How to heal a fissure fast with Homeopathic Condurango

How to heal a fissure fast

How to heal a fissure fast with natural remedy? Erosion in body lining tissues may lead to fissure. For example., Saliva collects at the corners of the mouth and causes dryness. Very dry skin in this area can lead to angular cheilitis. Over time, the dry skin may crack open and also lead to infection . Condurango homeopathy medicine is indicated for loss of plasticity in body that may lead to mouth fissure, anal fissure (cracks in anal lining), Gastritis (erosion of stomach lining), cancerous growths.

How does Condurango help in anal fissures?
Condurango or Equatoria garciana acts on fissure at angle of mouth with burning pain. It is also indicated in anal prolapsus, anal eczema, Hemorrhoids, itching, pains, bleeding. The anus is like an elastic opening (sphincter), that lets bowel movements pass from your body. Anal fissure appears as a small tear near your anus as a result of excess stretching and pressure. This occurs when the tissue has lost its elasticity and reduction in moisture content hastens the tear up of lining. Condurango addresses this twin condition that exacerbates the problem of anal fissure. A similar problem is Mouth fissures (or Angular cheilitis ) where cracked sores affects one or both corners of your mouth. condurango is effective here too

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