Bhargava Setin M drops, Minims 23 Male desire activator. Sex power

Bhargava Setin-M drops, Minims 23 male desire activator

Bhargava No 23 Setin M is a homeopathic liquid oral drops for stimulating male desire (sex power), with following mode of action

  • Stimulates the male sexual organs by activating nervous structure
  • Stimulates genital area by enriching oxygen supply
  • Facilitates penile erection
  • enhances libido and copulatory performance
  • improves impotency and low sperm count
  • Acts as an aphrodisiac


Bhargava No 23 Setin M drops checks frequent and profuse emissions, flaccidity of penis, mental weakness or general debility caused by masturbation, over sexual indulgence, no sexual power and desire


Bhargava No 23 Setin M drops is a proven homeopathic formula containing Damiana 2X , Avena sativa 2X, Ginseng 3X, Yohimbinum 2X , Agnus castus 3X   Acidum phosphoricum 6X, Sabal serreulata 2X , useful for all types of male sexual complaints


Bhargava No 23 Setin M drops is a part of Minims offering from Bhargava Phytolab Pvt.Ltd. Minims are liquid oral drops prepared from a blend of highly effective plant extracts, potentised and formulated in the purest form of alcohol, E. N. A. Each minim comprises of a unique preparation to treat the ailments of the body.

Setin-M Sex medicine in Hindi
सेटिन -एम चाहत की कमी के लिए होमिओपॅथीक दवाई, हस्तमैथुन के कारण उत्पन्न कमजोरी, सेक्शुअल दुर्बलता, और नसों की थकावट मे उपयोगी। ये शक्ती और स्कूर्ति में सुघार लाता है और सेक्शुअल आँर्गन्स से शक्ति का संचार कस्ता है| ये सेक्शुअल ईच्छा को उत्तेजित करती है और लिंग के तनाव में उपयोगी है।
असमाधानकारक लैगिंक जीवन के लिए होमिओपॅथीक दवाई असरदार और बिना कोई दुष्प्रभाव का समाधान देता है।

Dosage: 10-15 drops of Bhargava No 23 Setin M drops in half cup water thrice a day or as directed by the physician.


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  1. I am of 55 + male having no erection at all and reducing smaller day by day about Two years, can I have it for stimulation?

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