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Coughing up watery mucusCoughing up watery mucus means excessive discharge of watery mucus from the lungs, more than normal phlegm. Homeopathy can help remove mucus from lungs naturally and get rid of excessive phlegm formation. More importantly the doctor identified remedies stop the tendency for excessive phlegm production. Know more of homeopathy Bronchorrhea kit in this article


Can heart failure be reversed

Can heart failure be reversed? We examine conditions in which heart can fall back to its normal condition from a disturbed state. Homeopathy can reverse the debilitating ill effects of ailing cardiac conditions. We briefly explain you how this can be achieved with the wonder medicine Strophanthus Hispidus in article here


Natural Viagra for womenIn this post we explore an oft asked question ‘Is there a form of Viagra for females?‘ in homeopathy. Female sexual frigidity is a concern for both partners and men are particularly concerned about this topic.  We explore the role of Tribulus terrestris homeopathic herb that is known to work in a special way in women. Know more


Left side vs right sided migraine

Left side vs right sided migraine: Did you know only homeopathy offers specific left side or right sided migraine relief remedies? In this case you feel intense, throbbing pain, often on the left side of the head. The epicentre is, behind or around one eye, but may radiate to other areas of your face, head and neck. Know Left side vs right sided migraine symptoms and specific homeopathic remedies in blog article +here

How to prevent colicHow to prevent colic? This cell salt mineral combination (also known as Biocombination)is gentle yet effective in relieving colic in babies. They correct gastric imbalances from of food allergies or intolerances or overfeeding, underfeeding. Pain from gas or hunger is relieved, regularizes stools. Effective in adults too. Know more here 


nose bleeding treatment home remedyEpistaxis treatment: If you are looking for nose bleeding treatment home remedy, then homeopathy should fit the bill as the remedies are safe and side effect free. This doctor recommended nose bleeding treatment home remedy combinations can serve as a handy kit for those who suffer frequent nose bleed due to weather condition (such as dry air spells). Know more 


suppressed mensesIn this article we are not referring to the common practice of using hormonal management to stop or reduce menstrual bleeding. So the issue of menstrual suppression drugs or the pros and cons of it does not come under the ambit of our discussion. Here we discuss a homeopathic remedy that is considered a natural altreantive treatment for suppressed menses of various causes including those induced by drugs. Know why Homeopathic Senecio Aureus is considered for suppressed menses? Know more 

fecal incontinence natural treatmentFecal incontinence natural treatment: Fecal incontinence is a common problem in the elderly population. As per clinics in geriatric medicine, Fecal incontinence is a disorder of men and women, with an equal or greater prevalence in men in advancing years. We examine the risk factors associated with this medical condition and how homeopathic podophyllum petatum containing podophyllotoxin could be an alternative option in fecal incontinence treatment. Know more



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