Hahnemann Pharma Menso Syrup Women Health Tonic

Hahnemann Pharma Menso Syrup Women Health Tonic

Name of the Medicine Menso-Fem
Composition Each 5ml. Containts :
Abroma Augusta  Q  0.05ml
Abromo R.  Q  0.05ml
Aletris  Q  0.01ml
alfalfa  Q  0.05ml
Terminallia Arjuna  Q  0.01ml
Berberis Vulg.  Q  0.02ml
Caulophyllum T.  Q  0.01ml
Cinchona  Q  0.05ml
Crataegus Oxy.  Q  0.01ml
Ashoka  Q  0.10ml
Pulsatilla N.  Q  0.02ml
Viburnum P.  Q  0.01ml
Kali Brom  1x  5.00mg
Flavoured Syrupy Base q.s.  5ml
Alcohol Content  6.5%v/v
Indication Tones up the Uterus, Antispasmodic, helps in relieving cramps/ Backache, Weakness & tired feeling, miscarriage, menstrual functional corrective & ideal for Leucorrhoea.
Dosage two teaspoonful thrice a day with water or as directed by the physician.
Size 110ml. & 450ml.
MRP Rs.90, & 240 Buy online at best price

Manufacturer: Hahnemann pharma

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