Uncontrolled anger disorder? Tarentula Hisp to the rescue

uncontrolled anger disorder medicine

Uncontrolled anger disorder also known as intermittent explosive disorder (IED) is marked by temper tantrums, tirades may appear as early as 13 years for male and 19 years for frmales. It is triggered by mental health issues like borderline personality disorder or by prior history of physical and emotional trauma or abuseTarentula

Uncontrolled anger disorder – identify the signs

  1. Shows anger by destroying property, throwing and breaking items, punching holes in walls, or kicking in doors
  2. May display cruelty to animals in the heat of anger
  3. Partner, children, and other family members may be afraid as even the smallest annoyance or frustration can bring on an episode
  4. Anger episodes extremely intense, but over in about 30 minutes
  5. may have a previous history of being arrested for crimes involving anger, such as domestic violence, physical altercations, verbal threats, or road rage
  6. May have been publicly corrected for unsavory language or behavior, that have made him/her particularly angry
  7. Often feels great remorse and regret after an episode
  8. May have lost several jobs, argumentative with coworkers and have a difficult time taking direction from superiors, yelled and or cursed at coworkers

Homeopathy offers specific medicines for uncontrolled anger disorder and Tarentula hispana is widely prescribed by homeopaths for this condition. Tarentula hispana is an effective homeopathy medicine for anger which often results in violence says Dr K S Gopi. ‘Anger attended with great destructiveness.They have sudden alteration of moods’ he says. It is anti sporic remedy, Know more

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