Healwell Vigoral-LA Homeopathy medicine for sex power. Extra Vigour

Healwell Vigoral LA -Sexual wellness for Men & Women, sex power capsule, homeopathy medicine for extra vigour, treats erectile dysfunction. Popular sex medicine in India

Healwell Vigoral-LA is a Sexual wellness product for men & women, this popular Homeopathic formula boosts libido(sex power) by providing extra vigour, increases desire and sex drive. This is a Natural performance booster with the power of potent herbs like Ashwa gandha, Damiana, Agnus castus, Yohimbinum, Titanium etc. Pure Homeopathic formula, Improves Virility without any side effects

Sintex International Limited provide products to the people for better health at a lower cost without side effects. Homoeopathic products offered under the brand name Healwell are produced, conforming to international pharmacopoeias in ultra modern automatic plants under controlled atmospheric conditions also ensure that all products are made are in tune with the relevant specifications.

Vigoral-la liquid (drops) is a power Booster formula for Men from Healwell Homeopathy. This Libido enhancer product enhances firmness, fullness and duration of erection.

Long term benefits of regular usage is that it increases Vitality and Virility in men for a champion performance.

Ingredients: Vigoral contains Ashwagandha Q, Agnus Castus Q, Damiana Q, Yohimbinum Q, Nuphar Luteum Q and Titanium 6.

Action of individual ingredients in Healwell Vigoral-LA

Damiana is a legendary Mexican herb known for its aphrodisiac properties, very popular in south America. Agnus castus is effective in lack of erection, lack of libido, scanty emission.
Ashwagandha – sexual tonic that increases sperm count and sexual power. Nuphar Luteum acts on retracted & relaxed penis, pain in penis & testes.
Agnus castus – low sexual desire due to mental issues like depression. Titanium – useful in premature early ejaculation

Dosage: 2.5 ml diluted in half cup of water twice a day or as directed by the physician.

Size: 30ML

Rate: Rs.299 (10% OFF)

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