Sex medicine and tonic in homeopathy for Impotence, Sexual weakness, Erectile dysfunction(ED), Loss of Libido, etc. These sexual power medicine are made from herbs that help increase timing, get full penis erection. Leading brands, 100% satisfaction
Homeopathy Medicine India. Ailments-Remedy list, Sexual weakness

Sex medicines list in homeopathy for firm erection, longer duration

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Homeopathic Therapeutic Medicine List (Single Remedies) for Impotence

Following remedies are given with indications to help you find a suitable remedy considering the symptoms. Selection of potency and dosages depend on the sensitivity, individual’s response to the remedy and how chronic is the condition

Agnus castus (tds) Simple impotency.yellow discharge from the urethra.No erections. Parts cold and relaxed. Desire gone. Scanty emission without ejaculation. Testicles swollen, cold hard and painful.
Shilajit and Musli


pyschogenic impotence, poor circulation to penis, low testosterone. Sex power booster
Avena Sat.Q (tds) Impotency due to  too much indulgence. Has a favorable influence on the nervous system. Dose , 20 drops in hot water.
Bufo Rana (tds) Impotency as a result of masturbation. Involuntary emissions. Discharge too quick.
Caladium Seg. (tds) Impotency due to masturbation. The violent sexual desire fails to bring about the erection. Impotency of advancing age in people who indulged too much during their ripe days. No emission and no orgasm on sexual intercourse. Erections while half asleep, cease when fully awake. penis relaxes on attempting sex.
Conium Mac.(tds) Desire increased, power decreased. Very feeble erection. Impotency due to suppressed sexual appetite. Testicles large and hard.
Damiana Q (tds) 10 drops in 1/2 cup of water 10 drops, thrice daily are very good in curing impotency. Use it for a month or so.
Ginkgo Biloba Q (bd) 5 drops in 1/2 cup of water Improves the  blood flow to the brain and the penis, and produces a strong erection irrespective of the age.
Ginseng (tds) It improves blood supply to the sexual organs and improves erectile functions in impotency.



Want of thrill and emission of semen in coition.
Kalium brom.(tds)


Debility and impotency due to sexual excesses.
Kalium brom.(tds),Kalium iod.(tds) Impotency due to wasting away testicles or due to syphilis.
Lecithinum 3x (tds) Increases the sexual desire in both sexes. Also increases the strength of erections of penis in males by supplying more blood to it.
Lycopodium 1000(hs) Repeat after 15 days Long standing impotency. No erectile power. Premature emission. Old man cannot equal the occasion with his mate, this remedy will set things right.
Moschus(tds) Impotency due to diabetes.
Cuprum met.(tds) Emissions even after coition and ejaculation.
Natrium mur.(tds) Retarded and very late ejaculation in coitus due to impotency.
Nuphur lut.Q,(bd) 5 drops in 1/2 cup of water Absence of erection and desire. It tones up the sexual system.
Nux vomica (tds) Impotency accompanied by general nervous depression and irritability, digestive disorders and constipation.
Onosmodium(tds) Deficient erections due to nervousness. Too early ejaculation in coitus. Increases sex drive and desire.
Sabal ser.(tds) Impotency due to urinary troubles. Parts cold. Penis and testicles shrunk.
Salix nigra(tds) Impotency with excessive desire for intercourse. Erections painful , painful movements of the testicles.
Saponinum (tds) It is a steroid and is stated to cure impotency. Its long use should be avoided.
Selenium met.(tds) Impotency due to dribbling and wastage of semen during sleep. Increased desire and decreased ability. Semen thin and colorless. On attempting coition, penis relaxes.
Staphysagria (tds) Impotency due to masturbation.  Patient remains gloomy on this account.
Sulphur (od) Complete absence of erection and sexual desire. Involuntary emission during stool or while urinating.
Thuja Occ.(tds) Loss of confidence. Seminal emissions without dreams. Does not want to marry because of fear of inability to perform.
Tribulus ter.Q (tds) 15 drops in 1/2 up of water Partial impotency due to over-indulgence in advancing age or when accompanied by urinary troubles or by sprematorrhea and prostate gland enlargement. It is considered one of the best remedies for spermatorrhea. Does-15 drops, thrice daily.
Yohimbinum Q,(qid) 10 drops in 1/2 cup of water An excellent remedy for impotency. Excites sexual organs. 10 drops, four times daily for a month or so. During the period of treatment, restict the sexual activities.

Other Top Sex Power Medicines in Homeopathy

Medicine Name Indications Rate (in Rs.) Size
Schwabe German Damiaplant Drops Schwabe German Damiaplant Drops is indicated for insufficient libido, impotence, neurasthenia, nervous exhaustion, all types of conditions involving weakness. It contains Damiana 1x, Ginseng 1x, Agnus castus 2x, Nuphar lutea 2x, Muira puama 1x for hard erections and enhanced sexual power. 450 20ml
Bakson Super Sex Tonic  Bakson Super tonic is an effective and safe male restorative tonic that helps to fight sexual disorder like premature or delayed ejaculation and relieves sexual neurasthenia, thus restoring lost vigor and vitality. Contains Damiana Q, Acidum Phos 3x, Avena Sativa 2x, Yohimbinum Q, Agnus Castus 2x, Lycopodium 4x, Cinchona Off 2x, Vibrnum op.3x. Size: 115ml, 200ml & 450ml 95 115 ml
Dr.Raj Vigoraj Oil Penile Massage Oil for large & strong penis Homeopathic external aplication oil for penile (penis) weakness,  its unique ingredients stimulates blood flow to vital parts, promotes growth & enlargement  and energizes organ for a sexually long time. It provides external stimulation for weary organ (loose penis) let down by weak nerves. Regular application may also help in addressing curved shape and naturally promote male size (enlargement) 230 30ml
Dr.Raj Vigoraj 10000 drops – sex power homeopathic medicine A potent formulation of 8 powerful herbs for sex power and sexually long time in bed.  It improves vigour, vitality and semen quality (thickness & volume). Useful in sexual neurasthenia impotency and sexual debility. Parts cold and relaxed. Desire gone. Scanty emission without ejaculation, deficient power, premature and involuntary emissions. The drops are safe & free of any side effects or drug interactions, its benefits in the sexual sphere covers  improved timing, sexual weakness, premature ejaculation, etc. 299 30ml
Get up Tablets for Male Sex power antioxidants and active alkaloids rich Homeopathy Tablets provides sex vigour and vitality (homeopathic viagra) for you to enjoy more sexual time. Contains Damiana Acid Phospharicum, Ginseng, Selenium, Yohimbinum 120 25gms
Force Drops – homeopathy drug for sex increase It addresses sex problems like low stamina and poor timing that leads to less than satisfactory sexual intercourse . Most effective medicine containing Origanum Vulgare (low desire), Tribulus Terrestris (androgen stimulator), Onosmodium Virginianum (penis weakness), Crocus Sativus (antispasmodic, emmenagogue , stimulant), Salix Nigra (nervous disorder), Withania Somnifera (aphrodisiac) 250 30 ML
Fourrts Ubi Q Capsules (A new hope in male infertility) Fourrts Ubi q capsules is indicated for male infertility, Cancer, and as a anti oxidant. For symptoms of watery semen, low sperm count. It contains Ubidecarenone 100 mg that helps decrease in ubiquitination process during sperm production in epidydimis. Increased sperm ubiquitination is INVERSELY associated with good semen quality parameters (enhances sperm thickness ) 195 10 Cap
Ralsons Macho stemina tonic Ralsons Macho stemina tonic is indicated in lack of sexual desire, neurasthenia, spermatorrhoea, erectile dysfunction, pre-mature ejaculation, impotece, sleeplessness, depression, incontinenece and declining energy levels in the elderly men, urethritis, frequent urination, debility due to excess loss of fluids and drug-induced sexual weakness. 150 200 ml
Allen Genforte syrup Allen Genforte is  is a male stimulant tonic  for improving sexual health . It is best indicated for Sexual weakness, Lack of libido or diminished desire, Premature ejaculation, Functional impotency, Psychic and idiopathic Impotency, Sexual or senile debility, Semen scanty or deficient spermatozoa. 100 10ml
Allen Xcite Dum drops Allen Xcite Dum is indicated for  Sexual neuresthania. A Powerful Nervine Tonic for Men, it is a potent combination of various useful Homeopathic remedies like   Acidum phosphoricum: Frequent, profuse, debilitating, nightly emissions with lascivious dreams. Impotency, early ejaculation, often after excess. 299 30 gms
Vigoral-LA  Power Booster formula for Men. Vigoral LA is a Libido enhancer product, it enhances firmness, fullness and duration of erection. Long term benefits of regular usage is that it increases Vitality and Virility in men for a champion performance. 299 30 gms
Power Up  Homeopathic Power Up (Enlightens the Magic of Relationship). Male restorative drops. Male impotency. Erectile dysfunction. Spermatorrhoea. Lack of libido. Priapism. Neurasthenia. Related emotional problem. 250 30 gms
Wheezal Stimulant-H Drops  Wheezal Stimulant-H Drops is used for erectile dysfunction and impotency. Impotency due to diabetes, hypertension and thyrotoxicosis. Impotency due to pelvic trauma or spinal cord injury as well as due to prostate gland surgery. 125 20 ml
BHP Topmi The selected remedies which  TOPMI contains act on genital organ and restore the lost vigour. . Tribulus Terrestris meets the autotraumatism of masturbation, correcting the emisisons and spermatorrhea, Partial impotence caused by over indulgence of advancing age is the leading symptoms of tribulus Ter and Aswagandha.  TOPMI corrects up the system and makes man to lead life with VIM, VIGOUR and youthful VITALITY. 80 110 ml
Kingko’s IGNIT drops, ignites the fire within Ignite rekindles the magic in your relationship. This powerful homeo herbal formula increases libido, addresses weakness related to maintaining erection for a successful act. Powerful combination of well known herbs with known therapeutic action, acts as a natural aphrodisiac, nervine tonic. For loss of erectile power, lack of libido. Increases timing naturally 175 30ml
Bhargava No 23 Setin M drops Homeopathic liquid oral drops for stimulating male desire. Bhargava No 23 Setin M drops checks frequent and profuse emissions, flaccidity of penis, mental weakness or general debility caused by masturbation, over sexual indulgence, no sexual power and desire 125 30 ml
Bhargava Thunder-M Tablets Nervine tonic for males, senile debility, mental and physical exhaustion, poor erection, lack of passion. Loss of vigour and vitality. Impotency, sexual neurasthenia and nervous exhaustion. 240 30 gms
Indo German Mood Up Drops Mood up drops is a proven nervine tonic for males indicated in early loss of strength, mental exhaustion, lack of vigour, increases libido manages early discharge, genital strength and great debilitating conditions. 299 30ml

Homeopathy Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)

STD Disease Type & features Homeopathy Medicines for STD
Gonorrhea – a sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Requires a medical diagnosis. Many people have no symptoms. Men may have burning with urination, discharge from the penis, or testicular pain women may experience pain in the lower stomach Agnus castus (tds): History of repeated gonorrhea. Suicidal thoughts due to the disease., Argentum nit. (tds): Burning in the urethra. Frequent desire to pass urine. Sensation as if a few drops remained behind after urination., Kreosotum (tds): Discharge is very fetid. Gonorrhea of females with itching of the vaginal canal and vulva., Natrium sulph. (tds): Inflammation of the prepuce. Itching of the glans and penis. Discharge yellowish and greenish.
AIDS (HIV) –  acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is a syndrome caused by a virus called HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). Spreads by sexual contact, Treatment can help, but this condition can’t be cured. Lab tests or imaging always required. Initial symptoms – flu-like symptoms such as fever, sore throat and fatigue can occur. Later weight loss, fever or night sweats, fatigue and recurrent infections Camphora (tds): The patient presents a picture of collapse. The body is icy cold. Strength appears sinking. Pulse is small and weak. Repeated drop doses of Camphora Q on a lump of sugar will strengthen the heart and raise his vital force. He will be able to fight the disease. The medicine can be repeated every 5 minutes till the condition of the patient improves.,Echinacea Q (tds) 10 drops in 1/2 cup of water: It is a great stimulant of the immune system. Maybe used with confidence in conditions of abnormal state of blood, blood poisoning and septic conditions. The patient has the tendency of malignancy in acute and subacute disorders. It increases the WBC count and enhances the macrophage function  which destroys foreign invaders in the body.,Tuberculinum 200 (hs) Repeat after 1 week: AIDS patient has low or no recuperative powers. He is always tired. Motion causes intense fatigue. Medicines,even well indicated, fail to improve the health of the patient. Tuberculinum acts in such cases. Anbuta Plus drops
Genital Warts – A small bump on the genitals caused by a common sexually transmitted infection. Cause – By skin-to-skin contact (handshakes or hugs), By having unprotected vaginal, anal, or oral sex Antimonium tart. (tds): Warts on glans penis.,Aurum mur. (tds): Warts on the tongue and genitals.
Syphilis – A bacterial infection usually spread by sexual contact that starts as a painless sore. Duration – Medium-term: resolves within months, Lab tests or imaging always required.  Symptoms – The first stage involves a painless sore on the genitals, rectum or mouth. After the initial sore heals, the second stage is characterised by a rash. Then, there are no symptoms until the final stage Aceticum acidum 1x: Hard chancre – a raised button-like nodule on the glan penis. Use locally and internally., Aurum mur. nat. 3x (tds): It is used when syphilitic eruptions have developed on the body appearing like psoriasis. Occasional use of this remedy during pregnancy by the mother prevents birth of a syphilitic child, if either or both parents suffer from syphilis at the time of conception., Mercurius dulc. 2x (tds): It is useful in cases of syphilitic women. There are eruptions at the mouth of the vagina and vulva, and also on the pubis. Also useful for hereditary syphilis manifestations., Mercurius sol. 2X (tds): This remedy is used in all the stages of syphilis. There are ulcers on the tongue and mouth. All discharges are foul. It is also useful for pains in different parts of syphilitics. It is useful in males.
Bacterial Vaginosis – Bacterial overgrowth in the vagina. Bacterial vaginosis tends to affect women of childbearing age. Activities such as unprotected sexual intercourse  & douching can cause it. Symptoms – abnormal vaginal discharge, itching or odour. Calcarea carb. (tds): Fungal infection of the vagina with an itchy, milky discharge, which is worse before menses., Kreosotum (tds): Chronic itching within the vulva; burning and swelling of labia; violent itching inside the vagina during menses. Bleeding from vagina on the next day of coitus.

Getting treated for sexual problems by a Homeopathic doctor? – things you need to know..

When you consult a homeopathic doctor for treatment of erectile dysfunction or sexual weakness,  remember they need a total picture of your condition. Hence be prepared to describe your situation in as much details (avoid cryptic answers). The typical question is

Describe the below symptoms?
Bones and joints:
Male (Sexual):

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