Understanding Anxiety and Panic attacks

understanding anxiety and panic attacks

Understanding anxiety and panic attacks in proper perscpective is the first step towards treatmen. Among the best coping mechanisms for anxiety is to understand the beast itself. Dr.Thevar, a India based doctor while speaking to Indian express newspaper argues that anxiety is not all that bad and there are certain fallacies around it. He cites a few reasons for it to be considered in a positive light.

ANXIETY is not all bad. The adrenaline rush it provides, keeps us alert and safe, and even focused in certain situations. “The starting point of understanding the constructive role anxiety plays is to stop falling for fallacies surrounding it; the most common one be-ing that anxiety is only destructive and detrimental to happiness,” says Bengaluru-based psychotherapist Dr Bhavyesh Thevar. Here are a few reasons why you should treat anxiety as your friend

KEEPS US ALERT The key role of anxiety is to shield us from danger, – which calls for fast action. Anxiety may help us react faster and more effectively than others in an emergency.

BETTER PREPAREDNESS Anxiety drives you to cover all the bases and consider worst-case scenarios, helping you – to be better prepared.

FOSTERS SOCIAL CONNECTIONS One of the hormones released when we are anxious is oxytocin or the love hormone. This promotes social

Because anxious people are always firefighting in their heads, they’re naturally more solution-oriented. Such people make for best researchers, investigators and analysers. Their critical think-_ing capacity helps them solve problems quickly.

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