Sex Power Capsule for Men with Shilajit, Musli, Kapikacchu

best sex power capsule for men

Double strength Sex Power Capsules for Men with Shilajit and Musli for extra power and time in bed. Looking for best Ayurvedic treatments for all sexual problems without any side effects? Your search ends here

Made with a blend of 11 different ingredients, Regain your Manhood and confidence in bed
Full night and day time coverage for any time results
Extend your performance upto 1 hour and surprise her with timing with Musli and Khas khas

Erelong capsules comes with the 11 most power herbs that have a favourable influence on weak sexual glands led erectile dysfuction and sexual neuresthania

Reduces Mental Stress and anxiety
Helps overcome Psychogenic impotence
Improves blood flow to the penile region
Increases Testosterone levels
Corrects erectile dysfunction and prevents premature ejaculation
Improves Vigour Vitality Stamina
Improves Semen Parameters

ERELONG capsules is Indicated in
Erectile dysfunction or poor erectile power
Low sperm count and semen volume output
Premature ejaculation

Key ingredients in ERELONG sex power capsules and mode of action
Kapikacchu : 200 mg, Improves Vigour Vitality Stamina, Increases Sperm Count
Utangan:150mg, Improves Semen Parameter
Kokilaksah : 145mg, Corrects Erectile Dysfunction, Increases Sperm Count
Jayphal : 120 mg, Increases Sexual Desire
Kali Musli : 60 mg, Improves Vigour Vitality Stamina, Increases Sperm count
Safed Musli : 60 mg, Improves Vigour Vitality Stamina, Increases Sperm count
Kumkuma : 2 mg, Improves sperm Morphology and Motility
Shuddha Shilajit : 10 mg, Improves Vigour Vitality Stamina.
Shuddha Vishtinduka : 15 mg, Corrects Erectile Dysfunction & Improves Libido
Makardhwaja: 10 mg, spermatogenic and aphrodisiac
Khas Khas : 50 mg – Improves Libido
Erelong Capsules presentation – strip of 4 capsules

Dosage – 1 capsule twice a day or as directed by your physician

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