Ganglion cyst wrist treatment, Sucessful case study in Homeopathy

Ganglion cyst wrist treatment

Ganglion cyst wrist treatment in Homeopathy. Know the sucess story here from Dr Souparno’s clinical cases here.
Image & Treatment Credit : DrSouparno Bose’s Homoeopathy (Face book Page)

Dr.Souparno Bose a Kolkata India based Homeopathy Doctor is a leading homeopathic practitioner and provider of medical service in 6 clinics in all over West Bengal. He passed B.H.M.S. (Cal) in 1996 from Calcutta University. He achieved PG Hom.(London) award from Dr. Charles Hahnemann (from Germany) at the University of West London, Brentford, London.

Case Study
Middle aged male patient with Stony hard growth on wrist since last 5 years.
After prescribing Calcarea fluor 0/1 it reduced much within 2 months. Then Dr Souparno prescribed Cal Fluor 0/2 on 3rd month. Ganglion completely cured. Patient health improvement in Ganglion cyst wrist treatment stands testified in image above

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