Nipco Gold Stroke Tablets with Ginseng; Aphrodisiac tonic for men

Nipco Gold stroke with Ginseng, Aphrodisiac tonic for men, treats erectile dysfunction, sexual weakness, impotence, premature ejaculation. popular sex medicine in India

Nipco Gold Stroke (with Ginseng) is indicated for erectile dysfunction (ED or स्तम्भन दोष in Hindi), sexual neurasthenia, pshychic or idiopathic impotency, diminished desire or lack of libido, premature ejaculation, semen scanty, deficient spermatozoa

Nipco Gold Stroke is a balanced composition of homeopathic ingredients like Agnus Castus D3, Damiana D3, Yohimbinium D3, Ginseng D3 etc all known for their beneficial action on the sexual glands.

Indications: It helps in treating:
• lack of libido
• premature of delayed ejaculation
• sexual neurasthenia
• general debility in men
• over excitement
• nervous exhaustion
• impotency psychic or idiopathic
• senile sexual debility
• sterility in males
• lack of orgasm
• hypotension

Ingredients: Nipco Gold Stroke (with Ginseng) Contains: agnus cast d23, ambra g d5, damiana d3, acid phos d3, yohimbinum d3, selenium d3, ginseng d3, lycopodium D4, arg nit d4, excipients q.s

Composition: Nipco Gold stroke ingredients and their characteristic symptoms are:
1. agnus castus: especially indicated in old man with history of sexual excesses. self contempt from self abuse, impotence with gleet, penis is small, cold, and flaccid

2. ambra grisea: voluptous itching of serotrum, violent erections without voluptus sensation

3.damina: spermatorroea in wake exhausted subjects impotency after spinal injuries.

4. acid phos: seminal vesicuties sexual power deficient, oedema of prepuce

5. yohimbnium: neurasthenic impotence, strong and lasting erections with urethritis.

6.selenium: coldness and relaxation of sexual organs, dribbing of semen during sleep, at stool after urination

7.ginseng: weakness of genital organs, voluptous tickling at the end of urethra.

8.lycopodium:erections imperfect or absent in old men, young men who become impotent after masturbation

9.argentum nit dosage: impotence, erections fails when coition is attempted

Presentation: 25gms. tablet form

note: also use tonovita a non sugar base syrup for impotency especially in diabetic patiients

Dosage: 4 Tablets of Nipco Gold Stroke (with Ginseng) three times a day or as directed by the physician

Manufacturer: NIPCO Hyderabad

Size: 25Gms

Rate: Rs.85 (10% OFFBuy Online)

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    1. You have to consume this until significant improvement returns in your sex life or as advised by doctor. No indication of any drug dependency or addiction.

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