Coughing up watery mucus? Homeopathy Bronchorrhea relief

Coughing up watery mucus

Coughing up watery mucus means excessive discharge of watery mucus from the lungs, more than normal phlegm. This means you have a productive cough. It is medically termed as bronchorrhea. homeopathy can help remove mucus from lungs naturally and get rid of excessive phlegm formation. More importantly the doctor identified remedies stop the tendency for excessive phlegm production

Homeopathy has natural side effect free remedies that can help you clear lungs and stop coughing up watery mucus. Dr Pranjali suggests a mixture of 3 well known mother tinctures which taken in warm water can help clear phlegm that is hanging on the back of your throat, and respiratory tract. It work as a bronchodilator.

It has Hydrastis Canadensis Q that acts on nasal passage membranes and helps in subsiding the inflammation and regulating the mucous secretions. This relieves coughing up watery mucus

Know more of the action of the the three individual homeopathic remedies, how to mix and use as per doctor guidelines below

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