Wheezal Stimulant H Drops for Impotency, Nervine Tonic

Wheezal Stimulant H Drops for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, nervine tonic

Wheezal Stimulant H Drops is a homeopathic medicine indicated in erectile and ejaculatory dysfunctions arising in patients suffering from thyrotoxicosis, having pelvic trauma or spinal cord injury and for those having undergone prostate gland surgery.

Among the Hormonal conditions that cause erectile (sexual) dysfunction is hyperthyroidism where an overactive thyroid gland causes too much thyroid hormone production in the body. Thyroid, a small gland located near the bottom of the neck secretes various hormones that have some level of control over many organs of the body. It can affect as many as one in ten men over the age of 60 and often creates sexual dysfunction. Graves disease that accounts for 70% of hyperthyroidism cases, sets during young adulthood and is a autoimmune disorder in which the body produces antibodies to its own tissues, which in turn cause the thyroid to produce excess of thyroid hormone

Research points to a strong correlation between various thyroid disorders (both conditions i.e., when the thyroid is over productive and when the thyroid is under productive) and erectile dysfunction. Thyroid disease can affect as many as one in ten men over the age of 60 and therefore the prevalence of ED increases with age. University of Modena, Italy study finding concluded that once the men with hyperthyroidism were treated, almost all symptoms of erectile dysfunction disappeared.

Introduction: Most of the individuals especially men suffer from sexual weakness or sexual disorder that leads to premature ejaculation. Stimulant H is a homeopathic combination made of potent herbal formulations that is very effective to combat with above mentioned problems.

About Wheezal is a leading homeopathic company having the widest range of Homeopathic Products in India. The secret of the efficacy of Wheezal medicines lies in the carefully selected composition in accordance with the Principles of Homeopathy. The medicines take into consideration the important symptoms in a given condition & may, therefore, be used with utmost confidence in accordance with the listed indications.

Ingredients: Wheezal Stimulant H Drops Contains: Acid Phos. Q 0.12 ml. Agnus Castus Q 0.12 ml. Lycopodium 3x 0.12 ml. Ginseng Q 0.12 ml. Damiana Q 0.12 ml. Yohimbinum 3x 30 mg. Lupulin 3x 30 mg. Conium M. 6x 0.12 ml. Staphysagria 3x 0.12 ml. Onosmodium. 3x 0.12 mi. Titanium 3x 30 mg.

Mode of action of individual ingredients in Wheezal Stimulant H drops
Acid Phosphoricum: Indicated in emission at night and during stool, when there is loss of sexual power and parts are weak during coition.
Agnus Castus: The penis is very small, shrivelled, cold and relaxed with absolutely no desire for sex and there is scanty emission without ejaculation. Very useful for Dhat syndrome where there is loss of prostatic fluid on straining at stool. Extremely useful in those young men who have masturbated excessively in their childhood. Useful when the penis is very relaxed and no amount of foreplay can make it erect.
Lycopodium: The penis is small, cold and relaxed, and the person falls asleep during coitus. There is loss of sexual desire especially after diabetes, gonorrhoea or recurrent urinary tract infection. Discharge of prostatic fluid without erection, premature ejaculation.
Ginseng: Excessive sexual excitement, but too weak to endure and intercourse, chiefly arising from the spinal cord.
Damiana: People who are suffering from chronic prostatic enlargement are highly prone to repeated urinary tract infection leading to severe impotency. Too weak to perform intercourse due to chronic disease of the nervous system.
Yohimbinum: There are strong and lasting erections but suddenly the penis relaxes. This is chiefly due to poor circulation of blood in the penis.
Lupulin: Excessive masturbation leads to severe sexual weakness and passing of sperms in urine.
Conium Mac: Strong desire but poor performance. This is chiefly due to suppressed sexual desire as a result of religious convictions or death of sexual partner. Dribbling of prostatic fluid during stool or after slightest excitement. Erections are imperfect and of a very short duration.
Staphysagria: Strong feeling of guilt from excessive masturbation during childhood, which at a later age results in prostatic problems. Sexual neurasthenia characterized by sunken face, backache, weakness and guilty look. Problems of testes that arise after mumps.
Onosmodium: Constant sexual excitement leading to loss of sexual power and extreme degree of impotence in males due to anxiety neurosis.
Titanium: Too easy and too quick ejaculation in people who are suffering from kidney diseases.

Dosage: As prescribed by the Physician. Shake well before use. Keep in a cool and dark place.

Side Effects: Nil

Contra-Indications: Nil

Presentation: 30 ml Bottle

Manufacturer: Wheezal Homoeo Pharma

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5 thoughts on “Wheezal Stimulant H Drops for Impotency, Nervine Tonic”

  1. sir i m taking this medicine prescribed by a doctor for erectile dysfunction from one day..i get erection by stimulus only till i give stimulus from last one year or at the time of ejaculation ..full erection…in how many days this medicine will show action 20 drops three times..

    1. You complete the course of treatment prescribed by your doctor, you should see improvements

  2. My penis size is 4.5 inch. Sometimes my penis gets shrink and relaxed after bath and at times. Also i hv to some extent pe nd i get sexually aroused with some erection. I want to increase my penis size around 6 inch and also I want to increase my sex timings with maximum erection. Plzz suggest

    1. It is the chill of exposing your genitals to cool air or water that causes the “penis shrinkage,” and its normal. You can stimulate your organ with some hot bath towel and homeopathy oil to get the blood flowing again to your penis for full and firm erection and attain normal size.

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