Ear wax removal at home with homeopathic remedies

Ear wax removal at home

Ear wax removal at home with ear drops and internal medicines that are safe, effective and doctor recommended.

What is the easiest way to remove ear wax at home?
Ear wax accumulation occurs when normal extrusion is affected. Earwax, also known by the medical term cerumen is a yellowish or grey waxy substance secreted in the ear canal. Homeopathy medicines acts as a natural ear wax softeners and facilitate normal expulsion. homeopathy provides best treatment for softening occlusive earwax without the need for Ear irrigation (syringing)

11 Homeo Medicines for Ear Blockage

  1. Kali Muriaticum is a top Grade Medicine for Blocked Ears, especially for complaints arising from ear infections, fluid in middle ear, Eustachian tube blockage. Symptoms: plugged or clogged sensation in the ears, snapping, popping noises, hearing difficulty, ear discharge of white colour and pain in ear
  2. Chininum Sulph 30 is one of the best indicated remedies for Meniere’s disease (disorder of the inner ear) when periodicity of the attacks is marked. It is considered a specific for this condition
  3. Pulsatilla works well in cases where ears feel plugged. Symptoms: hearing difficulty is present, noises are mainly humming, ringing, roaring, wind like or like rushing water, ear discharge is thick yellow, pain that is tearing, shooting, stitching.
  4. Silicea is good for ear stoppage with ear discharges, stoppage is better by swallowing, hardness of hearing with ringing/roaring noises in ears and itching in the ears
  5. Chamomilla is indicated Ear Blockage Accompanied with Pain due to inflammation of middle ear. The ear is sensitive and painful to touch. The earache can be better by warmth
  6. Merc Sol for fullness and stuffed sensation in ear with Impaired Hearing. Ear fullness is momentarily relieved by swallowing or blowing your nose. There may be pus with greenish discharge with itchy
  7. Graphites for Plugged Ears with Sensation of Water in it
  8. Cyclamen for Diminished Hearing with Blocked Ears, A peculiar sensation as if cotton is in the ear may be present .
  9. Causticum for Obstructed Feeling in Ears with Offensive Pus Discharge, ithing and dull pain may be present in ear
  10. Conium for plugged sensation in Ears with Excessive Wax
    Phosphorus for Blocked Sensation and Violent Itching in the Ears, also best for echoing sounds in the ears in Meniere’s disease
  11. Manganum Aceticum for Hardness of Hearing with Blocked Ears

How to remove ear wax in Homeopathy?

Two leading homeopathy recommend a set of internal and external (ear drop) medicines that will help soften hardened cerumen (ear wax) and expel it naturally . For more details on medicine indications, dosage, price etc check below

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