Adel 56 Habifac Drops for Treatment in Genetic Predisposition and Infections

ADEL 56 HABIFAC homeopathic drops for treating body infections due to genetic disposition

ADEL 56 HABIFAC homeopathic drops for treatment in case of genetic predisposition and infections of all types. Indicated for treatment of patient’s permanent sickness disposition by elimination of chronic toxic burden due to a genetically compromised immune system and infections.

Introduction Homeopathy has answers for how to increase immunity for genetic predispositions. Compromised immune system refers to the body without good immunity that is when the body does not have ability to fight against illness. It also refers to immuno suppressed system. In such condition the risk of contracting infectious illness increases. Immune system can be altered by various factors such as stress level, emotional state, life style, nutritional status, dietary habits etc. deficiency of nutrients in body is the major cause for depressed immune system. For better working of an immune system the following factors should be considered like regular exercise, avoid smoking, healthy diet, controlled blood pressure, adequate sleep etc.

Genetic predisposition refers to the increased possibility of developing specific diseases that is based on genetic makeup of an individual. It can be result of certain genetic variations which are often inherited from parents. The genetic variation contributes to development of diseases but they do not cause it directly. Genetic predisposition can cause many chronic diseases that are passed through the family histories. Adel 56 Habifac drops addresses the basic question – how to increase immunity for genetic predispositions?

About Homeopathic Adel 56 Habifac drops has a proprietory blend of homeopathic ingredients like acidum formicicum, acidum nitricum in drops forms that addresses the issue – how to increase immunity for genetic predispositions? It is also indicated to eliminate chronic toxic burden that can be due to genetically compromised immunity system and the infections. It also addresses connective tissue intoxification, obstructive metabolic processes, constitutional anomalies etc.

Ingredients: Adel 56 Habifac drops, how to increase immunity for genetic predispositions contains: Acidum Formicicum 10x, Acidum Nitricum 6x, Baptisia Tinctora 6x, Glechoma Hederacea 6x, Graphites 8x, Thuja Occidentalis 10x, Vincetoxicum Hirundinaria 8x.

How the ingredients in Adel 56 Habifac drops work The key properties in Adel 56 Habifac drops are derived from the following ingredients

Acidum formicicum – helps in stimulating the excretion of toxins which can develop allergies that includes gout (defective metabolism of uric acid causes arthritis) rheumatic processes. It acts as anti inflammatory that help to relieve the chronic itching. A prime homeopathic ingredient that address the question how to increase immunity for genetic predispositions?

Acidum nitricum – treats inflammation and infections of all mucous membranes. It also treats weakness of nervous system that is accompanied with stubborn, agitated behavior. It resolves the chronic processes that includes headaches, lung TB, rhinitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose), liver problems, ulcers, chronic joint rheumatism (inflammation and pain in the joints) and nephritis (inflammation of the kidneys).

Baptisia tinctora – it helps to increase resistance to gradually worsening or chronic infections.

Glechoma hederacea – it supports the body in the excretion of toxins. It relieves diarrhea, piles and general inflammation.

Graphites – treats diseases of digestive tract, skin and sexual organs. It resolves stomach inflammation, chronic rhinitis, piles, varicose veins (enlarged and twisted veins) in legs and chronic eczema (skin patches becoming rough and inflamed with blisters).

Thuja occidentalis – treats constitutional and psychological illness. It also treats the mucous membrane condition, eliminates the warmth regulation anomalies. It resolves intestinal dysfunction, neuralgia (intermittent pain along the course of a nerve), itching, burning sensation and rheumatic process.

Vincetoxicum hirundinaria – treats viral infections and the pathogens that are present in chronic illness.

Dosage: Adults 15 to 20 drops of Adel 56 Habifac, Children 7 to 10 drops, 3 times a day in 1/4 Cup of water.

Size: Adel 56 Habifac drops comes in 20ML sealed Bottle

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