Homeopathy Senecio Aureus for suppressed menses

suppressed menses

Suppressed menses treatment: Senecio 30 is the ideal Homeopathic medicine when the menses are suppressed but the woman feels that menses are about to come. Symptoms related to menses are present like heaviness or pain in pelvis region and nausea, but the menstrual flow is absent

In this article we are not referring to the common practice of using hormonal management to stop or reduce menstrual bleeding. So the issue of menstrual suppression drugs or the pros and cons of it does not come under the ambit of our discussion. Here we discuss a homeopathic remedy that is considered a natural altreantive treatment for suppressed menses of various causes including those induced by drugs.

Why Homeopathic Senecio Aureus is considered for suppressed menses?
It is a prominent medicine for treating amenorrhea in young girls. They feel as if menses would appear but fail. They usually have back pain or pain in shoulders along with suppressed periods.
Senecio Aureus is valuable medicine for treating delayed periods. Females needing Senecio have a sensation as if periods are about to come but they don’t

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