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Adel Homeopathic Product List (26 – 87)

This is in continuation of our earlier Adel homeopathy medicine list of Adelmar Pharma (Pekana, manufactured under G.M.P certificate in Germany) where we had published (1-25) series of high-quality medicines. In this article, we publish 26-87 series of products with links to product details and shopping cart on our official site.

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Adel Product number Adel Product Name Size Product Indication
ADEL 26. OSS-REGEN 20 ML For proper healing of bones; prevention of degenerative bone; and Osteoarthritis; joint diseases.
ADEL 27. INFLAMYAR 20 ML A”Powerful Treatment for Inflammation”; sports injuries; arthritis; muscle pain; bursitis; sprains and bruises.
ADEL 28. PLEVENT 20 ML For High cholesterol.
ADEL 29. AKUTUR 20 ML For Urinary tract infection (U.T.1).
ADEL 31. UPELVA 20 ML For menstruation complaints.
ADEL 32. OPSONAT 20 ML For inflammations of different types; pieurisy; Intercostals neuralgia and healing of wounds / injuries.
ADEL 33. apo-OEDEM 20 ML For water retention (oedema) and swelling of hands/feet.
ADEL 34. AILGENO 20 ML For treatment of spleen and liver dysfunction.
ADEL 36. POLLON 20 ML For disturbances of sexual function.
ADEL 38. apo-SPAST 20 ML For fits (Convulsions) and cramps.
ADEL 39. apo-SCIATICA 20 ML For treatment of sciatica, pain in the legs/arms, low back pain and soft tissue rheumatism.
ADEL 40. VERINTEX 20 ML For treatment of all types of warts.
ADEL 43. CARDINORMA 20 ML For Heart Drops (Angina: weakness of heart muscles) and irregular heart beats.
ADEL 44. VENORBIS 20 ML For diseases of the veins (varicose veins).
ADEL 48. ITIRES 20 ML For treatment of swollen lymph nodes; lymphatic conditions; boosting of Immunity and supportive treatment of cancer.
ADEL 49. apo-ENTERIT 20 ML For diarrhea; gastroenteritis; abdominal cramps and food poisoning.
ADEL 51. psy-STABIL 20 ML For anxiety, lack of concentration, restlessness and nervous exhaustion.
ADEL 54. CANGUST 20 ML For prevention and follow-up treatment after a heart attack.
ADEL 56. HABIFAC 20 ML For treatment in case of genetic predisposition and infections of all types.
ADEL 61. SUPREN 20 ML For treatment in strengthening of adrenal gland.
ADEL 66. TOXEX 20 ML For removal of external and internal toxins and treatment of infections “The Blood Purifier “.
ADEL 69. CLAUPAREST 20 ML For circulatory disturbances causing vertigo, tingling, cramps and gangrenous processes.
ADEL 73. MUCAN 20 ML For fungal infections of hair, nails and skin.
ADEL 75. INFLAMYAR ointment 35GMS For treatment of sports injuries, sprains, bruises, joint problems,   muscle strains, acute I chronic inflammation and sciatica pain.
ADEL 78. DERCUT ointment 35GMS For eczema; psoriasis; urticaria; boils; skin infections and other skin diseases.
ADEL 79. FERRODONA Tonic 250ML For anemia and prevention of iron deficiency.
ADEL 83. BRONCHI-PERTU Syrup 150ML For treatment of cough including whooping cough; bronchial and other respiratory pathway infections and asthma.
ADEL 85. NEU – regen (ampoule) 12x10ml For general physical invigoration and restoring proper organ function.
ADEL 85. NEU – regen Tonic 250ml For treatment of mental, emotional and physical exhaustion.
ADEL 86. VERINTEX N external 20ML For all forms of warts.
ADEL 87. apo-INFEKT drops 20ML For various types of bacterial and viral infections in the body.
ADEL 40+86 Verintex + Verintex N Combi-pack 2x25ML + 20ML For warts. (Internal & External)


How to use Adel 26 -87 series of drops

The recommended dosage of Adel homeopathy medicine drops (unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor) is as follows, Adults -15 to 20 drops and children 7 to 10 drops, 3 times a day in 1/4 cup of water. This should be taken before meals


FAQ on Adel homeopathy medicine

Q: Are they safe on children?

A: Adel homeopathic medicines are safe and free of any side effects or contra-indications. Hence it can be safely consumed as per the instructions or dosage indicated.

Q: Can I take Adel homeopathy drops along with other medications?

A: While it can be said that homeopathic medicines do not interfere with any other medications, we advise that you consult your homeopathic doctor before doing so.

Q: How long should we take the Adel medicine

A: A homeopathic course usually last between 3 weeks and 3 months depending on the severity of the medical condition and acuteness of the symptoms involved.  We recommend that you consult a homeopathic doctor who will be able to assess your condition and indicate the prescribed course. Some homeopathic medicines are beneficial like those involving Asthma, immunity etc if taken on regular basis without any time bar.

Q: Can Adel Homeopathic medicines can be given to my pet (animal)?

A: Homeopathic medicines work well on animals as well and many customers administer their pets with homeopathic medicines.

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    1. You may be suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) since you are complaining of bloating, flatulence (gas), body pain (pain in stomach, abdomen etc) coupled with irregular bowel movement etc. All these are signs or signal of a digestive tract disorder or disease. We advise you consult a homeopathic doctor and begin your treatment

      1. Yes, the purpose of this article is to make the whole range of Adel Pekana Homeopathy medicines available to you. You can buy online by just clicking on the product links provided in the article

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    1. For dry Cough (sukhi khansi ke liye) please take apo-Tuss (adel 7) or Reckeweg (R9 Jutussin), both contain Bryonia which is good for dry (barking type) cough

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