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Homeopathy Newletter March 23

Homeopathy Newsletter March 2023

Looking for a Eye sight problem solution?  Improve eyesight naturally with Physostigma, a top listed homeopathic medicine for treating nystagmus, dim vision and other eye related macular degeneration issues. It is a natural medicine prepared from the bean of plant Physostigma venenosum having the common name Calabar Bean. Know more

Understanding anxiety and panic attacks in proper perscpective is the first step towards treatment. ‘Anxiety is not all that bad’, The starting point of understanding the constructive role anxiety plays is to stop falling for fallacies surrounding it. Know how it keeps us alert, fosters social bonds etc. Know more 

Dark circles under eye is just not just a medical condition (called ICHOR) due to melanin concentration and (deoxygenated) blood. It is a cosmetic concern which requires goodness of berberis aquifolium that acts by clearing the melanin buildup and toning up the skin with rose water for rejuvenating the skin and lightening it up. Know dark circles natural treatment here 

Know the common first aid injuries and how to treat them with natural remedies for faster healing. Before seeking medical intervention comes first aid  which is the first level support on a sports field. Know the First aid common homeopathic remedies for sports injuries with indications, mode of action, dosage, side effects and more. Know more here 

Can heart failure be reversed? We examine this topic in the context of a homeopathy heart tonic that negates the ill effects of cholesterol, tones and stregthens heart muscles (old age issues) and irritable heart of tobacco-smokers. Know the benefits of strophanthus hispidus, a medicines highly recommended by Dr.Aadil Chimthanwalla, and its positive influence on cardiac health. Know more

How to heal a fissure fast with natural remedy in homeopathy? Mouth fissures (or Angular cheilitis ) where cracked sores affects one or both corners of your mouth. Fissure may due to infection by microorganisms, inflammation, or irritation. Condurango heals the fissured cracks as per its guiding action in materia medica. Know more here

Ganglion cyst wrist treatment in Homeopathy. It is the most recommended and effective home measure for draining or shrinking cysts. Non surgical or invasive treatment that is safe and side effect free. Know the success story here from Dr Souparno’s clinical cases here with medicine name, dosage etc,. Know more 

Know the 6 excessive mastrubation ill effects on your health. In this article we trace it to  certain clinical disorders in men and women. Homeopathic Origanum Marjorana. which works as anaphrodisiac i.e, as a drug to reduce sexual desire is found to be useful in this condition. Know more  

Over the counter medicines for anger in Homeopathy that are safe, natural, help improve mood and are side effect free.  Leading homeopathic doctor reccomendations with indications listed in article. These help calm the mind, stabilize mood disorders and shown to be efficacious in clinical trials. Know more 

Know the leading characteristics of Chamomilla, how to identify the chamomile patient (profile), comparison with similar homeopathic remedy (pulsatilla) and medicinal uses. Know more here 

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