Hahnemann Pharma Livo Liv Hepato Protective Liver Tonic with Kalmegh

Hahnemann Pharma Livo Liv Hepato Protective Liver Tonic with Kalmegh

About Kalmegh:: Kalmegh or “King of Bitters” or medicinal name andrographis paniculata, is a prinicipal ingredient of household medicines in India; it has long been used as a bitter tonic, to promote digestion and appetite and to promote regularity. The macerated leaves and juices together with some spices is made into globules and given to infants to relieve griping, irregular stools and loss of appetite. The root and leaves of this plant also have a reputation for being febrifuge, tonic, antiheminthic (anti worms). In traditional Chinese medicine Andrographis is considered bitter and cold and is used to clear heat.
Kalmegh is among the prominent medicinal plant of traditional medicine system that finds wide application in Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homeopathy to treat liver disorders. Kalmegh extract is a potent Liver stimulant, and cures a number of liver aliments. It is indicated for Sluggish Liver, loss of appette, indigestion due to irregular function of liver, Jaundice Hepatic Dysfunction, Hepatomegaly and Poor Biliary Secretion. Kalmegh prevents cancer cells from forming and it is a powerful cancer preventive medicine. Kalmegh decoction is a liver tonic.

Name of the Medicine Livo Liv Hepato Protective Liver Tonic
Composition Compositin:
Andrographis Paniculata Q 5%v/v
Carduus Mar. Q 5%v/v
Chelidonium M. Q 2%v/v
Hydrastic Can Q 2%v/v
ipecacuanha Q 2%v/v
Podophylliumm peltatum Q 2%v/v
Taraxacum Q 2%v/v
Flavoured Syrupy Base q.s. 100%
Alcohol Contents 12%v/v
Indication Livo liv is an ideal liver tonic which is highly effective in jaundice, Sluggish liver & in failure of liver fuctions. Effective in Hepatitis & Billiousness. It reduce toxic after effect of alcohol and tones up liver function. Original remedy for Enlarged liver.
Dosage Adults : Two tablespoon
Children : One teaspoon, thrice a day
or as directed by the physician
Size 110ml. & 450ml.
MRP Rs.85, & 220 Buy online at best price

Manufacturer: Hahnemann pharma

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