Doctor advise Homeopathic Medicines for Ganglion Cysts Treatment

“Homeopathic Medicines Ganglion Cysts, नाड़ीग्रन्थि पुटी, गैंगलियन सिस्ट की होम्योपैथिक दवा, ruta for ganglion cyst”

About Ganglion Cysts in brief

The word “Ganglion” means Knot and is used to describe the knot like mass or lump that forms below the surface of the skin. It is a noncancerous lump, which may be round or oval fluid-filled lump that usually develops near the tendons or joints of wrist or hand. They also may occur in the ankles and feet.
Causes: The leaking of synovial fluid that surrounds the joint and its collection in a sac develops into a ganglion cyst
Occurrence;The appearance of a ganglion cyst is common between the age of 20 yrs – 40 yrs. In case you have a history of injury to a joint or tendon in the past then you are likely to develop ganglion cysts. People having wear-and-tear arthritis in the finger joints closest to their fingernails are at higher risk of developing ganglion cysts near those joints
Size & Shape:Ganglion cysts are round or oval and usually measure less than an inch (2.5 centimeters) in diameter. Some may be even smaller
Symptoms: symptoms my include pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness of muscle appearing due to pinching of nerve from ganglion cyst

Why Homeopathic treatment for Ganglion Cysts?

  • Homeopathy offers excellent treatment option that is safe and free of adverse effect
  • With Homeopathy surgery can be avoided in a majority of cases of ganglion cyst
  • The right constitutional treatment will help manage symptoms of ganglion cyst by gradually dissolving it
  • There are many effective medicines available in Homoeopathy , but the selection depends upon the individuality of the patient , considering mental and physical symptoms

Case study: Ganglion cyst in wrist successfully treated in homeopathy by Dr Souparno Bose. Know the case study with images here

Top doctor recommended Homeopathic remedies for Ganglion Cysts?

Ruta is a top Medicine for dissolving Ganglion Cyst. Pain in the hand and wrist may also arise where Ruta is indicated. Symptoms: Pain and stiffness in wrists and hands, tend to interfere with joint movement of wrist, in some cases numbness in the hands may be present with above symptoms. There may be an attending tingling in the hand also.

Calcarea flour is recommended for pain in hands and fingers due to ganglion cyst, especially when the ganglion is formed on back of wrist. This medicine is very effective when the ganglion causing a nerve compression and can relieve the pain. Dr. Gopi recommends Calcarea Carb, a prominent medicine to treat ganglion cyst on the right side of wrist

Silicea is effective for ganglion cyst on the back of the wrist or on the left side of the wrist. The cyst is located on the extensor surface of wrist. Symptoms: paralytic weakness of the hands. Stitching pain, Presence of offensive sweat on hand

Dr.K S Gopi recommends Benzoic Acid 30 for Gouty patients with Ganglion cyst accompanied by swelling of the wrist. There is tearing and stitching pain

Dr.Vikas Sharma recommends Rhus Tox & Rhododendron (to Manage Pain in the Wrist), Causticum for Ganglion Cyst with Numbness, Tingling, Muscle Weakness.

Dr.Kirti Vikram Singh recommends for Ganglion Cysts
1 Thuja 1M 2 drops in morning
2 Calcarea flour 6x 6 tabs 3 times a day
3 Urtica urens mother tincture 20 drops 3 times a day with some water for 1 month
या दव आपको 1 से 2 महीने तक लेनी है या दवा आपको ऑनलाइन होम्योपैथी फार्मेसी होमियोमार्ट में मिल जाएगी

गैंग्लियन सिस्ट का होम्योपैथिक उपचार: Ganglion cyst ke baare me bataya hai , Ganglion cyst kya hota hai , kyo hota hai , kya sign and symptoms hai or ganglion cyst ki kon kon si Homeopathic medicine hai, watch Dr.Kirti’s video on youtube

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नाड़ीग्रन्थि पुटी
गैंगलियन सिस्ट की होम्योपैथिक दवा

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