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Homeopathy for Health Conditions (Diseases)

Homeomart Updates, Homeopathy Roundup November 2022

homeopathy loss of appetite medicine


Well-known homeopathy doctor says ‘loss of appetite and tiredness can be treated naturally and effectively with Gentiana lutea and alfalfa, a wonderful combination’. Know how Gentiana lutea homeopathy remedy can boost your appetite with alkaloids that bear similar affinity to vitamins and minerals. Know more here 


Gallbladder stones treatment without operation successfully done by Dr.Souparno Bose, know the case study and homeopathy medicine prescribed: with the patient profile. See ultrasound reports ‘before and after treatment’ to check the veracity of treatment in article here

Liver health in homeopathy


You are at high risk of liver damage following cancer treatment involving chemotherapy. You can mitigate or lower the risk by keeping your liver healthy with milk thistle, also known as Carduus marianus in homeopathy. Know more in the article here

acne and gut health


How can I improve my gut health for acne? Microbes that facilitate digestion by fermentation in the gut are involved in the pathogenic process of acne. Know the two remedy combination suggested by Dr.Reckeweg that addresses gut imbalances and acne formation here


New treatment for fatty liver disease with mineral salt remedies like Natrum phos to saponify the fatty acids. This comes in the form of a homeopathy doctor-prescribed medicines kit which offers you multiple benefits. Successful clinical studies and case finding in homeopathy have paved the road to new therapeutic modalities for the treatment of fatty liver disease. Know more here


homeopathy fear remedies


Know why fear causes anxiety? Know tips to overcome fear and anxiety in different situations. Homeopathy offers various natural safe remedies that address specific fear or phobias with unique characteristics. It offers Bach flower remedy for vague unknown fears too. Know the remedies with indications here 


Male arousal disorder treatment in Homeopathy works on addressing lower urinary tract symptoms like prostatitis through Cydonia vulgaris. Homeopathic medicine also addresses a retracted penis or buried penis that may cause sexual dysfunction in the form of erectile dysfunction, painful intercourse, or difficulty with penetration. Know more here

skin tag removal homeopathy


Important facts you should know about skin tags. Check ‘before and after’ images of skin tag treatment with homeopathy. Know Skin tag removal at home that is safe, non-invasive, and cost-effective. No burning, freezing, or ligature tagging. Check the homeopathic medicines with indications here 


Kidney pain left side treatment in homeopathy arising from urinary tract infection or UTIs, kidney stones, medical conditions, and blunt force trauma to the kidneys. Berberis Vulgaris homeopathic medicine, a prominently indicated renal colic medicine (especially on the left side) eases the pain that may be traveling from the Kidney to the urethra and associated discomfort naturally. Know its beneficial action on the urinary system, and renal colic in article here

h pylori infection and gastritis are linked because the bacterial infection can lead to chronic acidity leading to an inflamed stomach lining. Elaborating a case study effectively treated with homeopathy, Dr. Aadil chimthanwalla in his YouTube video titled “H Pylori Infection Treatment, Symptoms, Diet | Robinia Homeopathic Medicine uses, Benefits (Hindi)” says Robinia can treat this condition effectively. Know what journal of gastroenterology reports, clinically treated cases and remedies here in this article

Know how to prevent fainting with first aid? Also, why bach flower rescue remedy as first aid for fainting? Rescue remedy is made from a combination of 5 bach flower essences, safe and natural. Know more …

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