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Buy best thyroid medicines for effective treatment in Homeopathy

The thyroid gland is essential body organ for producing vital hormones that maintain normal body metabolism. It produces  the hormones that help control metabolism and growth. So if your thyroid isn’t working properly, you can have problems in other parts of your body.  When the metabolism process fails,  a metabolic disorder occurs and causes the body to have either too much or too little of the essential substances needed to stay healthy. We have indicated some best thyroid medicines in this article for effective treatment in homeopathy for lasting cure.

Symptoms of Thyroid dysfunction or disorder

Thyroid  disease sets in when the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks and slowly destroys the thyroid gland and its ability to produce hormones. This disease can  cause it to make either too much or too little of the hormone. It can occur at any age, but becomes more common as people get older.  It’s most common in middle-aged women, those aged 60 and older are at the highest risk. You are more likely to get the disease if it runs in your family.

Visible symptoms  of Thyroid disorder

 Dry skin and brittle nails.
 Pale, dry skin
 Weight gain.
 Puffy face.

Sensory symptoms  of Thyroid disorder

 Numbness or tingling in the hands.
 Muscle weakness.
 Feeling sad or depressed.
 Feeling very tired.
 Increased sensitivity to cold.

Other symptoms  of Thyroid disorder

 Abnormal menstrual periods.
 Joint or muscle pain.

Symptons of Thyroid disorder in children

Emotional liability, with your child being more likely to cry easily, be irritable and excitable, etc.
Short attention span.
Exophthalmos. (protruding eyes)
In babies symptoms include poor appetite and choking while nursing, failure to gain weight and length, constipation
Jaundice, trouble breathing, a hoarse cry, and sluggishness

best treatment for overactive thyroid

An overactive thyroid makes you sweat more, feel hot, lose weight, or makes your heart beat faster. The energy to heat ratio is 65%-35% in a normal thyroid. In hyperthyroid too much of thyroxine (a hormone secreted by it) will confuse the body into producing either too much heat and not enough energy or vice versa. A classic sign of this disorder is hot flushes & palpitations. Know the top hyperthyroidism homeopathy medicines here

Issues with mainstream thyroid medications and why homeopathy medicines are better

  1. Thyroid medications have a narrow therapeutic index (what is called “Goldilocks” hormones). They are dosed in minute quantities i.e., micrograms (1/1000th of a milligram), and very slight changes in doses can lead to symptoms due to under-treatment or over-treatment.
  2. Allopathic Thyroid medications are notorious for drug interactions with other medications. This means that some medications can cause alterations in thyroid hormone levels and side effects, and in turn, thyroid medications can impact the effectiveness and toxicity profiles of other medications. However homeopathy medicines have no such disadvantages

People who are lactose intolerant, in particular, may have trouble absorbing many of the thyroid hormones that contain lactose

How is Thyroid problem diagnosed?

  1. Diagnosis of  hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism is done by testing the levels of thyroid hormones in your blood. Doctors measure hormones secreted by the thyroid itself, as well as thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) which is a chemical released by the pituitary gland that triggers hormone production in the thyroid
  2. Exact problem can only be found out by clinical laboratory tests under the supervision of a endocrinologist.
  3. Thyroid problems can somewhat be determined by self examination in the following way:
    • Under a hand mirror, focus on the area of the neck just below the Adam’s apple and immediately above the collar bone, tipping the head back. Take a drink of water and swallow. Check for any protrusions on the neck while swallowing. If there are any bulges, there maybe an enlarged thyroid gland or a thyroid nodule.
  4. A malfunctioning thyroid can be identified through a simple TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) blood test that indicates if the hormone level is too high or too low.
  5. In the most common surgery for thyroid cancer, complete thyroid gland is removed and it is followed by giving radioactive iodine to the patient. Any remaining cancer tissue absorbs iodine and the radioactive substance destroys the cancer cells.
  1. The principal hormones secreted by the thyroid gland should be in following range
    • T3-Tri-iodothyromine.
    • T4-Tetra-iodothyromine or Thyroxine (normal range 9-23.8)
    • TSH-Thyroid stimulating hormone (normal range 0.30-4.79)
    • T4 is connected with hypothyroidism.

Most thyroid function tests are unrealiable to contain circumstances. They may be influenced by the patient having been exposed to organic or inorgnic iodides or to drugs that interfere with the binding capacity of serum protein.

Homeopathic treatment and thyroid cure

All thyroid dysfunctions  can be treated in homeopathy, resulting in normal thyroid function. However, this requires proper diagnosis and medication to maintain the normal thyroid state. In Hypothyroidism allopathy indicates  a lifetime of thyroid replacement, however homeopathy seeks to stimulate the gland by addressing the inflammation, hardness and suppuration.  With the miasmic approach a homeopath will identify the right set of medicines that can help increase the thyroid’s hormone production that has slowed down. For Hyperthyroidism  mainstream treatment varies and may include monitoring, medication, surgery or radioactive iodine. Homeopathic medicines mitigate or reverse the classic symptoms including Goiter associated with hyperthyroidism. For thyroiditis underlying cause is diagnosed and medicines identified for regulating thyroid function. In thyroid cancer, treatment includes surgery, hormone therapy, radioactive iodine, radiation.

There is an old Chinese proverb that says, “It is easy to get a thousand prescriptions but hard to get one single remedy.” Homeopathy treatment of thyroid disorders addresses this dilemma by going to the root of the problem and treats it constitutionally.  Various remedies are useful in this direction which a homeopath employs skillfully in varying potencies.

Action of various homeopathic medicines in addressing thyroid disorders

  Flor de piedra is a classic homeopathic preparation for treating conditions that accompany thyroid dysfunction such a feeling of pressure and tightness in the gland. It also improves heart liver and venous circulatory disturbances. . This herbs does a systemic detoxification that plays a key role in returning the thyroid gland back to normal healthy condition
  Conium Mac combats the hardening and thickening of thyroid gland, it hinders increased Goiter size and also addresses nervous weakness, tremors and general emotional or depressed mood that accompanies thyroid dysfunction
  Hedera Helix provides the body with vegetable iodine and enables the creation of 2 important thyroid hormones, L-Triodothyronin (T3) and Thyroxine (T4). Hedera Helix also supports intestinal metabolism and regulates heart function damaged by toxic thyroid condition
  Magnesium carbonicum plays a vital regulation role by activating enzymes and immune system function supporting cardiac activity and acting a sa catalyst in metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, fats. Importantly it also helps reduce psychic  restlessness and as well as pains and infections in parts of the body
  Galium aparine is the classic preparation for treating glandular swellings as well as toxic growths of all kinds including cancerous tumors . In addition it stimulates liver function , promotes excretions via the kidneys and highly effective in cleansing the blood of endogenic and exogenic toxins
  Hekla Lava treats swelling and indurations of the thyroid gland and curbs tendency for tumors. It is recognized by homeopathic pharmacopoeia to be effective on the constitution of fibrose struma
  Spongia Tosta is indicated for inflammation and glandular enlargement especially of the thyroid. It treats symptoms where the swelling becomes hard and indurated.
  Iodium is indicated for rapid emaciation notwithstanding a good appetite, great debility, slightest exertion produces perspiration . Goiter is cured with iodium
  Jodum has a specific action in hyperfunction of the thyroid glands due to the excessive action of iodine. In this case the remedy does not act in a homeopathic but isopathic way
  Calcarea Carbonica  – In Pharmacy it is recognized as the impure carbonate of lime and a trituration is made of the middle layer of oyster shells.  Clinically indicated for condition of Goiter, glandular swellings, menstrual disorders due to thyroid dysfunction. This is the chief remedy of calcium compounds and is considered a polycrest remedy at the fore front of anti-psorics as per lotus material medica.

Homeopathic medicine list by the type of thyroid disease 

Homeopathic medicines for Hyper-thyroidism

Homeopathic medicines for Hypo-thyroidism

Alnus 6c (tds): Goitre with indigestion due to imperfect secretion of gastric juice. Baryta iod. 3x (tds) : When the inflammation is accompanied with the inflammation of tonsils.
Bromium (tds): Enlarged parotid gland and goitre. Dialated blood vessels on the throat Belladonna Ix (tds) : Extreme thyroid toxemia and anemia due to mal-functioning of the thyroid gland and abnormal protrusion of eyeballs and increased heart action.
Echinacea Q: Goitre with exophthalmic symptoms and protruding eyeballs. Dose 5-10 drops at intervals of 2 hours Calcarea carb. (tds) : Increase of fat in the abdomen. The patient is fat, flabby, fair colored and perspires easily, Thyroid dysfunction. Sweating on palms and soles.
Ephedra: Heavy eyes, starting from their orbits, as if pushed out. Pain in the eyes. It causes loss of weight but some times increases palpitations of the heart. Calcarea fluor. (tds) : Stony hardness of the inflamed glands.
Fucus Ves. (tds): Obesity and non-toxic goitre. Protrusion of eyeballs. Thyroid enlargement. Calcarea iod. 3x (tds): Thyroid enlargement, about the time of puberty.
Iodium 2x (tds): Rapid emaciation notwithstanding a good appetite. Obesity. Great debility A slight exertion produces perspiration. Loss of breath on going upstairs. Goitre is cured with Iodium CM, one dose given for four nights after the full moon. Cistus can. (tds) : Inflammation, swelling and suppuration of the gland.
Lycopus (tds): Useful in cases of exopthalmic goitre with heart disease Ferrum phos. 6x (tds) : Inflammation – face flushed and bright red. Menses too profuse and too frequent.
Natrum mur. 200 (od): Exopthalmic goitre. Increased nervousness. Excessive sweating with weight loss. Increase of bowel activity. Excessive hunger Iodium (tds) : Inflammation and enlargement of the gland.
Petroleum 200 (od) : Tendency to thyroid diseases and affected with goitre. Gastric acidity and skin eruptions. Excessive hunger. Kalium carb. (bd) : Imperfect or complete loss of function.Do not repeat too often in old gouty and tuberculosis patients.
Kalium iod. 3x (tds) : Inflammed hard gland with swelling. It also protects the thyroid gland in case of radiation.
Petroleum 200 (hs) : Tendency to thyroid diseases. Repeat once a week
Sepia (tds) :Low thyroid hormones with low blood pressure and tired feeling.
Thyroidinum (od) For 3 days. Repeat after 15 days : Its effects are striking in this disease. The patient craves sugar and is inclined to excessive obesity and gain in weight. Arrested mental and physical development.
Tuberculinum 1M, CM (hs): start the treatment with this medicine. No other medicine should be given for the next 24 hours.

Other top specialty homeopathy medicines for thyroid diseases

Schwabe Thyroidinum 3X tablets for symptoms of thyroid problem It acts on hypothyroidism and its related symptoms. It is also indicated for muscular and general weakness, sensitive to cold, fatigue, digestive problems, mood changes, obesity, migraine etc. Each tablet contains 250mg Of Thyroidium 3x, Presentation: 20gms,
Allen A52 Thyroid drops Homeopathic patent drops is indicated for all types of hyperthyroidism, graves  disease  toxic adenomas  sub acute thyroiditis  pituitary gland malfunctions or cancerous growths in the thyroid gland  Goitre. ontains: Atropinum 3x,1.00 gm.Bromium 3x,1.00 ml.Hekla lava 3x,1.00 gm. Iodium 3x,1.00 ml.Spongia tosta 3x,0.25 ml.Natrum muriaticum 3x,0.75 gm.
Wheezal Wl 38 Thyroid Balance Drops Wheezal WL 38 thyroid Balance is a homeopathic remedy that stimulates and supports thyroid.  The common symptom of hypertyroidism is tachycardia weight loss. Excessive sweating, flushing and in hypothyroidism, bragycardia, gain of weight, fatigue and sleep. Contains: Calcarea carb., Fucus Vesic., Spongia Tosta ., Baryta carb., Iodium. Presentation: 30ml, Price:125/-
Dr.Reckeweg R 51 drops for symptoms of thyroid problem German homeopathic drops  acts on hyperthyroidism (thyrotoxicosis), Basedow’s disease (disease& characterized by enlargement of the thyroid gland, prominence of the eyeballs, and inordinate action of the heart). It also addresses exopthalmia bulging, eye-balls), intoxication of the thyroid glands associated with the trembling of hands.
Doctor advised Hypothyroidism Homeopathy medicines Two leading homeopathic doctors indicate their choice of homeopathi combinations to treat symptoms of thyroid here.
Adel 6 Apo-STRUM Drops for symptoms of thyroid problem Addresses pressure in throid gland, prevents its hardening & thickening and combats glandular swelling. Indicated for hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, enlarged and dysfunctional thyroid gland. Adel 6 Contains: Calcium Fluoratum 8x, Conium 12x, Hedera Helix 4x, Magnesium Carbonicum 6x, Spartium Scoparius 4x, Crataegus 4x, Galium Aparine 12x, Flor De Piedra 4x.
Thyroid disorder homeopathy medicines  Get the complete collection of thyroid treatment homeopathy medicines in drops, tablets & kits in this collection here
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