sulphuricum: It is indicated in yellow slimy diarrhea, colicky pain, abdomen feels cold to touch, is bloated and tense.
Natrum sulphuricum: It is indicated for watery yellow stools, flatulence, stool passes involuntary when passing flatus, burning in abdomen and anus. It covers well hyperacidity, duodenal catarrh, vomiting of bile etc. which are at times associated with diarrhea.

Dosage: Adults: 4 SBL Biocombination 8 (BC8) Tablets every three hours or four times a day. Children: Half of the adult’s dose.

Presentation: SBL Biocombination 8 (BC8) Tablets comes in 25 gm and 450 gm

Manufacturer: SBL Pvt.Ltd
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