Eye sight problem solution in Homeopathy. Dr advise remedies

eye sight problem solution in homeopathy

Eye sight problem solution with doctor advise homeopathy remedies like Physostigma, a top listed homeopathic medicine for treating nystagmus, dim vision and other eye related macular degeneration issues. It is a natural medicine prepared from the bean of plant Physostigma venenosum having the common name Calabar Bean. It belongs to family leguminosae. It is well indicated when vision is dim. The dimness is for distant objects that seem blurred and mixed. It can be followed by dull pain over and between the eyes. Vision may also be dim when reading. It is also indicated for dim vision at night time. Sometimes double vision is also there. It is well indicated for treating twitching of muscle of eyelid and around the eyes

Is it possible to improve eyesight naturally?
Yes, with herbal remedies like Physostigma with proven properties (as per Materia Medica) for dimness of vision or blurred vision, involuntary eye movements, sensitivity to light and a drawing sensation in the eyes. abnormal contraction of the eyelid muscle. This remedy and its active principle, Eserine causes contraction of the pupil and of the ciliary muscles. Induces a condition of short-sightedness. Induces Meningeal irritation, with rigidity of muscles. Tetanus and trismus. Polymyelitis anterior. Eserine is used locally to produce contraction of pupil.

How to improve eyesight without glasses?
Depending on your condition a homeopathic doctor will prescribe you constitutional remedies that will match your profile. These remedies will, over a period of time, address the constitutional factors that may be affecting yoru visual acuity. However two doctors indicate their choice of remedies that will help improve eyesight naturally without glasses. It includes internal medicines and external eye drops. You also need to follow a diet plan and do eye exercises (vision therapy) to overcome the problem in a holistic manner

Other Eye Care Medicines in Homeopathy for blurred vision

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