Excessive mastrubation ill effects on health and treatment remedies

Excessive mastrubation hypersexuality nymphomania treatment

Excessive mastrubation ill effects on your health
Weakness of male organ (erectile dysfunction)
Loss of stimulation (due to desensitization of glans penis
Loss of energy and body vitality (due to loss of seminal fluids)
Loss of self confidence (guilt feeling or demotivation)
Loss of immunity (tendency to catch cold and other infection increases)
Low Sperm count (low volume of semen output)

Excessive sexual urge can cause clinical disorders like uncontrolled masturbation in men and Nymphomania in women. Origanum Majorana is a majorly indicated homeopathic medicine for hypersexuality.

How to remove mastrubation addiction and its ill effects?
Bad effects of excessive masturbation are recovered with Origanum Marjorana.It works as anaphrodisiac i.e, as a drug to reduce sexual desire. Hypersexuality in men and women is a clinical disorder that may lead to mastrubation addiction. The himalayan herb tempers the irresistable sexual urge and the endorphin craving that comes from a masturbation release. Dr KS Gopis says Origanum Majorana Q is indicated for Nymphomania: Sexual mania, powerful lascivious impulses, leucorrhea, hysteria. Increased desire for sex. Sexual mania with inclination to suicide in young girls. Sexual irritation with leucorrhea and irritation of pudenda

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