Scalp Treatment for Hair Growth. Doctor reccommended remedies

Scalp treatment mixture for hair growth doctor recommended

Scalp treatment for hair growth is essential as per a clinical study in Japan.

Now get the ideal Scalp treatment for hair growth with mother tincture mixture that nourishes you hair roots and rejuvenates scalp. A clinical study published in european journal validates the benefits of scalp treatment in promoting thick lustrous hair.

Published in Eplasty, a study evaluated the effect of scalp massage on hair in Japanese males and the effect of stretching forces on human dermal papilla cells in vitro. Standardized scalp massage is a way to transmit mechanical stress to human dermal papilla cells in subcutaneous tissue. Hair thickness was shown to increase with standardized scalp massage.

This Mother Tincture Mix is an external scal massage treatment formula for hair fall that has a triple-fold action.

It addresses itchy, irritating scalp conditions that may build up to painful sores, bumps, and dandruff.
It stimulates hair growth in hair follicles and makes the anagen phase more productive.
It protects from damage due to heat from sun damage or hairdryer that may cause hair to become dry and brittle

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