Buy Hahnemann Pharma Hahnegra Nervine Tonic for Men

Hahnemann Pharma Hahnegra Nervine Tonic for Men, Homeopathic viagra medicine for sex power, libido, vitality

Top Homeopathic Viagra formulation that contains essential homeo herbals to help body recover from daily stress and strain at workplace that reflects poorly in bed, it aids patients in condition of extreme prostration recovering from diseases, helps youth suffering bad effects of sexual excesses like masturbation. It is a safe & side effect free medicines from the house of Hahnemann Pharma with over 40 years of experience

Name of the Medicine Hahnegra 10,000 
Composition Nerven tonic for men
Damiana  Q  15%v/v
Lycopodium C.3x  10%v/v
Agnus Castus Q 10%v/v
Acid Phosphoricum 3x 105v/v
Yohimbinum Q 15%v/v
Caladium Seguinum 3 10%v/v
DM water & Excipients q.s. 
Selenium  6  5%v/v
Alcohol Contents  60%v/v
Indication Hahnegra is effective in erectile dysfunction (loss of erectile power, flaccid penis), Sexual weakness (loss of libido), Premature ejeculation (due to nervine weakness), loss of excitement & Confidence, low sperm count (weak semen)
Dosage 15-20 drops dilutted with half cup of water, 3-4 times a day. or as directed by the physician.
Size 30ml
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Manufacturer: Hahnemann pharma

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