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A 36-year-old female from the eastern region of India had Crohn’s disease in 2008 but after unsuccessfully trying out all other treatments got finally cured with homeopathy under the guidance of Dr.Saptarshi Banerjee in 2016. The doctor identified a constitutional medicine for the patient based on symptoms displayed (acidity+headache+constipation, patient likes sour food). He started with 200 potency and boosted it to 10M (6). Know the case details and homeopathy medicine prescribed for crohn’s treatment here 

A person may resort to binge eating (bulimia) to take comfort from emotional shocks, grief, fright, or disappointments. Others resort to unnecessary food intake to escape from depression accompanied by a deep sense of worthlessness (low self-esteem). Homeopathy identifies such peculiar symptoms and offers specific medicines for eating disorders including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating. Know more 

Studies in Japan published in a research paper show that the transfer of mechanical stress to human dermal papilla cells in subcutaneous tissue through the massage process is effective for scalp stimulation and hair regrowth. Healthline portal reaffirms this saying that the stretching effect on the cells of hair follicles from scalp massage increases hair thickness. Scalp massage may help dilate blood vessels beneath the skin, thereby encouraging hair growth it adds. A well-known homeopath identifies 5 effective mother tinctures for an external scalp massage treatment that has a triple-fold action. Know more 

Well-selected homeopathic medicines help relieve chest congestion by breaking up mucous in the lungs naturally thereby loosening and expectorating it. Unlike mainstream cough suppressants, these do not have any side effects or make you drowsy at work. They achieve expectoration by thinning and loosening mucus in the lungs (airways), and decongest by breaking stubborn mucous, thereby making breathing easier. Know the chest congestion remedies identified by two homeopaths 

Homeopathy medicines like Santoninum 30, Cina, Cucurbita Pepo Q expel intestinal parasites without side effects. They are clinically known to exhibit anti-helminthic activities on intestinal worms. A limited dose is sufficient to cleanse the parasitic infection, stop nutrient loss, and alleviate symptoms. Know more

Surgical treatment is usually recommended for kidney stones 0.5 centimeters in size and larger, but homeopathy clinical studies backed by lab reports show that even 5 -9 millimeter stones have been successfully treated without surgical intervention. Homeopathy medicines have shown excellent results when medicines are mapped to symptoms. Two experienced homeopaths indicate homeopathic medicines that are specific to presenting symptoms of patients. Know the homeopathy medicines for kidney stones that can possibly help you avoid surgery

While mumps is a common occurrence in children it is not uncommon in adults. Two studies in Canada and China indicate to adults in the age group of 17 to 40 years are affected by mumps infection. Homeopathy offers antibiotic-free remedies to treat swelling of the parotid glands and limit the induration of mumps. Relief from severe shooting pain in the ears and swallowing difficulties is also attained with these remedies. Doctors also indicate 3 important remedies, know more

Alternative remedies like physical therapy, homeopathy, and chiropractic treatments score well in the cost-effectiveness of adult scoliosis treatment and improvement of quality of life. Journal of Alternative and complementary medicine indicate to clinical studies where some severe and progressive cases of scoliosis, chiropractic treatment including spinal manipulation may have decreased the need for surgery. Adults with painful and disabling scoliosis may benefit from nonsurgical homeopathic treatment compared with invasive surgery, given the proper indications and mapping of symptoms. Know more

Liver protective medicines some of which find mentioned in ancient texts like that of 11th century Ibn Sina’s Canon of Medicine are known to contain ‘Moghavi property’ that prevents the liver from injuries or diseases. Hepatoprotective agents are those compounds, which mitigate the liver injury caused by hepatotoxic agents and thus can prevent damage to the liver. Some of the 8 liver cleanse medicines that are recommended by homeopaths belong to this class of liver protective drugs. Know more

Thuja Occ known as arborvitae or Tree of Life offers many benefits in homeopathy. It is well-indicated in homeopathy for treating cysts, skin tags, and warts among others. Dr.Rukmani says ‘it is a homeopathic medicine that is of great help in treating abnormal growth originating anywhere in the body. Dr.Pranjalisays Thuja has a powerful effect in dissolving fatty accumulations and treating abnormal subcutaneous growth originating anywhere in the body. Dr. Souparno Bose’s illustrated clinical case study shows the power of Thuja in dissolving lipoma on the elbow here

 Guaiacum homeopathy medicine derived from the gum resin of a tree known as Lignum sanctum is considered natural anti-inflammatory medicine for joint pain. This medicine suits people who are predisposed to joint inflammation or suffer from it. Guaiacum prominently acts well on the joints, bones, muscles, neck, back, mucus membranes, and fibrous tissue. Besides, its action is noted on the head, lungs, throat, and gastric system. Know more 

The median hangover recovery time and symptoms can be approximately 6 -8 hours longer in untreated patients as compared with those who took OTC medications like homeopathy. The incidence and severity of hangovers the morning after moderate alcohol intoxication also reduced considerably. Know the hangover homeopathy medicines with indication, dosage, etc here



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