Wheezal Baby Phos, a restorative tissue tonic for babies

Wheezal Baby Phos A Restorative Tonic for Babies

Wheezal Baby Phos is a nutritious Baby Tonic for overall growth, improves appetite, effective prophylactic against dentitional syndrome and indigestion also develops immunity of the child.

Introduction: Kids often require an extra supplement over and above mother’s milk after the third month. This is usually supplemented by natural foods like mashed potatos, mashed bananas, mashed fruits, dal water mashed rice etc. During the first year, the growth of the child requires an extra nutrition specially for the bony skeletal system, enzymatic stimulant to aid digestion and neuro stimulant for the development of the intellect.

A nutritious pep-up it helps the child to gain weight, building sturdy bones and promotes appetite. It works as a prophylactic against dentitional syndromes and diarrhoea. It improves the overall resistance of the child.

Actions of individual ingredients in Wheezal Baby Phos:
Calcarea Phos: This phosphate of lime is very useful in thin, delicate and scrawny children with open fontanelles having cold extremites and feeble digestion. It affects the nutrition of the glands and bones. It promotes ossification of bones. It is specially indicated in delayed dentition and other complaints incidental to that period as also. Its usefulness is commendable in various malabsorption syndromes.
Chamomilla: It is the tincture of the fresh whole plant of ‘German Chamomile’. It is frequently employed in diseases of the children who are peevish, restless and colicky. It is a very good remedy for teething complaints and symptoms incidental to the dentitional period like diarrhoea and convulsions. It is useful when the child is irritable and weepy and must be carried to be quietened. It has been successfully employed in chidren who are cross, ugly and quarrelsome by nature.
China Officinalis: It is the tincture of the dried ‘Peruvian bark’. It acts on the blood cells and bone marrow. During anaemia the brain receives scanty oxygen which then leads to dullness, lethargy and weak concentration. China corrects this pathology by improving the anaemia and blood circulation. It acts on the liver and produces enough enzymes to aid diagestion in infants and toddlers. Ferrum Phos: This is a phosphate of iron. Iron and its salts have affinity for oxygen. The iron contained in the blood corpuscles takes up the inhaled oxygen and supples it to all the tissues the hemoglobin level, thus making it useful in the treatment of anaemia. It is indicated in the first stage of any inflammation and fever.
Kali phos: This is a phosphate of potassium. It corresponds to those cases in which there is increased sensitiveness to all impressions from weakness of the vital resistance or control. Thus it is sensitive, weak and easily fatigued and neurasthenic. It is useful for paralysis during dentition. It is beneficial in night terrors of children who bed-wet.
Podophyllum: It is the tincture of the ‘May-apple’ plant indian tribes used its roots to expel worms. It acts chiefly on the duodenum, small intestine, liver and rectum. The podophyllum disease is gastroenteritis with colicky pain and bilious vomiting. The stool is watery with jelly like mucus, painless, profuse, gushing and offensive. There is a marked torpidity of the liver. The child can lie comfortably only on the stomach. Thus it is used in diarrhoea, weakness of the sphincters and prolapse of the rectum.

INGREDIENTS: Each 5ml Contains: China Q 0.625ml, Calc. Phos 3x 12.5ml, Podophyllum Pel. Q 0.0625ml, Ferrum Phos 3x 12.5ml, Chamomilla Q 0.125ml, Kali Phos 3x 12.5ml, Alcoholic Content 3.0%v/v,

DOSAGE: Below 6 months: 1/2 teaspoonful thrice daily. Above 6 months: 1 teaspoonful 3-4 times a daily or as prescribed by the physician


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