Natural anti inflammatory medicine for joint pain, Guaiacum

natural anti inflammatory medicine for joint pain

Natural anti inflammatory medicine for joint pain: Guaiacum homeopathy medicine is derived from gum resin of a tree known as Lignum sanctum.This medicine suits people who are predisposed to joint inflammation or suffer from it. Doctors opine that this medicine is ideal for managing pain and stiffness in neck, backache and joint pains.

As per Journal of Orthopaedic Research there is growing evidence for the existence of an obesity‐related phenotype of osteoarthritis in which low‐grade inflammation and a disturbed metabolic profile play a role.

Guaiacum prominently acts well on the joints, bones, muscles, neck, back, mucus membranes and fibrous tissue. Besides, its action is noted on head, lungs, throat and gastric system.

Neck pain, neck stiffness, joint inflammation, gout, growing pains, bone pain, cough, pleurisy, throat disorders, tonsillitis, stomach disorders, diarrhea, constipation, inguinal hernia

Worsening factors: Complaints get worse from heat, touch, motion, exertion and in cold, wet weather

Relieving factors: Complaints get better from external pressure and cold applications

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