Adel 87 Apo-INFEKT Drops for Bacterial and Viral Infections

Adel-87 apo infekt homeopathic medicine for bacterial and viral infections

Adel-87 apo infekt drops for bacterial and viral infections in the body. Indicated for prevention and treatment of bacterial and viral infections like flu, measles, chicken pox, oitis, candidosis, herpes simplex and mouth thrush.

Introduction Common Diseases caused by bacteria include strep throat, urinary tract infection, tuberculosis etc. while diseases caused by viruses include common cold, chicken pox etc. Most of the human illness are caused due infection with disease causing (pathogenic) viruses or bacteria. Bacteria are produced by splitting into two whereas viruses replicate inside the host cells. Bacteria are the single celled micro organisms and viruses are smaller than the bacteria that require host body such as human, animals or plants. Viruses are more contagious than bacteria. Symptoms of viral infections include fatigue, fever, headache, cough, abdominal pain, diarrhea etc. Viruses can be spread from one person to the other by sneezes, coughs, infected insects bites, vomits etc. Bacteria can enter the human body by cuts, contaminated water or food, touching contaminated surfaces etc.

About Adel 87 apo-INFEKT drops is homeopathic medicine to treat diseases caused by bacteria and virus through a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs (available in drops). It has key Ingredients like ailanthus gladulosa, argentum nitricum etc that act on different types of viral and bacterial infections. It is indicated for flu, measles ( viral disease causing fever and a red rash), chicken pox, inflammation of the ear (otitis), candidasis (infection with candida, especially as causing oral or vaginal thrush i.e. yeast infection), herpes simplex (viral infection caused by a group of herpes viruses)

INGREDIENTS: Adel 87 apo-INFEKT drops for diseases caused by bacteria and virus contains: Alianthus Glandulosa 6x, Argentum Nitricum 6x, Cinchona Pubescens 6x, Echinacea 12x, Lachesis Mutus 12x, Merrubium Vulgare 8x, Nasturtium Aquaticum 8x, Vincetoxicum 8x.

How the ingredients in Adel 87 apo-INFEKT drops work The key properties in Adel 87 apo-INFEKT drops are derived from the following ingredients to treat the diseases caused by bacteria and virus

Ailanthus gladulosa – it eliminates infections of tonsils and the other tissues. It also treats fever, severe weakness, scarlet fever (infectious bacterial disease causing fever and a scarlet rash), infections of mucus membrane and microbial imbalance (dysbiosis) of digestive tract.

Argentum nitricum – treats infections of mucous membranes. It helps in regulating nerve functions and combats the restlessness, exhaustion accompanied by migraines or headaches.

Cinchona pubescens – treats fever, weakness and exhaustion. It also treats illness like bronchitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane in the bronchial tubes), whooping cough (pertussis), inflammation of the gall bladder (cholecystitis) and gastritis (inflammation of the lining of the stomach). It helps to reduce head congestion and stops bleeding from the irritated mucous membrane.

Echinacea – it stimulates immune response of body. It treats viral and bacterial infections. It also stimulates leukocyte production and the other defense responses. It increase the excretion capabilities of intestines and kidneys that promotes the elimination of the toxic metabolic wastes.

Nasturtium aquaticum – treats diseases caused by bacteria and virus such as urological infections and stimulates gall bladder. It detoxofies blood and works throughout the body as natural antimicrobial. It also treats skin disorders and prevent the goiter (swelling of the neck resulting from enlargement of the thyroid gland).

Lachesis mutus – it acts against septic conditions of blood and protects entire body against spread of the infections.

Marrubium vulgare – it acts as lymphatic stimulant that treats severe respiratory infections, disruption of liver, hardening of lymph nodes and conditions of mucus membrane.

Vincetoxicum – treats infections that includes flu, common cold, poliomyelitis ( infectious viral disease that affects the central nervous system and can cause temporary or permanent paralysis) etc.

DOSAGE: Adults 15 to 20 drops of Adel 87 apo-INFEKT, Children 7 to 10 drops of Adel 87 apo-INFEKT, 3 times a day in 1/4 cup of water.

SIZE: Adel-87 apo infekt drops comes in 20ML sealed Bottle

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3 thoughts on “Adel 87 Apo-INFEKT Drops for Bacterial and Viral Infections”

  1. I have harpes simplex virus hsv1 1IgG blood test result 178.60 positive, so doctor called me this is HSV 1 & I am taking medicine echinasea, hepar sulph 200, adel 87. Any permanent solution for this..pls help me

  2. I m having fever since two months, all test done but no source of fever was found. The doctor has said I might have fever as they see some nodules in my spleen area. What I m actually suffering from? Can u recommend me any homeopathy medicine

    1. FUO (fever of undetermined origin) could mean ‘n’ number of possible causes. Rise in body temperature is a hallmark of many diseases and the common denominator of almost all febrile conditions is inflammation. When someone has fever due to infection, there is an increase in a type of white blood cell known as the neutrophil which act against the invading bacteria. Usually antibiotics is the most common practice and it treats the most common kinds of bacteria.
      It has been found that in studies of FUO, the patient’s complete story leads the doctor to the right diagnosis up to 80 percent of the time. We suggest you consult a homeopath and provide your full medical history

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