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About Hahnemann Pharmacy Delhi, India

 Dr. SS Narula founded Hahnemann pharma is ISO 9001:2006 & GMP certified manufacturer of Homeopathic medicines and herbal cosmetics since 4 decades in India. It manufactures 21 popular Patents, imported Batch Flower Remedies in New Delhi, Dilutions. in 30, 200, 1M, 10M and 50M potency, Mother Tincture from Category (A-F), variety of Herbal Ointments and Herbal Cosmetics like Arnica Silky Shine Oil, Arnica Silky Shine Shampoo and Herbal Henna. Under the leadership of its Managing Director, Mrs. Neeru Narula, it has achieved many milestones & consistently maintained best practices in the world of homeopathy in the true spirit of Dr.Samuel Hahnemann

Hahnemann Pharma offerings – Mother Tincture, Syrup, Ointment, Dilutions, Bach flower remedies (BFR), Herbal Cosmetics, Drops, Speciality formulations

The company derives its name from the illustrious founding father of Homeopathy, Dr.Samuel Hahnemann. Brief Profile

  • Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), a 19th century German physician and chemist, developed homeopathy. In 1779, Hahnemann received his doctor of medicine degree from the University of Erlangen
  • Hahnemann’s life as a physician did not begin with homeopathy.  Half his medical life was before homeopathy After Hahnemann gave up medicine, he began following a French naturalist named Mousseau.  For twenty-some years, Hahnemann gave tonics, wrote papers on vinegar, on charcoal, on using brandy as medicine, camphor and all this stuff,  plus diet and fresh air and exercise; he was using home remedies before he became a homeopath
  • He distilled homeopathy knowledge from all the ancient medical knowledge.  He specifically traces it back to Greek medicine, Arabic medicine and it all goes back to ancient Egypt. He created the maxim, like cures like, or the Law of Similars. Hanemann discovered that small doses of the same substance would prompt the body’s own immune system to fight off the disease
  • Like Copernicus he was thrown  out of several towns and nearly forced to quit practicing by apothecaries who ganged  together and complained to authorities that Hahnemann was infringing on their business.
  • Today he is credited with one of the most successful alternative medicine worldwide. Homeopathy has a global popularity from U.S to Australia, an estimated 500 million people use it worldwide. In Europe, approximately 40% of all physicians use or refer patients to practitioners of homeopathy. It is integrated into the national health care systems of countries like Germany, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Greece, Israel, India, Pakistan and Mexico.

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Hahnemann Pharma Homeopathy Medicine List wit details

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Hahnemann pharma Alfalfa Tonic with Ginseng  Alfalfa Tonic with Ginseng is homeopathic formula to bring relief in general weakness, anxiety disorders, general debility, and insomnia. It improves appetite and brings about normal feeling of well bring. It is a drug of choice in case of emotional disturbances and behavioral disorders, best in depression and convalescence after acute illness. Composition: alfalfa ø 5%v/v, avena staiva 5%v/v, china officinallis 0.25%v/v, ginseng 2%v/v, hydrastis can 0.50%v/v, calcarea phosphorica 6×1%w/v, ferrum acetcium 6×1%w/v, kalium phosphoricum 3×1%w/v, kalium arsenicocum 4×1%w/v, flavored syrupy base q.s 100%, alcohol contents 10%v/v. Presentation: 110ml, MRP: 90/-.
Hahnemann pharma Arnica hair oil silky shine Arnica hair oil silky shine is highly effective in arresting hair fall, dandruff and premature greying. Composition: Arnica, amla, cantharis, china, sandalwood and jaborandi put together in a base of pure ground nut oil  Presentation: 100ml, MRP:80/-.
Hahnemann pharma Baby Grow children tonic Baby Grow children tonic is a drug of choice in griping problem, immuno booster appetite, digestion diarrhea, worm infestation, pyrexia, nausea. Composition: each 5ml contains: calcarea phos. 6x 0.10ml, ferrum phos. 3×0.0 25gm, kali phos. 4x 0.025gm, cup Oxit. Nig 3×0.05gm, chamomilla 5×0.25ml, cina 3×0.25ml, iodium 3×0.25ml, cypripedium 3x 0.025ml, chelone 3x 0.10ml, cateria nepeta 2x 0.025ml, DM water and excipients q.s 5ml, alcohol content 16.2%v/v. Presentation: 30ml, MRP: 99/-.
Hahnemann pharma Calendula ointment antispetic Calendula ointment antiseptic open wounded, cut, external ulcer, boils and carbuncles, bleeding form skin and itching. Contains: calendula 1x hpi 10% v/w, cream base. Presentation: 25gm, MRP: 55/-.
Hahnemann pharma Complete health tonic with Alfalfa Hahnemann Complete health tonic with Alfalfa is a general Tonic for fatigue, lack of appetite, general debility, malnutrition, anaemia, nervousness as a result of anxiety, worry and overwork, weakness of digestive and nervous system, specially good for convalescence, pregnancy and lactation. Contains: hydrastis can q 0.025ml, nux vomica 2x 0.0125ml, china off q 0.0 125ml, cinnamonum q 0.025ml, kali arsenicum 2x 0.025gm, flavored syrupy base q.s 5ml, alcohol 8%v/v, avena sat q 0.25, alfalfa q 0.05ml. Presentation: 110ml, MRP: 90/-.
Hahnemann pharma Enso Aid sleep drops Enso Aid sleep drops is indicated for sleeplessness, nervousness, neurasthenia, consequence of mental conflicts of long duration, hallucination. Contains: ammonium brom 3x 10%v/v, avena sativa 1x 10%v/v, chamomilla 2x 10%v/v, eschschoizin 2x 10%v/v, humulus lup. 2x 10%v/v, ignatia amara 6x 10%v/v, passiflora in. 2x 10%v/v, valeriana off. 1x 10%v/v, zincum valeriaanicum 6x 10%v/v,. Presentation: 30ml, MRP: 99/-.
Hahnemann pharma Face Care drops for pimples dark cirles scars Face Care drops helps in pimples, acne, comedones (Black Heads), allergic condition and also for fairness of skin texture. Especially recommended for dark rings under the eyes. Dry and rough skin. Contains: Berberisis Aqui.Q 1.5ml, Kali Brom. 2x 0.025gm, Pulsatilla 3x 0.5ml, Clac Carb 3x 0.025ml, Thuja 5x 0.5ml, Magnifera ind. 2x 0.15ml, Alcohol Content 41.10%. Presentation: 30ml, MRP: 135/-.
Hahnemann pharma Femolin Syrup for leucorrhoea menstrual problems Femolin Syrup for leucorrhoea menstrual problems,  best for vaginal discharge and a complete tonic for uterus. Helps in common menstrual complaints like amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), menorrhagia (Excessive bleeding), dysmenenorrhea (painful bleeding) and leucorrhoea. Contains: pinis lambertina q 0.25ml, pulsatilla q 0.25ml, caulophyllum q 0.25ml, gossypium q 0.25ml, flavored syrup base q.s.5.00ml, alcohol contents 11.2%v/v. Presentation: 110ml, MRP: 85/-.
Hahnemann pharma Ferrum Z Iron tonic Ferrum-Z Iron tonic is an iron therapy for anemia due to chronic blood loss, inadequate intake of iron, anaemia of pregnancy and other dimorphic anaemia. It also promotes appetite and brings up the level of hemoglobin in blood. Contains: ferrum lacticum 1x 0.0625gm, ammon acetate 1x 0.025gm, nat.phos. 1x 0.01gm, kali. phos 1x 0.0025gm, citric acid 1x 0.01ml, acid phos. 1x 0.01ml, glycerinum 0.25ml, flavoured syrupy base q.s.5.00ml, alcohol 5.4%v/v. Presentation: 110ml, MRP: 90/.
Hahnemann pharma Glow More complexion cream for Acne and Scar Glow more complexion cream is indicated for acne, pimple, burn scar, dark circle under eyes, blotches, stretch scare, post pregnancy mark. Contains: berberis aq qhpi 2.00%v/w, ledum pal qhpi 1.00%v/w, hydrastis can qhpi 2.00%v/w, alcohol contents 2.4%v/w,cream base. Presentation: 25Gms, MRP: 75/-.
Hahnemann pharma Glow More complexion drops for acne and scars Glow More Complexion drops helps in acne vulgaris (pimples), comedones (black heads) dry and rough skin, allergic conditions and also for toning skin texture. Especially recommended for dark rings around the eyes. Contains: berberis aq. 2×1%, kali brom 3×2%, pulsatilla 2×1%, Thuja 4×5%, sepia 5×6%, glycerin 3% dm water and excipients q.s. 100%, alcohol content 7.2%. Presentation: 30ml, MRP: 115/-.
Hahnemann pharma Graphites ointment for eczema and dematitis Graphites ointment is indicated for chronic eczema and dermatitis. Contains: graphites 1x hpi 10% w/w cream base. Presentation: 25gm, MRP: 55/-.
Hahnemann pharma Hahnedex pain relief gel Hahnedex pain relief gel  is a very effective gel for sprains, stiffness of muscles, inflammation, arthritis, gout and osteoarthritis. Contains: arnica mont. 1x hpi, cantharis 1xhpi, gaultheria p.1xhpi, methyl salicylate 1x 40%, gel base,. Presentation: 25gms, MRP: 78/-.
Hahnemann pharma Homeo card Gold drops for heart Homeo card gold drops works as a heart tonic and improves the circulation of blood, strengthens heart muscles, relives breathlessness, anxiety, palpitation, sinking heart, tachycardia and oedema, arrests the deposition of cholesterol. Relives stressed alcoholics, over weights and heavy smokers. effective in anginal attacks also. Contains: crateagus oxy. 2ml, cactus g. 2×1.33ml, camphour 2×0.33ml, strophanthus h. 3×0.34ml valeriana off 1×0.67ml, aurum mur. 3×0.34mg dm water and excipients q.s, alcohol contents 40%v/v. Presentation: 30ml, MRP: 136/-.
Hahnemann pharma Kof Nil cough syrup Kof Nil cough syrup is indicated for common cold, chest congestion, dry cough and decongestant, anti-tussive, expectorant, dyspnea, mucolytic and mucokinetic. Contains: justicia adhatoda 1×0.15v/v, azadirachta indicate 1×0.075v/v, ocimum sanctum 1×0.075v/v, drosera 3×0.05v/v, ipecacuanha 3×0.05v/v, antimonium tart. 3×0.005w/v, magnesium phos. 6×0.001w/v, ferrum phos. 3×0.001w/v, natrum sulph. 6×0.001w/v, kallium muriaticum 3×0.001w/v, flavored syrupy base q.s.5mlv/v, alcohol content 8.0%v/v. Presentation: 110ml, MRP: 75/-.
Hahnemann pharma Leuco Ointment for leucoderma, white skin patches Leuco Ointment for leucoderma (vitiligo), white skin patches is very effective on leucodermic patches (white and reddish patches). psoriasis, eczema, skin sore.  Presentation: 25gm, MRP: 78/-.
Hahnemann pharma Livo Liv Liver tonic with kalmegh Livo Liv Liver tonic with kalmegh is an ideal liver tonic which is highly effective in jaundice, sluggish liver and in failure of liver functions. Effective in hepatitis and billiousness. It reduce toxic  after effect of alcohol and tones up liver function. Original remedy for enlarged liver. Contains: andrographis paniculata q 5%v/v, carduus mar. q 5%v/v, chelidonium m. q 2%v/v, hydrastic can q 2%v/v, ipecacuanha q 2%v/v, podophylliumm peltatum q 2%v/v, taraxacum q 2%v/v, flavoured syrupy base q.s.100%, alcohol contents 12%v/v. Presentation: 110ml, MRP: 85/-.
Hahnemann pharma Memoric care drops for weak memory Memoric care drops is indicated for weak memory nervousness, inability to retain, recall, recognition and relearning in growing children, for those have retrieval failure, lack of confidence forgetfulness. Contains: anacardium ori 6×10%v/v, arsenic album 30×10%v/v, belladonna 12×10%v/v, gelsemium semp. 12×10%v/v, kali phos. 6×10%w/v, sepia 8×10%v/v, dm water and excipients q.s.5ml, alcohol contents 55%v/v. Presentation: 30ml, MRP: 99/-.
Hahnemann pharma Menso syrup women health tonic Menso syrup women health tonic, tones up the uterus, antispasmodic, helps in relieving cramps/ backache, weakness and tired feeling, miscarriage, menstrual functional corrective and ideal for leucorrhoea. Contains: abroma augusta q 0.05ml, abromo r. q 0.05ml, aletris q 0.01ml, alfalfa q 0.05ml, terminallia arjuna q 0.01ml, berberis vulg. q 0.02ml, caulophyllum t. q 0.01ml, cinchona q 0.05ml, crataegus oxy. q 0.01ml, ashoka q 0.10ml, pulsatilla n. q 0.02ml, viburnum p. q 0.01ml, kali brom 1×5.00mg, flavored syrupy base q.s.5ml, alcohol content 6.5%v/v. Presentation: 110ml, MRP: 90/-.
Hahnemann pharma Petroleum for crack skin dry heels Petroleum indicated for crack skin dry heels effective in dry, rough and cracked skin, foot and fingers. dry eczema, bed sore, psoriasis of hands, bleeding and itching from cracks. Contains: petroleum mt 10% v/w, cream base. Presentation: 25gms, MRP: 55/-.
Hahnemann pharma Reumorin Syrup for joint ache inflammation arthritis Reumorin Syrup indicated for joint ache inflammation arthritis, is an unique product that used in relief of arthritic problem by proving analgesic and anti-inflammatory action. Highly effective in rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis, osteo-arthriis, lumbago, gout, and painful musculoskeletal condition. Contains: acidum formic 3d 0.05ml, colchiu 5d 0.05ml, rhus tox 3d 0.25ml, nat. salicylicum 3d 0.05gm, ledum pal 3d 0.025gm. Presentation: 110ml, MRP:90/-.
Hahnemann pharma Slim Trim drops for obesity overweight Slim trim drops indicated for obesity, overweight, excess body weight, bulging figure, lethargic disposition and lazy behavior, easily fatigued and tired in slight exertion. Contains: fucus vesiculus 2×10%, phytolacca berry 3×15%, ammonium brom. 2×2%, pulsatilla q 5%, thyroidinum 6×2%, dm water and exciepients q.s.100%v/v., alcohol contents 16.65%. Presentation: 30ml, MRP: 115/-.
Hahnemann pharma Sulphur antibacterial ointment  Sulphur antibacterial ointment indicated for itches, dry scales, rugged skin at folds and joints. Contains: sulphur 1xhpi 10% w/w, cream base. Presentation: 25gms, MRP: 55/-.
Hahnemann pharma Super Digesto syrup for indigestion, acidity Super Digesto Syrup indicated for indigestion, acidity, flatulence, gastritis, loss of appetite, dyspepsia and hyper acidity due to erratic food habits or excessive alcohol intake. Contains: piper nig 2d 0.05ml, nux vomica 3d 0.25ml, thymus 5d 0.0125ml, asafoetida 3d 0.05ml, hydrastic can 3d 0.05ml, lycopodium 2d 0.0125ml, corriendium sativa 5d. Presentation: 110ml, MRP: 90/-.
Hahnemann pharma Thuja ointment for warts corns Thuja ointment is indicated for warts corns  moles, excrescences, condylomata. Contains: thuja 1x hpi 10% v/w, cream base. Presentation: 25gms, MRP: 55/-.
Hahnemann pharma Hahnegra Nervine tonic for men Hahnegra nervine tonic for men is indicated for erectile dysfunction (ED), sexual weakness, premature ejaculation, loss of libido and loss of confidence and low sperm count. Contains: damiana q 15%v/v, lycopodium c. 3×10%v/v, agnus castus q 10%v/v, acid phosphoricum 3x105v/v, yohimbinum q 15%v/v,caladium seguinum 3 10%v/v, dm water. Presentation: 30ml, MRP: 299/-.
Hahnemann pharma Arnica herbal shampoo with conditioner Hahnemann pharma Arnica herbal shampoo with conditioner is a complete hair care shampoo. Has a promotion and conditioning effects on the hair. Controls the excessive secretion of scalp rejuvenate the lost shine of hair marking it healthy, silky. Contains: America, China, Cantharis. Presentation: 100ml, MRP: 80/-.
Hahnemann pharma Asma Cure Syrup for Expectorant and Bronchodilators Asma Cure Syrup is a  expectorant and bronchodilator that helps in spasmodic cough and breathing problems associated with acute and chronic asthma. It is an effective in whooping cough. Composition: blatta oriental Q, justica ad Q, senega Q, lobellia inflata q, ipeca Q, Grindelia Robuta Q, Magnesium Phos 2x. Presentation: 110ml, MRP: 90/-.

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