Dark circles natural treatment with internal and external remedies

dark circles natural treatment

Dark circles natural treatment is possible in homeopathy. Because the remedies are made from natural substances and are completely free of any side effects. The problem with dark circles under eye is just not a medical condition (called ICHOR) due to melanin concentration and (deoxygenated) blood. It is a cosmetic concern as it makes you appear sad, tired, stressed, and old. Know the pathogenesis of dark circles and doctor advise remedies in homeopathy

What is the best natural remedy for dark circles?

There are two prominent natural remedies for dark circles under the eyes
1. Berberis Aquifolium acts by clearing the melanin buildup and toning up the skin. It decreases the pigmentation build up under the eyes and efficiently cleanses. Dr Vikas Sharma says ‘This medicine never fails to bring a glow to the skin and lighten the complexion’. He adds ‘ I call Berberis Aquifolium a ‘precious gem’ in homeopathy to attain fair, clear and glowing skin’
2. Rose water – As per ToI, not only does rose water rejuvenate the skin but also has skin lightening qualities, hence it can be a great way of removing the dark circles. Rose contains a number of natural terpenes, anthocyanins and flavonoids along with phenolic compounds which have anti-inflammatory properties. These compounds helps it treat hyperpigmentation and reduce dark spots, sun spots, and acne scars.
There are other natural remedies that doctors prescribe below

Can dark circles go away?
Yes, dark circles can disappear through a combination of proper lifestyle combined with natural remediies explained here. The main factors contributing to the appearance of Peri-orbital dark circles are melanin and (deoxygenated) blood. This occurs due to a combination of factors like exposure to sun, late nights (sleep deprivation) and digital eye strain. Doctors recommend certain internal and external remedies for effective removal of dark circles. These remedies work to clear melanin pigmentation clusters and improve blood flow in affected areas. The skin is rejuvenated at a sub cutaneous level, pufiness is removed and skin tone improves due to the combined affect of improved blood circulation and reduced malanin concentration in areas under the skin. This results in reducing the intensity of dark circles under the eyes

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