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Wheezal Homeopathic product range includes Liquid oral (Drops & Syrups), Skin Care and Hair care Homeopathy products, Ointments, Speciality Tablets, Bio-Combination, Bio-Chemic, Trituration, Dilutions and Mother Tinctures. Check out the complete list of Wheezal Homeopathy products  (Catalogue) and buy online at most competitive prices in India.  Shop for Wheezals medicines online at Homeomart -India’s No.1 online homeopathy medicine store. Get online discounts, Free Shipping and Cash-on-delivery facility across India. We also ship to US, UK and other countries through expedited International shipping.

About Wheezal Homeopathy Company

The company was founded by Dr.Ved Prakash Gupta in 1944 at Lahore (now in Pakistan), it has a modern manufacturing unit at Dehradun and its products were widely accepted and prescribed throughout the Country. It has a Research Center  along with a Charitable Dispensary and some very effective products were introduced which placed Wheezel one step ahead of other manufacturers. Wheezal is  ISO: 9001 certified company which means approval of its products as per International Standards. The company has a widest range of Homeopathic Products in India and the secret of the efficacy of Wheezal medicines lies in the carefully selected composition in accordance with the Principles of Homeopathy. The medicines take into consideration the important symptoms in a given condition & may, therefore, be used with utmost confidence in accordance with the listed indications.

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Wheezal Homeopathic products- complete catalogue

Wheezal Homeopathy Liquid Oral Drops

Products with proven clinical efficacy, judicious combinations, wide range and completely automated manufacturing

Product name Indication Size Price
Wheezal Alfa Drink (A Refreshing & Rejuvenating Drink) Wheezal Alfa Drink is indicated as a General Tonic, during pregnancy and lactation, debility due to wasting diseases, Stress and Mental Fatigue, Nutritional Deficiency. Contains Alfalfa Q, Nat Mur 3x, Brahmi Q 700ml 120
Wheezal Alfagin Malt Family Health Tonic Homeopathic Family Health Tonic indicated for Fatigue, Nervousness, Anxiety, Insomnia & Neurasthenia, Loss of Appetite, Underweight & Under Nourished,  during Pregnancy & Lactation. Contains Alfalfa Q, Avena Sativa Q, Hydrastis, Acid Phos 2x, China 2x, Five Phos 3x, Kali Ars 4x, Ferrum Aceticum 3x 450ml
Wheezal Astharex Syrup Wheezal Astharex Syrup is indicated for all Asthma’s,  Acute & Chronic Asthma & Spasmodic Cough, useful for all kinds of breathing problems associated with Asthma & Broncho-pneumonia. Contains justicia Adh, Senega, Ipec, Mag Phos 120 ML 85
Wheezal Baby Bliss (Keeps The Baby Happy & Blissful) Wheezal Baby Bliss  corrects all digestive problems during primary dentition, Checks Gastroenteritis, Dysentery, Diarrhea Etc,  due to dentition, relieves Colic & Flatulence, Keeps Restlessness & Whining of Babies at Bay, Builds up the Appetite. 150 ML 65
Wheezal Baby Phos Restorative Tonic (for Babies A Nutritious Baby Tonic) Wheezal Baby Phos Restorative Tonic for overall Growth, Improves Appetite, Effective Prophylactic against Dentition Syndrome and Indigestion, develops Immunity of the Child. 60 ML 50
Wheezal Femocordial Syrup Wheezal Femocordial is indicated for Menstrual Derangements, Regularizes Irregular Menses & Relieves Menstrual Headache & Vertigo,  Checks Leucorrhoea, Premenstrual & Profuse Bleeding,  Helps in checking Short term Pregnancy, Sterility and Difficulty In Conception. Contains Aletris Far Q, Alfalfa Q, Avena Sativa Q, Ashoka Q, Arjuna Q, Hydrastis Q, Mag Phos 3x 120 ML 85
Wheezal Haemorex Syrup Wheezal Haemorex Syrup is Indicated for Anemia due to Blood Loss, Inadequate intake of Iron,  Increased Requirement Of Iron During Pregnancy, Anorexia & General Debility. 120 ML 85
Wheezal Hymusa Syrup Wheezal Hymusa Syrup is Indicated For Pain & Inflammation of Joints Pain and Inflammation of Joints, provides relief in Sciatica, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Lumbago, Neuralgia And Spondylitis,  Also Useful In Myalgias, Rheumatic Diathesis. 120 ML 85
Wheezal Kid Kare Wheezal Kid Kare is Indicated For Dentition Syndromes Helps To Builds Up The Child Immunity,Useful In Debility, Emaciation & Also Regularizes Digestive Problems During Primary Dentition, Improves Metabolism, Digestion & Assimilation Of Nutrients In The Body Cells. 120 ML 80
Wheezal Livcol Syrup Wheezal Livcol Syrup is Indicated For Jaundice & Hepatic Ailments,  removes / Alleviates Hepatic Disorders, effective in Hepatitis, Jaundice and Dyspepsia, Guards Liver against abuse of Alcohol & Toxicity due to Drugs, restores Sluggish Liver and Improves Appetite. 120 ML 70
Wheezal Sarsa Syrup (Complete Blood Purifier)  A Safe Blood Purifier against Seasonal Infection, Useful in Pimples, Acne, Pustule, Scabies and Psoriasis. 120 ML 80
Wheezal Spasmocol elixir (Whooping and Asthmatic cough) Wheezal Spasmocol Elixir is Indicated for Whooping & Asthmatic Cough ,Spasmodic & Asthmatic Cough, For Whooping & Paroxysmal Cough Of any Origin, Useful in Dilute thick and Stringy Mucus. 120 ML 85
Wheezal Super Alfalfa Sugar free (Complete Family Tonic ) Wheezal Super Alfalfa is Indicated for General Debility, during and After Convalescence, Neurasthenia, Anxiety, Nervousness, Insomnia, Anorexia and Loss Of Appetite, Restores Physical and Mental Well being by replenishing deficiency of Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients. 450 ML 130
Wheezal Alfafa Tonic with Ginseng (Promotes Resistance to Physical, Chemical and Biological stress) Wheezal Alfafa Tonic with Ginseng maintains overall  health and support of the immune system., enhances healthy energy levels and routine stamina in the mature years, restores physical and mental well being, useful in nervousness, anxiety, neurasthenia, general debility, insomnia, loss of appetite and in pregnancy and lactation. 450 ML 130

Wheezal Homeopathy Medicine Drops List

Products manufactured with GMP specified equipment under sterilized environment. Assured therapeutic efficacy

Product name Indication Size Price
Wheezal Cardiant Drops Wheezal Cardiant Drops is Indicated for Complete Cardiac Care, Useful In Cases of Angina Pectoris, Mycardial Infarction & Cardio Myppathy,  Enlargement of Heart & Cardio Myopathy, prevents Blockage of Coronary Arteries, 30 ML 100
Wheezal De-Toxin Drops Wheezal De-Toxin Drops is Indicated for After effects Of Narcotics,  Checks Toxic & Side Effects Of Nicotine and Alcohol,  Tremors, Insomnia, Anxiety In Alcoholics And Smokers,  Checks Craving for Nicotine And Alcohol. 30 ML 80
Wheezal Diabonol Drops Wheezal Diabonol Drops is Indicated to Manage and Control Diabetes, To Control Blood Sugar In Non Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus,  To Stimulate Beta Cells to Produce Appropriate Insulin Levels,  To Check Insulin Resistance,  To Check Side Effects of Prolonged Usage of Steroids. 30 ML 85
Wheezal Grotall Drops Wheezal Grotall Drops is Indicated For Stunted Growth, To Check Delayed and Slow Growth, Stunted Growth due to Emotional, Nutritional or Genetic Factors. Homeopathic Height promoter. 30 ML 85
Wheezal Heptocol Drops Wheezal Heptocol Drops is Indicated for Hepatitis & Jaundice, Useful In Jaundice, Effective In Enlargement Of Liver due to Viral Hepatitisa, B, C, D Or E, Provides Relief In Alcohol & Drug Induced Hepatitis, Gallstones & Gall Colic, Extremely Helpful in Jaundice & Cirrhosis Of Liver 30 ML 80
Wheezal Memorine Drops Wheezal Memorine Drops is Indicated For Improving Memory, To Assist Neurons & Neurotransmitters To Improve Memory And Concentration, Forgetfulness, Weak Retention Capacity In Childern, 30 ML 95
Wheezal Mensorine Drops Wheezal Mensorine Drops is Indicated for  Irregular Menstruation, Regulates Tardy and Delayed Menses, Functional Amenorrhoea in Young Girls with Backache, Painful and Irregular Menstruation, 30 ML 90
Wheezal Power Up Drops Wheezal Power Up Drops is Indicated for Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Premature Ejaculation, Sexual Weakness, Loss of Libido and related Emotional Problems 30 ML 250
Wheezal Relaxo Drops Wheezal Relaxo Drops is Indicated for Mental Relaxation, Narcolepsy, Sleep Apnea Or Insomnia,Sleep Disorder Due To Night Shifts Etc, Anxiety, Nightmares and Sleepwalking, Jet lag Syndrome, 30 ML 90
Wheezal Renal Forte Drops Wheezal Renal Forte Drops is indicated for Renal Problems, To Control Blood Urea & Serum Creatinine Levels, Control Hyper And Hypotension, Weakness & Fatigue, 30 ML 95
Wheezal Renocol Drops Wheezal Renocol Drops is Indicated Specially For Renal Colic, Gall Stone and Renal Colic, Nephritis, Neuralgia Of Spermatic Cord And Testicles, Lumbago and Post Operative Pain in the Lumbar Region, Vesical Catarrh with Or without Haematuria. 30 ML
Wheezal Stimulant-H Drops Wheezal Stimulant-H Drops is Indicated for Impotency, Erectile Dysfunction & Impotency, Impotency Due To Diabetes, Hypertension & Thyro-toxicosis, Impotency due to Pelvic Trauma, Impotency due to Spinal Cord Injury as Well as due to Prostate Gland Surgery. 30 ML 125
Wheezal Wormsquil Drops Wheezal Wormsquil Drops is Indicated for Effective & Safe Deworming (worm removal),  Expulsion Of Roundworm, Hookworm, Pinworm, Tapeworm Or Liver Fluke,  Convulsions In Children,  Voracious Appetite Attributed To Intestinal Infestation,  Itching of Anus, Irritability and Emaciation. 30 ML

Wheezal Homeopathy Tablets List

Precision in Trituration, only HMS lactose used, Quick DT for complete absorption

Product name Indication Size Price
Wheezal Sneezo – Corz tablets Wheezal Sneezo tablets is indicated for nasal catarrh & flu running nose sneezing 25 GMS 70
Wheezal Glandolex tablets Wheezal Glandolex tablets is indicated for nasal catarrh, tonsillitis, sore throat. 25 GMS 115
Wheezal Phytolacca berry tablets Wheezal Phytolacca berry tablets is indicated for weight reduction, an optimum aid for checking obesity (weight loss). 25 GMS 55
Wheezal Hyperplex tablets Wheezal Hyperplex tablets is indicated to control and manage hypertension. 100`S 100
Wheezal Sachrol tablets Wheezal Sachrol tablets is indicated to control and manage sugar level in diabetes Mellitus. 25 GMS 55
Wheezal Amenol tablets Wheezal Amenol tablets is indicated for amenorrhoea & dysmenorrhoea, helpful in uterus chlorosis. 25 GMS 55
Wheezal Rheumotex tablets Wheezal Rheumotex tablets is indicated for back pain and arthritis, chronic gout, sciatica, lumbago, neuralgia, rheumatic myalgia and arthritic diathesis. 25 GMS 115
Wheezal Coryzaline tablets Wheezal Coryzaline tablets is indicated for cold and coryza, fever, headache 25 GMS 115
Wheezal Flugo tablets Wheezal Flugo tablets is indicated for flu, high fever, headache, malaise,vague muscular pain, sore throat & irritating cough 25 GMS 115
Wheezal Famiplan tablets Wheezal Famiplan tablets is indicated to irregular menstrual cycle 1X3 22
Wheezal Acne Clear tablets Wheezal Acne Clear tablets is indicated for acne, blotches and sore. 25 GMS 80
Wheezal Allerex tablets Wheezal Allerex tablets is indicated for influenza and sinusitis. 25 GMS 80
Wheezal Dermi-X tablets Wheezal Dermi-X tablets is indicated for uritcaria and eczema. 25 GMS 80

Wheezal Go Slim A and B Drops, homeopathy medicine for weight loss

Wheezal Twin Pack

Product name Indication Size Price
Wheezal Aqui + Care twin pack Wheezal Aquifolium twin pack  is indicated to remove acne, blotches and pimples, blackheads, crusts, scars on face and body, provides general nourishment of skin. 30 ML 130
Wheezal Goslim A & B drops Wheezal Goslim A & B drops (makes you slim & trim ) is useful in checking weight gain., removes disorders of metabolism effectively, weight gain after parturition or menopause. 30 ML 150
Wheezal Hairgro twin pack Wheezal Haigro twin pack is indicated for long & lustrous hair, treats  excessive hair fall, non genetic baldness, dandruff, premature graying, circular patches, alcopecia. 30 ML 120
Wheezal Sabina calcin twin pack Wheezal Sabina calcin is indicated for the care & attention in easy parturition (delivery), to check miscarriage, to maintain general health during pregnancy. 30 ML 90


Wheezal Elixir Drops & Tablets List

Product Name Indication Size Price
Wheezal Dysento elixir & drops & tablets Wheezal Dysento elixir & drops & tablets is indicated for (diarrhea & dysentery) Useful in all stages of diarrhea and dysentery, diarrhea in jaundice, ineffectual urging of stool, amoebiasis & soreness in anus. 30ml/120ml/25gms 90/70/115
Wheezal Febral elixir & tablets Wheezal Febral elixir & tablets is indicated for (all types of fever ) pyrexia of any origin, typhoid, influenza with chills, sweating, delirium & body aches. 120ml/25gm 85/115
Wheezal Gastrolex elixir & drops Wheezal Gastrolex elixir & drops is indicated for gastric ailments & indigestion flatulent colic, dyspepsia, hyper-acidity and heart burn, eructation’s, gastralgia & constipation due to irregular diet and week motility. 120ml/25gm 70/100
Wheezal Kalmegh elixir & drops Wheezal Kalmegh elixir & drops  is indicated for loss of appetite & jaundice, catarrh conditions of liver, dyspepsia, loss of appetite & indigestion, jaundice, sluggish liver. 120ml/30ml 70/90
Wheezal Lucorine syrup & tablets (excessive leucorrhoea ) Wheezal Lucorine syrup & tablets is indicated for useful in all kinds of leucorrhoea, loss of appetite & physical weakness, helps in problems related with hormonal imbalance. 120ml/25gm 90/55
Wheezal Super alfalfa tonic & tablet (general tonic & an appetizer) Wheezal Super alfalfa tonic & tablet  is useful for general debility, during and after convalescence, neurasthenia, anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, anorexia and loss of appetite, restore physical and mental well being by replenishing deficiency of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. 450ml/25gms 130/80
Wheezal Vitovita forte syrup & tablets (physical & mental well being ) Wheezal Vitovita forte syrup & tablets helps to restore physical & mental well being and extremely useful in convalescence, increases appetite & helps to gain muscle mass & weight, provides relief from involuntary emissions like nocturnal emission and prostatic hypertrophy, 120ml/25gms 70/70
Wheezal mixture syrup & tablets (wheezing & all type of cough) Wheezal Wheezal mixture syrup & tablets helps to reduce cough with rattling of mucus in chest, reduces violent bouts of cough, effective expectorant and helps in evacuating phlegm, useful in pneumonia, pulmonary tuberculosis, bronchial asthma and suffocative cough, 120ml/25gms

Wheezal Eye, Ear & Nasal Drops list

Product Name Indication Size Price
Wheezal Cineraria martima drops (check cataract & corneal opacity) Wheezal Cineraria martima drops  is indicated for chronic conjunctivitis or conjunctival irritation, to check cataract, corneal opacity due to old age or diabetes or gouty condition, strain and inflammation in the eyes. 10 ML
Wheezal Euphrasia eye drops (eye solution to relieve sore, red, itchy and blood shot eyes) Wheezal Euphrasia eye drops soothes irritated eyes, relieves itchiness, reduces blood shot appearance, reduces gummy eye discharge. 10 ML
Wheezal Eyebright drops (conjunctivitis & eye care) Wheezal Eyebright drops indicated for eye strain due to prolonged computer usage, pollution etc, watering of eyes, inflammation or irritation in the eyes, chronic & acute conjunctivitis, general cleansing to maintain acuity of vision. 10 ML 60
Wheezal Nosoline Spray (nasal dryness & obstruction) Wheezal Nosoline Spray is indicated for allergic vasomotor rhinitis, nasal polyps, para nasal sinusitis, allergy due to dust or mites or environmental pollutants. 10 ML 55
Wheezal Otorine drops (earache & dryness of inner ear) Wheezal Otorine drops is indicated for acute and chronic otitis media (ringing in the ears).Eustachian catarrh due to common cold or tonsillitis,earache. 15 ML 40

Wheezal Homeopathy Skin Care Products

Products with proven efficacy, covers wide range of skin problems

Product Name Indication Size Price
Wheezal Acne clear cream (acne / pimples) Wheezal Acne clear cream reduces acne, fights off bacteria that cause pimples, whiteheads and blackheads, reduces redness, n bumps and falky, irritated skin, speeds up new skin rejuvenation and removal of dead skin cells. 25 GMS 55
Wheezal Calendula Nectar cream (multi purpose cream for healthy, nourished & beautiful skin) Wheezal Calendula Nectar cream is indicated for prickly heat and rashes, to check bad odor due to perspiration, itching of skin, dhobi itch & athletes foot conditions, soothing and cooling effect in tropical conditions. 25 GMS 55
Wheezal Calendula baby powder (for skin protection of children) Wheezal Calendula baby powder helps to preserve and maintain tender skin of the baby, to prevent nappy rashes, rashes due to excessive heat and perspiration. 100 GM 55
Wheezal Calendula Baby Oil (nourishing the tender skin of your baby) Wheezal Calendula Baby Oil nourishes baby skin and tones up emaciated limbs, to check nutritive deficiency of skin, for general nourishment and maintenance of baby’s skin. 200 ML 135
Wheezal Calendula dressing powder (burns, wounds, sores & ulcers) Wheezal Calendula dressing powder is indicated to accelerate wound healing (cicatrization) and granulation, sores, open wounds and ulcers, eczema and itching, burns and scalds dressing. 100 GM 70
Wheezal Calendula nectar powder (prickly heat treatment) Wheezal Calendula nectar powder prickly heat and rashes, to check bad odor due to perspiration. 100 GM 55
Wheezal Charmskin (fair & nourishing skin) Wheezal Charmskin  is indicated for chapped skin, frostbite & cracked nipples, blisters & sunburns. pimples, blotches, acne scars & furuncles. 25 GMS 55
Wheezal Leuco-x cream (white pigmentation) Wheezal Leuco-x cream is indicated for leucoderma and vitiligo, paleness and whitening of skin, hypo-pigmentation due to burn and scalds, decreased melanin production. 25 GMS 40
Wheezal Petrolatum-W (skin care jelly with antibacterial neem) Wheezal Petrolatum-w maintains soft, healthy and trouble free skin all over, soothes and supple skin, enhances skin immunity and integrity, gentle yet effective formula safe for all ages. 25 GMS 28
Wheezal Scaboil (scabies & skin problems) lotion Wheezal Scaboil for contagious skin ailments like scabies, itching & ring worms, helps to treat recurrent boils & carbuncles, helpful in insect bites & poisonous plants. 60 ML 100
Wheezal Glow bright calendula with berberies glycerine bar Wheezal Calendula and berberis glycerine bar is an effective combination of that helps to clear the skin complexion, acne and provides antiseptic properties also,leaving the skin healthy and fresh 75gms 50

Wheezal Homeopathy Hair Care products

Products with proven efficacy, covers wide range of hair problems

Product name Indication Size Price
Wheezal Arnica hair treatment (lustrous hair) Wheezal Arnica hair treatment is indicated for dandruff, hair fall and premature graying. 100 ML 80
Wheezal Arnica hair n scalp treatment (silky, soft & manageable hair) Wheezal Arnica hair n scalp treatment  is indicated for hair fall, premature graying and dandruff. 100 ML 85
Wheezal Jaborandi hair treatment (complete hair care) Wheezal Jaborandi hair treatment is indicated for loss of hair, hair fall, dandruff, premature graying. 100 ML 95

Wheezal Homeo Dental care products

Product name Indication Size Price
Wheezal Hekla Lava Tooth Powder (For germs free teeth care) Wheezal Hekla Lava Tooth Powder is excellent for bleeding of gums, Toothache, Decay of Teeth, Neuralgia & Pyorrhea. 100 GM 80
Wheezal Hekla Lava Dental Cream (Lasting Freshness & Stronger Healthier Teeth) Wheezal Hekla Lava Dental Cream is indicated to helps to fight germs and bad breath, tightens gums and strengthens teeth, checks bleeding of gums, toothache and decay of teeth, dental neuralgia, pyorrhea and gingivitis. 100 GM 60

Wheezal Calendula Nectar Multipurpose Antiseptic Cream

Wheezal Homeopathy Ointment List

Products with assured clinical efficacy, manufactured from state of the art homogenizers for uniform availability of medicament

Product name Indication Size Price
Wheezal Aesculus Ointment Wheezal Aesculus ointment is indicated for hemorrhoids. 25gms 50/-
Wheezal Aloe soc Ointment Wheezal Aloe soc ointment is indicated for painful piles or hemorrhoids 25gms 50/-
Wheezal Arnica Ointment Wheezal Arnica ointment is indicated for injuries & boils 25gms 50/-
Wheezal Belladonna Ointment Wheezal Belladonna ointment is indicated for neuralgic pain 25gms 50/-
Wheezal Berberies Aquilfolium Wheezal Berberies Aquilfolium is indicated for acne, dermatitis and dryness of skin. 25gms 50/-
Wheezal Calendula Ointment Wheezal Calendula ointment is indicated for open wound, ulcers 25gms 50/-
Wheezal Cantharis Ointment Wheezal Cantharis ointment is indicated for burns 25gms 50/-
Wheezal Chrysarobinum Ointment Wheezal Chrysarobinum ointment is indicated for itching 25gms 50/-
Wheezal Echinacea Ointment Wheezal Echinacea ointment is indicated for insect bite 25gms 50/-
Wheezal Graphites Ointment Wheezal Graphites ointment is indicated for eczema, itches 25gms 50/-
Wheezal Hamamelis Ointment Wheezal Hamamelis ointment is indicated for ulcers, chilblains 25gms 50/-
Wheezal Ledum Ointment Wheezal Ledum ointmentis indicated for punctured wounds 25gms 50/-
Wheezal Rhus tox Ointment Wheezal Rhus tox ointment is indicated for joint & muscular pain 25gms 50/-
Wheezal Ruta Ointment Wheezal Ruta ointment is indicated for joint pains 25gms 50/-
Wheezal Skookum chuk Ointment Wheezal Skookum chuck ointment is indicated for all skin affections 25gms 50/-
Wheezal Sulphur Ointment Wheezal Sulphur ointment is indicated for itching, skin infections 25gms 50/-
Wheezal Thuja Ointment Wheezal Thuja ointment is indicated for warts 25gms 50/-
Wheezal Urtica urens Ointment Wheezal Urtica urens ointment is indicated for herpes, burns 25gms 50/-
Wheezal Pyle Ointment Wheezal Pyle Ointment (Piles) is indicated for Piles. 25gms 50/-
Wheezal Petroleum Ointment Wheezal Petroleum is indicated for dry and cracked skin, dry eczema, bed sore and psoriasis. 25gms 50/-
Wheezal Relievo pain balm Wheezal Relievo Ointment pain balm (for targeted relief of sprains & sports injuries) is indicated for reduces joint pain and stiffness, relieves inflammation in muscles and joints, improves mobility and flexibility, helps relieve muscles and joint fatigue. 25gms 50/-

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