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Homeopathy Newsletter, April 2023

homeopathy newsletter april 2023

The homeopathy newsletter for April 2023 is a compilation of our social media messages covering health tips, medicinal indications, doctor recommendations, and much more. Here is the latest list…

Figuring out the easiest way to remove ear wax at home? Remember earbuds are not meant to insert into the earhole, only for outer ear cleaning. Homeopathy provides the best treatment for softening occlusive earwax without the need for ear irrigation (syringing). Homeopathy medicines act as natural ear wax softeners and facilitate normal extrusion. Earwax helps to prevent fungal or bacterial agents clog the ears and prevent drying out of the ear. Two leading homeopathy recommend a set of internal and external (ear drop) medicines that will help soften hardened cerumen (ear wax) and expel it naturally. Know more 

Uncontrolled anger disorder also known as intermittent explosive disorder (IED) is marked by temper tantrums and appears at a certain age. Know the identifiable signs of IED and this spider extract medicine in homeopathy that acts as a natural serotonin reuptake inhibitor or SSRI. Dr. K S Gopi says this remedy is for those who get ‘Anger attended with great destructiveness. They have a sudden alteration of moods’. It is an anti psoric remedy, Know more

For those looking for Stomach ulcer medication over the counter, Hydrastis Canadensis mother tincture (commonly known as goldenseal) is considered a natural antibiotic medicine. Hydrastis Canadensis treats mucosal inflammation of the digestive tract that leads to abnormal intestinal motility, altered gut functions, and generates symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Know more 

Posterior heel spur treatment can be effective if stressed ligaments of the legs are recognized as related and a causative factor says, Dr.Vikas Sharma. The body builds extra bone tissue as a stress reaction which then grows to become a heel spur. Ruta Grav is good for heel spur formed after stressed ligaments, muscles, and tendons he adds. This biochemic salt is another prime homeopathy remedy that acts as a resolving agent in treating heel pain caused by the calcaneal spur. Know more 

If you have a spasmodic cough that ends in vomiting, asthma attacks you in damp weather or after sudden weather change, or suffer constant nausea not relieved by vomiting with one-sided headache then Ipecacuanha is the homeopathy medicine of choice (by guiding symptoms). Know the kind of patient profiles it is suited to, the range of clinical action, dosage, and its antidote here 

Chorea is a disorder of excessive spontaneous body movements that are irregularly timed, randomly distributed, and abrupt. Chorea is only one aspect of the basal ganglia syndromes and is a symptom of neurodegenerative disease says a study published in published in Current Treatment Options in Neurology. Often, a multidisciplinary approach tailored to individual patient needs provides the best management it adds. Homeopathy plays a supportive role to conventional drugs in chorea or Huntington treatment and medicine suitability is determined based on the symptoms. Know more

Terminalia Arjuna, a native Indian tree is well known in Ayurveda for its cardio-protective properties. Its bark contains Alicylic and amino acids and polypols. Arachidic stearate, cerasidin, hendriacontane, myristyl oleate, etc. In homeopathy, it is used as a heart tonic and is indicated for angina (chest pain), irregularities in heart rhythm, and heart palpitations. Know the complete materia medica indications, side effects, and dosage here

How to recover from shingles quickly? Though the average time to recover from shingles is 3-5 weeks, homeopathy can help you recover much faster as it triggers the innate body healing mechanism to beat the virus efficiently and negate its adverse impact. Dr. K.S Gopi says ‘Shingles is most common in people older than 50. The risk increases with age. Herpes zoster can be triggered by certain medications or cancer treatment (radiation or chemotherapy) that suppress body immunity. homeopathy has symptom-specific remedies to heal this painful condition. Know more 

Scalp treatment for hair growth is essential as per a clinical study in Japan. Know more about this study published in Eplasty. A homeopath recommends 5 mother tincture mixes (external massage) to stimulate hair follicles and improve scalp health. It offers the following benefits

  1. It addresses itchy, irritating scalp conditions that may build up to painful sores, bumps, and dandruff.
  2. It stimulates hair growth in hair follicles and makes the anagen phase more productive.
  3. It protects from damage due to heat from sun damage or hairdryer that may cause hair to become dry and brittle

Know more here 

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