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Alcohol addiction in India: a big concern

According to Indian alcohol policy alliance, the Indian arm of global alcohol policy alliance {gapa} functioning with the aim to prevent alcohol related harm through evidence based policy intervention, advocacy and capacity building, India  is one of the major sufferers from alcohol dependence. As per report there are over 6 crore alcohol users in India. Per capita consumption of alcohol increased by 106.7% over the 15 years period from 1970 to 1996. About 80% of alcohol consumption is in the form of hard liquor or distilled spirits which contains high concentration of alcohol. Hazardous drinking  { alcohol consumption which confers the risk of physical or psychological harm} is significantly associated with severe health problems such as head injuries and hospitalizations

Homeopathy for Alcohol De-Addiction

Homeopathy helps in alcohol de addiction . There have been published and ongoing studies on the alcohol de-addiction and its withdrawal  symptoms. The specific drug Quercus Robur is indicated for alcohol de-addiction. It is a drug  prepared from the common oak . It was introduced to homeopathic practice by Burnett. Dr.Schroyens also mentions this for alcoholism, Cooper had observed it useful in specific sensations like “felt as if in a vice; dared not move for fear of a fit of apoplexy, an attack of giddiness” and “deafness with noises in the head”.  It is officially covered by homeopathic pharmacopoeia of united states  and mentioned in German homeopathic pharmacopoeia.

Different species of quercus  but containing  similar phyto chemicals have been used  in Indian medicine for symptoms like diarrhoea, dysentery, gastric catarrh, swelling of spleen and other alcoholic symptoms. Its chief  actions are on alcoholism, constipation , diarrhoea , giddiness, gout, intermittent fever, dropsy { splenic} , lecucocythaemia splenica and other affections of spleen. It specifically cures symptoms of depressive nervousness  , taciturn  state  { habitually reversed and uncommunicative}, drunken felling in head , gnawing at pit of stomach, craving for alcohol , pain in spleen and diarrhoea. Quercus diminishes the craving for alcohol and  antidotes the alcoholic  state , and giddiness with spleen trouble.

Three benefits of Homeopathic Treatment for De-addiction

  1. They help in quick and safe recovery of drug induced dependency
  2. They help in curing withdrawal symptoms and help patient overcome its ill effects
  3. Homeopathic medicines help to recover from relapse or the  victim’s tendency to get back into the  compulsive habit of drug taking

Signs & Symptoms of Alcohol addiction:

Symptoms of drug addiction are feeling of dullness, confusion, headache, vomiting, hallucinations, and insomnia. An addict has a sense of euphoria and an elevated mood with indifference to, and a reduced sense of pain. Red eyes, a dry mouth, and violent throbbing are seen in people who are addicted to drugs. The following are the broad indicators to identify an addict

Behavior Signs Symptoms Suffers from 
Decreased involvement in extracurricular activities. Changing social circles Nausea. Blackouts.
Mood swings, Violent behavior. Vomiting. Memory loss.
Depression, Staying away from family. Headaches. Liver disease.
Inability to control drinking. Slurred speech. Thiamine deficiency
Preoccupation with drinking. Impaired judgment.
Lack of interest in family or friends.
Erratic behavior.
Loss of interest in work or school.


Homeopathy Clinical studies & research on de-addiction

Subjects with withdrawal symptoms such as lachrymation, sneezing, yawning, abdominal pain, constipation, anxiety & irritability have particularly responded better to the homeopathy medicine than placebo. The medicines used were Arsenicum album, Nux vomica, Rhustox, Pulsatilla, Ipecac and Chamomilla. Study revealed that out of these six medicines four medicines namely Arsenic album, Nux-vomica, Rhus tox, Pulsatilla appear more frequently indicated. Based on the findings of the study, Arsenicum album, Nux vomica, Rhus tox., and Pulsatilla were found to be effective.  Another study conducted by Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, at its Clinical Research Unit, Varanasi (UP.) with 241 cases, 209 cases had showed improvement in withdrawal symptoms whereas 32 cases did not improve. Rhus toxicodendron (n=85) was found to be most effective medicine. Other medicines found effective were Avena sativa (n3), Nux vomica (n=34), Arsenic album (n=26), Bryonia alba (n=8) and Chamomilla (n=7). Rhus toxicodendron, Arsenic album, Chamomilla were found to be effective in 10M potency, Bryonia alba & Nux vomica in 200C potency and Avena sativa in mother-tincture.


alcoholism medicines

Quercus & other specialty homeopathy medicines for alcohol de-addiction

Dr.Schwabe Quercus Robur 1x Tablets This de-addiction medicine contains Quercus Robur1x, its chief actions are on alcoholism, constipation, diarrhea, giddiness, gout, intermittent fever, dropsy (splenic), leucocythaemia splenica and other affections of spleen. It specifically cures symptoms of depressive nervousness, taciturn state (habitually reserved and uncommunicative), drunken feeling in head, gnawing at pit of stomach, craving for alcohol, pain in spleen and diarrhea. Quercus diminishes the craving for alcohol, antidotes the alcoholic state, and giddiness with spleen trouble.
Wheezal De-Toxin drops This medicine checks toxic side effects of Nicotine and Alcohol and addresses Tremors, Insomnia, Anxiety in Alcoholics and Smokers. Checks Carving for Nicotine and Alcohol. It also helps to prevent and minimize withdrawal symptoms like agitation, anxiety, constipation, diarrhoea, depression and indifference of life during de-addiction process. It contains Quercus Glan Spiritus, Avena Sativa Q (for sleeplessness of alcoholics). 30 ML
Baksons Go Tox de-Addiction drops  Go Tox helps detoxify your body fight physical and mental dependence on alcohol as well as Nicotine and controls cravings for the same. The effective homeopathic constituents in Go Tox drops reduce the toxic after effects of intake of these drugs. Contains Strychninum Nitricum 6x, Avena Sativa, Quercus Gland. Spiritus 2x, Caladium 3x, , Kalmegh, Daphne Indica 2x.  30ML, Price:  Rs.100
SBL Quercus Rober 1X Homeopathy Trituration Tablets A specificremedy  for alcohol de-addiction and its associated symptoms, diminishes the craving for alcohol and antidotes the alcoholic state.
Lords Toxkure Drops for smoking cessation and alcoholism Lords Toxkure is an ideal homeopathic formula to reduce the toxic and after affects of nicotine and alcohol. It also acts as an effective antidote drug to reduce the toxicity generated by other allied strong medications.



Homeopathy Medicines for Drug Addiction

Avena Sativa:  One of the best homeopathic medicine for drug addiction when dealing with withdrawal symptoms or treating insomnia due to drugs or alcohol. It antidoets the effects of morphine or heroin, as well as of cocaine, tobacco, marijuana, and valium

Nux Vomica: Homeopathic treatment for drug addiction with abdominal symptoms, nausea and vomiting, vertigo with momentary loss of consciousness, stomach is very sensitive to pressure when applied externally, feeling is worse in the morning,

Morphinum: Homeopathic medicine for drug addiction with heart symptoms, throbbing in the heart along with a small and weak pulse,  a dream-like state and patient feels indifferent

Coffea: Homeopathic medicine for drug addiction with marked insomnia, opatient has phases of excitement, energy, ecstasy, sleeplessness on account of excess mental activity

Hyoscyamus: Homeopathic treatment for drug addiction accompanied by hallucinations and delusions.

While patient appears intoxicated, he laughs, sings, recites, and babbles deliriously (foolish act)

Opium: Suitable homeopathic medicine for drug addiction accompanied by drowsiness,  heavy, deep sleep, and noisy, laboured breathing, loss of consciousness

Sulphuricum Acidum: Homeopathic medicine for drug addiction with a craving for alcoholic stimulants, hot flushes, trembling, and cold sweats, accompanied by humming and tickling in the ears. Sour vomiting

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