First aid for Sports Injuries, Get safe natural remedies

First aid for sports injuries

First aid for sports injuries in the homeopathic injury Kit includes some common remedies that can help alleviate pain and other symptoms in case of an injury, bleeding, fracture, shock. Homeopathy can effectively prevent a sprain or fracture from progressing, stop bleeding.

First aid for sports injuries in homeopathy

bruises (contusions)in sports – A contusion (bruise) is an injury to the soft tissue. It is often caused by blunt force such as a kick, fall, or blow. The immediate result will be pain, swelling, and discoloration. This is common in contact sports like football, hockey, boxing etc. The homeopathic medicines that should be present in a first aid kit for injuries include – Arnica Montana, Calendula Officinalis, and Hypericum Perforatum. Calendula Officinalis is useful for injuries where lacerations (tears in the skin) appear. Consider the use of Hypericum in case of fall on the back, tailbone injury, injury to spine and damage to nerves mainly in the fingers and toes

Sprains and strains
are some of the most common types of injuries in any sport. They involve the stretching or tearing of tissue. Risks points are Ankle while walking or exercising on an uneven surface, landing awkwardly from a jump. Knee when Pivoting during an athletic activity. Wrist on Landing with an outstretched hand during a fall. Thumb include Skiing injury or overextension when playing racquet sports, such as tennis. The first aid homeopathic medicines for sprains are Arnica Montana and Ruta Graveolens.Initially, after a sprain, three four doses of Arnica 30 C should be taken immediately.

A stress fracture is a very small, fine break in the bone caused by continuous overuse. Stress fractures often occur in the foot after training for basketball, running, and other sports.Other commonly fractured bones areas in contact sports are the hands, wrist, collarbone, ankle, feet, and the long bones of the lower extremities.Immediately following a fracture, a few doses of homeopathic medicine Arnica 30 C should be taken. This will help soothe the pain and swelling at the site of the fracture. Once the broken bone has been set in a cast, homeopathic medicine Symphytum Officinale should be started.

bleeding injuries in sports: The most common form of bleeding associated with participation in athletics is capillary bleeding which occurs secondary to an abrasion. Other Common skin injuries in sports include: lacerations, incisions, blisters, avulsions and punctures. Homeopathy Hamamelis is an anti-hemorrhagic (a substance that stops bleeding) that can be used in an emergency to control bleeding. Use this medicine in 30 C potency at two to three-hour gap until bleeding stops. 

First aid for sports injuries now available in a Kit

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