Podophyllum Peltatum for fecal incontinence treatment

fecal incontinence natural treatment

How do you treat bowel incontinence naturally?
Fecal incontinence treatment can be treated with homeopathic Podophyllum, also known as May Apple that works wonders in

  • symptoms like colic, profuse stool in the early morning, pain in the stomach, bilious vomiting, stool is watery, jelly-like mucus in gastroenteritis
  • for children having diarrhoea during teething
  • for managing diarrhoea with profuse and gushing stool. The stool is watery, yellowish or greenish coloured. It has a very offensive smell. The urge to pass stool is also sudden. The stool can be frothy and have mucus in it sometimes. Along with stool gas is also passed. Gurgling in the abdomen may be felt before stool.
  • Podophyllum is well-indicated in cases of stool incontinence accompanying the passing of flatus. on passing flatus.
  • During Food Poisoning with Profuse and Offensive Stool

Faecal incontinence risk factors: rectal radiation therapy (as in prostate cancer), anorectal surgical procedures (e.g., sphincterotomy for anal fissures), pregnancy, injury to the sphincter or nerve damage associated with vaginal delivery, , diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome, and fecal impaction

Is faecal incontinence curable?
With dietary changes to ensure stool consistence, rectal and colonic improvements, exercises involving pelvic floor muscles and over the counter (OTC) medicines like podophyllum peltatum faecal incontinence can be treated. Even cognitive and behavioral functioning, habit training, perception of rectal sensation, biofeedback also plays an important role in mitigating these symptoms as per article in The New England Journal of Medicine. Homeopathic podophyllum petatum containing podophyllotoxin could be an alternative option in fecal incontinence treatment

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