Hahnemann Pharma Enso Aid Sleep Apnea Drops

Hahnemann Pharma Enso Aid Sleep Apnea Drops

Name of the Medicine Enso-Aid
Composition Each 5ml containts:
Ammonium Brom  3x  10%v/v
Avena Sativa  1x  10%v/v
Chamomilla  2x  10%v/v
Eschschoizin  2x  10%v/v
Humulus Lup.  2x  10%v/v
Ignatia Amara  6x  10%v/v
Passiflora in.  2x  10%v/v
Valeriana off .  1x  10%v/v
Zincum Valeriaanicum  6x  10%v/v
DM water & excipients q.s.  5ml
Alcohol content  45%v/v 
Indication Sleeplessness, nervousness, neurasthenia, consequence of mental conflicts of long duration, hallucination.
Dosage 15-20 drops dilutted with water, and taken thrice times  day or as directed by the physician.
Size 30ml
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Manufacturer: Hahnemann pharma

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