Crohn’s disease treatment, successfully treated case study

Crohn's disease treated clinical case study

Crohn’s disease treatment in homeopathy, a case treated by Dr.Saptarshi banerjee
Case and Image Credit – Dr.Saptarshi banerjee

Patient name – Saima bibi
Age – 36 years

Symptoms – stool with mucous, sour putrid smell, acidity and bloating, sour mouth (due to reflux), headache during bloating, exhausted due to recurrent attack, frequent mouth ulcers, when she doesent have mucousy stool she is constipated, yellow sweat with sour smell, muscle cramps in hamstrings. irrititated when attacks of acidity otherwise mild, she is afraid of dark, like to eat sour meat

Medicine given – Mag Carb (acidity+headache+constipation, patient likes sour food). Started with Mag Carb 200 and boosted it to 10M (6)

Clinical report after homeopathy medicine treatment – inflammation gone, regular stool habits and little or no symptoms

Problem since 2008 but patient availaed homeopathy treatment in 2016 (patient seen in image with Dr.Saptarshi banerjee)

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