Mumps treatment in adults and children

mumps treatment in adults

Mumps treatment in adults and children with antibiotic free natural medicines. These homeopathic medicines treat swelling of the parotid glands and limit the induration of mumps. Relief from severe shooting pain in ears and swallowing difficulties is attained with these remedies. Doctors also indicate 3 important remedies that be used mumps preventive medicines as it is a highly contagious disease and could easily spread in family

Mumps incidence among adults: As per Canadian journal of public health, many persons aged 17-40 were found susceptible to mumps in British coloumbia region. In another study done by Tao Yang in China, 78.35% of subjects aged between 18 to 30 showed mumps infection with mild parotid swelling as symptom. In adults mumps can last upto 2 weeks and is commonly identified by Buccal swabs for RT-PCR testing.

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