Hahnemann pharma Avena Tonic for men. Rejuvenator

Hahnemann pharma Avena Tonic for men. Rejuvenator

Name of the Medicine Avena Tonic
Composition Each 5ml contents
Avena Sativa 2x 0.1ml
Damaina 1x 0.15ml
Acid phos 3x 0.08ml
China off. 2x 0.1ml
Yohimbinum 1x 0.05ml
Agnus cast 2x 0.1ml
Lycopodium 4x 0.1ml
Viburmum Op. 3x 0.2ml
Glycerin ip.p. 0.1ml
Flavoured Syrupy Base q.s 5.0ml
Alcohol Contents 11.5%v/v
Indication Avena tonic is a restorative tonic which is recommended during Reduced Physical Mental efficiency, loss of vigor, strength, sexual debility, Spermatorrhoea, lack of Appetite, Anaemia, fatigue, Exhaustion, convalescence & lack of Concentration
Dosage Adults : Two tablespoon
Children : One teaspoon, thrice a day
or as directed by the physician
Size 110ml. & 450ml.
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