Adel 75 Inflamyar Ointment for Sports Injuries

ADEL 75 Inflamyar Ointment for sports injuries, inflammation, arthritis, muscles pain, bursitis, sprains, bruises

ADEL 75 INFLAMYAR OINTMENT for sports injuries, sprains, bruises, joint problems, muscle strains, acute/chronic inflammation and sciatica pain. Indicated as powerful treatment of inflammation, muscle pain, arthritis, bursitis, sprains, bruises and sports injuries.

Introduction Different types of injuries in sports include knee injuries, swollen muscles, strains and sprains, contusions, tendon injuries, dislocations etc. Damage to the body causes injury and injuries that break skin or other tissues are referred to wounds. Injuries related to joints are tendonitis (inflammation of a tendon) and bursitis (muscle pain and inflammation of a bursa that is a shoulder joint). The damage to muscle and its attached tendons lead to muscle strains. Symptoms include redness, swelling, pain, weakness etc. Sprain refers to torn or stretched ligament and strain refers to torn or stretched muscle or tendons. The symptoms include swelling, pain etc.

About Adel 75 Inflamyar ointment is homeopathic medicine to treat different types of injuries in sports especially related to inflammation through a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs (available in drops). It has key Ingredients like arnica montana, bellis perennis etc that act on arthritis ( painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints), inflammation (acute and chronic), bursitis. It is also indicated for sprains, sports injuries and injury appearing as an area of discoloured skin (bruises), joint problems, sciatica pain (pain affecting the back, hip, and outer side of the leg), muscle strains etc.

INGREDIENTS: Adel 75 Inflamyar Ointment for various types of injuries in sports contains: Arnica Montana 12x, Bellis Perennis 8x, Bryonia Cretica 4x, Guajacum Officinale 4x, Ledum Palustre 4x, Rhus Toxicodendron 12x, Ruta Graveolens 6x, Viscum Album 4x.

How the ingredients in Adel 75 Inflamyar ointment The key properties in Adel 75 Inflamyar ointment are derived from the following ingredients to treat different types of injuries in sports especially related to inflammation

Arnica montana – to heal wounds. It treats solid swelling of clotted blood within the tissues (hematoma), inflammation and pain in the muscles and joints (rheumatism), bursitis etc.

Bellis perennis – it stimulated the circulation in capillaries that helps in improving conditions of pain in a muscle or group of muscles (myalgia) arthritis. It treats bruise (contusion) and hematoma. It also improves the blood circulation for speeding up the healing process.

Bryonica cretica – it relives pain and helps in healing activity in muscles, tendons, connective tissues and joints. It also addresses stabbing and tearing pains, muscle and joint rheumatism. It relieves swelling conditions, redness and defective metabolism of uric acid causes arthritis (gout).

Guajacum officinale – treats intense pain along the course of a nerve (neuralgia), shortened tendons, inflammation of a peripheral nerve (neuritis) and tendonitis. It also treats rheumatic pains in all joints and gout. It relieves syndrome with pain or stiffness, usually in the neck, shoulders, upper arms and hips (polyarthritis rheumatica).

Ledum palsutre – treats different types of injuries in sports such as rheumatic pain, numbness when at rest, stiffness when exposed to cold and symptoms of gout. It also addresses inflammation in lymphs.

Rhus toxicodendron – treats rheumatism, pain in the muscles and joints of the lower back (lumbago) and sciatica. It also treats pain or loss of function in the nerves that carry signals to and from the brain and spinal cord to other parts of the body (brachial neuritis), inflammation of tendon and its enveloping sheath (tendonvagnitis) etc

Ruta graveolens – treats hematoma, numbness and contusions of legs and knees. It helps to improve circulation in afflicted areas and also eliminates blockage of veins (venous blockage).

Viscum album – treats rheumatic spasms. It also treats chronic and acute conditions that involves pulling, tearing pain, irritation and inflammation of nerves like condition in which the head becomes persistently turned to one side associated with painful muscle spasms (torticollis), damage or inter vertebral discs etc

DOSAGE: Rub in locally, or Apply using a bandage or dressing three times a day.
For External Use Only.

SIZE: Adel 75 Inflamyar ointment comes in 35 gms tube

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