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Haslab Homeopathic Complex Tablets, Patents, other Specialities List

This is in continuation to the Haslab Medicines List we published earlier wherein we covered Drox Series (1 -34) and Biochemic compounds (BICO 1-48).  Now we cover Haslab’s Homeopathic Complex Tablets, Patents and  other Specialities List. Buy Online at Homeomart – India’s No.1 online homeopathy medicine store.

Haslab Homeopathic Complex Tablets (HC-1 to HC-102)

Haslab Complex No. Indications Size Rate
HC-1. ACID PHOS – Debility (Mental & Physical) HC-1. ACID PHOS –  is indicated for Debility from loss of Animal Fluids. Great prostration after lingering fever. Physical weakness and general debility often accompanied by profuse and weakeining nights, morning-sweat, irritability, nerviolity. Too quick growing youngsters, weak from over-sexual indulgence, overstrenous studies. Spermatorrhoea i.e. loss of semen without sexual excitement, specially when urinating or defecating with Headache. 20gms 50
HC-2. AESCULUS – Piles-swollen HC-2. AESCULUS  is indicated for Haemorrhoids with stinging and pressure in Anus, chronic cases of Venous congestion causing dilatation of blood vessels or external piles as well as fissures of anus, often in connection with chronic constipation with typical pains in the lumbar and sacral regions. Discomforts associated with intermittent prostatic enlargement. 20gms 50
HC-3. AGNUS CASTUS – Lymphatic glands, insufficient milk HC-3. AGNUS CASTUS  is indicated for Lymphatic constitution, “Old Sinners” with impotence & gleet, Premature old-age, repeated Gonorrhea, Lymphatic Glands Inflamed swollen in the region of Neck, Axilla, inguinal, Agalactia. Relaxed Genitals, Leucorrhoea staining yellow. 20gms 50
HC-4. ALETRIS – Prolapsus abdominal and pelvic organs, Hernia HC-4. ALETRIS  is indicated for constitutional tissue weakness and weakness of the abdominal and pelvic organs e.g. dropped stomach, dropped and prolapsed womb. Vaginal prolapsus umbilical and inguinal hernia in infants. Also recommended in cases of Metritis. 20gms 50
HC-5. BAPTISIA – Typhoid fever HC-5. BAPTISIA is indicated for gastric fever and gastrointestinal infections of typhoid character.  Main symptoms are great sensibility of muscles, very foul smell of breath and of all excretions of the body, coated tongue, marked nervous depression, besotted stupid facial expression. In the morning often stools of diarrhoeic intensity blackish colour and sometimes bloody. 20gms 50
HC-6. BASCILICUM – Colitis, IBS HC-6. BASCILICUM is indicated to increase the immunity in chronic gastrointestinal catarrh due to Protozoal infection. Flatulence, colitis, Gastroenteritis, Mucus irritable Bowel Syndrome. 20gms 60
HC-7. BERBERIS – Gout, Chronic changing arthritis HC-7. BERBERIS  is indicated for Gouty Arthritis, Wandering, Stitching, tearing, twinging Pains in Joints, Gouty Nodosities in Fingers. Uraemic Diathesis. 20gms 60
HC-8. CACTUS – Angina Pectoris HC-8. CACTUS  is indicated for Heart pain (angina pectoris), chest pain, pericarditis and dyspnoea. On the right side of the chest a feeling of constriction and grasping pain on the left side, endocarditis, constriction with cold sweat and violent action of the heart with Blood Pressure low. 20gms 50
HC-9. TIPICAL – Filaria HC-9. TIPICAL is indicated for Filaria, sudden attack of high fever with chills and great swelling of the limbs and scrotum. Recurrent attacks with persistent symptoms swelling, Hydrocoel, Varicocoel. 20gms 60
HC-10. LECITHIN – Anaemia HC-10. LECITHIN is indicated for  Anemia of non specific origin. Insomnia, decrease in R.B.Cs, tiredness, weakness, short breath, loss of flesh, sexually weak, breakdown condition, Tuberculosis, loss of appetite, pain in the stomach, atony, weakness and faintness, emaciation, yellowish & white skin, severe exhaustion from little exertion. 20gms 50
HC-11. SENEGA – Asthma inspiratory, Better sitting. HC-11. SENEGA is indicated for Asthma with gastric derangements, sensation of constriction, dyspnoea, respiration with suffocation, difficult inspiration, cannot lie on bed, but better by sitting. Worse from least exertion, restlessness, anxiety, short and oppressed breathing with copious expectoration, feeling of pain behind the sternum. 20gms 60
HC-12. DOLICHOS – Liver enlarged, Cirrhosis, Jaundice HC-12. DOLICHOS  is indicated for Enlarged liver, Cirrhosis of the liver, chronic hepatitis (inflammation of the liver) and discomfort of the liver after hepatitis. Jaundice and constipation, stools clay colour, urine dark yellow or golden colour and scanty, Dropsy. 20gms 50
HC-13. DROSERA – Whooping cough (acute stage) HC-13. DROSERA is indicated for Whooping cough, barking cough. Cough which does not allow the patient any time to recover breath. Dryness in throat, suffocation, constriction in chest. Vomiting of food, mucus and convulsions during the cough, Spasmodic cough at night. Face red and puffed on coughing. 20gms 60
HC-14. EUPATORIUM PERF – Influenza, URTI HC-14. EUPATORIUM PERF is indicated for Fever associated with vomiting of bile, and extreme bone breaking Body ache. Febrile colds, acute catarrh of the respiratory tract, painful cough and hoarseness, Fever may be accompanied by pain in back or limbs, headache, coated tongue, loss of appetite and general weakness, quick respiration, giddiness on arising and sitting up. 20gms 65
HC-15. EUPHORBIA – Eczema, Herpes, Erysipelas, Impetigo HC-15. EUPHORBIA is indicated for Psoric remedy of exhanthemas such as eczemas, herpes, erysipelas, impetigo, Variola etc. Skin eruptions, due to internal conditions require medicines to be taken internally so that their causes be corrected and relief obtained to the sufferer. 20gms 60
HC-16. HELONIAS – Dysmenorrhoea HC-16. HELONIAS is indicated for Dysmenorrhoea, Sharp shooting pains over Ovaries extending to anterior muscles of thighs. Menses too early and profuse with severe pain. Pain starting in iliac crest and shooting down to knees. Pruritis of Vulva and Vagina, thick white and acrid leucorrhoea. 20gms 50
HC-17. IPECAC – Acute Bronchitis, Rattling cough HC-17. IPECAC – Acute Bronchitis, Rattling cough is indicated for Acute bronchitis with spasms, cough, aching and continuous feeling of nausea. Strong rattling in the chest and wheezing cough, difficult expectoration, danger of suffocation with bluishness. 20gms 50
HC-18. LEDUM – Gout, Acute swelling of joints HC-18. LEDUM is indicated for Gout, with pain in the joints, swelling. Lameness, stiffness and soreness of limb joints, usually worse at the approach of the changes in the weather and during damp, cold weather. Pains are mostly confined to joints and extremities and change from one part to another in ascending pattern. Ball of big toe painful. Soles sensitive, tendons stiff and Goutynodisitis in joints. 20gms 60
HC-19. STRYCHNIUM – Nervousness, Melancholia HC-19. STRYCHNIUM is indicated for General nervous condition, melancholia, tendency to weep, nervousness during menopause. In all cases where the nervous energy is depleted. Drowsiness and headache, Electric like shocks, Diplopia and night blindness, brain exhaustion, jerking and twitching in all parts. Children twitch in sleep and cry out suddenly. 20gms 60
HC-20. NUX VOMICA – Constipation HC-20. NUX VOMICA is indicated for Habitual constipation, disturbance of the mentality and secretions of the gastrointestinal tracts, lack of gastric juices, nervous gastric complaints, chronic constipation with heaviness, constant urge to pass stools with satisfaction. 20gms 50
HC-21. OENANTHE – Epilepsy HC-21. OENANTHE is indicated for Used in cases of minor epilepsy, tremors and teeth grinding at night. Epileptic convulsions and face twitching, madness, idiotic look, pupils dilated, eyes turned up and unconsciousness with attack. 20gms 60
HC-22. MERCURIOUS – Gum swollen, Pyorrhoea HC-22. MERCURIOUS is indicated for Gums swollen, bleeding, painful Gumboils, red ulcers in the mouth, foul breath and receding gums from teeth, shooting pain in Carious teeth or in roots of the teeth extending to ears, painful swelling of cheeks or submaxillary glands. 20gms 65
HC-23. RHUS TOX – Muscular Rheumatism, Sciatica. HC-23. RHUS TOX is indicated for Muscular rheumatism, lumps in muscles, pain Lumbo-Sacral region, skin rashes with blistering, chronic nettle rash with numerous white swelling suddenly appearing on the skin, gradually increasing in size and resembling mosquito bites, usually there is much itching. Rheumatism after exposure to wet weather, joints stiff and red. Limbs stiff on rising from bed but better on continued motion or walking. Better by warm applications. Lumbago having special affinity for the deep muscles of back. 20gms 60
HC-24. ROSEMARINUS – Amenorrhoea, Premenopause HC-24. ROSEMARINUS is indicated Stopped or scanty menses, Symptoms appear before change of life. Premenopausal syndrome, delayed menopause, Bleeding irregular, Either too early or with a gap of 2 to 3 months, Depression, Swelling of Whole Body. 20gms 60
HC-25. SANTALAM – Leucorrhoea HC-25. SANTALAM is indicated for Profuse yellow tenacious leucorrhoea with delayed or suppressed menses. Leucorrhoea in young girls at puberty or when menses suppressed. Burning, itching and ulcerations in internal parts and Genitals externally. 20gms 50
HC-26. CHINA – Diarrhoea HC-26. CHINA is indicated for More or less constant painful urging, profuse watery stools forcefully evacuated, pain preceding stools, great prostration following stools, cold sweat and thirst. 20gms 50
HC-27. UVA URSI – Cystitis HC-27. UVA URSI is indicated for Inflammation of the bladder, Irritation of bladder indicated by persistent urge to urinate. The urine passes with burning sensation. Incontinence of urine, painful micturation. Spasmodic stricture, urine drops after micturation. 20gms 60
HC-28. YERBA SANTA – Asthma, Wheezing, Free expectoration HC-28. YERBA SANTA is indicated for Stopped or scanty menses, Symptoms appear before change of life. Premenopausal syndrome, delayed menopause, Bleeding irregular, Either too early or with a gap of 2 to 3 months, Depression, Swelling of Whole Body. 20gms 50
HC-29. YUCCA – Enlarged Bilious Liver HC-29. YUCCA is indicated for Enlargement of the left lobe of the liver, Congestion of the liver, inflammation and soreness of the liver, hepatitis, Pain in right hypochondrium, jaundice, disturbed functions of the liver, diarrhoea or constipation. 20gms 60
HC-30. KREOSOTUM – Primary Complex HC-30. KREOSOTUM is indicated for Primary complex, Tubercular Diathesis, Low grade Pyrexia with Loss of appetite and weight, chronic Dry Cough with Nausea and Vomitting. 20gms 60
HC-31. HYPERICUM – Arthritis HC-31. HYPERICUM is indicated for Joints swollen, tense, not very red, worse by motion, Gouty nodosities in joints, tearing pain in toes. 20gms 65
HC-32. HAMMAMELIS – Bleeding Disorders HC-32. HAMMAMELIS is indicated for Excessive bleeding from cuts, injuries, lungs, piles, bowels, eyes, nose, throat and uterus. Excessive menstruation or threatened miscarriage. 20gms 60
HC-33. VERATRUM – Cholera HC-33. VERATRUM is indicated for Vomiting, diarrhoea of rice colour, suppression of urine and rapid loss of strength. Cramps in calves sudden prostration and coldness of the body, eyes sunken, face hand and feet icy-cold. Loss of voice, violent cold around the umbilical region. 20gms 60
HC-34. MERC SOL – Dysentry HC-34. MERC SOL is indicated for Violent tenesmus in the the abdomen, fever, blood and mucus with each stool, stools frequent with colic, cutting and squeezing pains in abdomen. 20gms 60
HC-35. THUJA – Gonorrhoea HC-35. THUJA is indicated for Chronic gonorrhoeal Diathesis, copious persistent discharges without pain or soreness in Urethra. Orifice of urethra inflamed, Fore parts of Penis swollen, with suppuration between glans and prepuce. Glans hot and painful. Urine passes in feeble stream with thick greenish discharges, scalding pain during urination, sometimes a few drops of blood in urine. if failed to pass, there will be intense itching in urethra and burning, herpes like eruption or condylomata about genitals and anus, much swelling and tenderness in testicles, small blisters on orifice of urethra and inner surface of prepuce. Leucorrhoea thick, foul persistent. 20gms 60
HC-36. CRAETAEGUS – Angina, Low BP HC-36. CRAETAEGUS is indicated for Anginal Pain with high blood pressure, constriction feeling at heart as if from an iron band wish to hold & grasp the heart, dyspnoea, want of air-oxygen, pain may radiates to left arm, Cardiac Neuralgia. In Chronic, repeated Anginal pains, Weakness of Cardiac musculature, Suffocation, dyspnoea with Feeble Pulse and low blood pressure. 20gms 60
HC-37. CALADIUM – Impotency HC-37. CALADIUM is indicated for Impotency from injury, self abuse or sexual excesses, loss of power, erections too weak. Impotency from over excitement of sexual organ, semen discharge shortly after erection. Semen thin & scanty with low counts. 20gms 60
HC-38. CAULOPHYLLUM – Weak labor pains HC-38. CAULOPHYLLUM is indicated for Weak and irregular pains, head of the baby large, uterus hard and thick. Labour pains gone while os widely dilated. To be given regularly in last month to avoid false pains. 20gms 60
HC-39. CHINIUM SULF – Malaria HC-39. CHINIUM SULF is indicated for Malaria fever, shivering in afternoon and midnight, unquenchable thirst with profuse perspiration. 20gms 60
HC-40. PULSATILLA – Menstrual Disorders HC-40. PULSATILLA is indicated for Menstrual disorder, absence, diminish or suppression of menses. Painful menstruation. Amenorrhoea in young girl leading to chlorosis. Menses irregular, delayed and scanty, stitching pain in both ovarian region. 20gms 60
HC-41. BELLADONNA – Antipain, Abdominal colic HC-41. BELLADONNA is indicated for Abdominal Colic, Painful Diarrhoea, peritonitis, shifting pains in Abdomen, spasmodic pain about umbilical region, Flatulent colic, frequent expulsion of winds. 20gms 50
HC-42. PNEUMO – Pneumonia HC-42. PNEUMO is indicated for Pneumonia Lung Infection, intense pain in the chest, short or hurried respiration with high fever. Bronchitis, oppressed breathing, shooting pain in chest, cough hard painful with Blood Spots. 20gms 60
HC-43. SELENIUM – Spermatorrhoea HC-43. SELENIUM is indicated for Involuntary emission of semen. Excessive weakness, semen flows during motion or urination. Semen thin. Dribbling of semen during sleep and after stool, seminal weakness after masturbation, paralytic weakness of spine. 20gms 60
HC-44. SANTONINE – Worms HC-44. SANTONINE is indicated for Worms, Weakness, Blue rings round eyes, Deficient or voracious appetite, Vomiting of food and worms. Purging with severe abdominal pain and passes worms and lumbricis, Taenia and tape worms, Itching in Anus, constipation, tenesmus, grinding teeth at night. Regular use prevents further infestation and lodging of worms. 20gms 50
HC-45. INFLICO – Influenza (HC-45. INFLICO – Influenza)  A nosode of influenza fever, acting on the cases of chronic, recurrent influenza like viral fevers, with Upper respiratory tract infection, Sneezing, Rhinorroea, Bodyache, Pain and Aching of all the muscles, with Shivering, Temperature & prostration. Prevents Flu, Seasonal Viral of weather or exposure to Disease Virus. 20gms 60
HC-47.HOMOEOVIT B – Diseased veins, Parched lips HC-47.HOMOEOVIT B – Diseased veins, Parched lips is indicated for Venous Engorgement in whole body, Veins painful, Dryness of skin, Parched tongue, Lips dry and cracks, Painful, Bleed on Touch. 20gms 50
HC-51. PURTUSSIN – Whooping cough (HC-51. PURTUSSIN – Whooping cough) is indicated for Whooping and spasmodic cough, Vomiting with cough. Chest full of phlegm, vomiting of food hours after eating, succeeding barking cough, which do not allow time to recover breath, worse after lying down and after mid night. 20gms 50
HC-52. VACCINUM – Chickenpox (preventive) HC-52. VACCINUM is indicated for Preventive and curative action in Coryza, high fever, body pain and nausea. After one or 3-4 days, red papules appear on face & body at distance. Papules convert into vesicles and pustules spread and run together, filled up with blood and pus, turn black, become malignant and take fatal form. 20gms 50
HC-53. EOSINO – Eosinophilia HC-53. EOSINO is indicated for Asthamatic cough and quick respiration, profuse expectoration, extreme weakness. Expectoration of large quantities of mucus, immediately on lying down, better by sitting, inclined head towards chest, worse by motion. Excess of Eosinophil cells in blood. 20gms 60
HC-54. ALFALFA – Tonic for debility (HC-54. ALFALFA – Tonic for debility) is a great tissue builder. It increases the weight. It is indicated in anemia, Chlorosis, deficient development of body. Loss of appetite.It helps to eliminate broken down tissues. 20gms 60
HC-55. ACIDITO – Acidity, indigestion HC-55. ACIDITO is indicated for Flatulent, dyspepsia, eructations, heaviness, water brash, Fatty rich diet causes sourness and flatulence.
N.B.: May be supplemented with “HASLAB DIGESTO” for immediate relief
20gms 50
HC-56. OTTO – Ear ache, Eustachian tube-catarrh HC-56. OTTO is indicated for Acute congestive Otitis Media, tympanic membrane swelling and catarrh of eustachian tube and middle ear, secreting thick & yellow mucus. Deafness, little Pustules in the meatus, cracking sound in ears, Itching in eustachian tube. Caries of mastoid cells. Sound in the ears like ringing of bells. 20gms 50
HC-57. ARGENTO – Eyes sore, red, granular lids HC-57. ARGENTO lids is indicated Inflammation of the eyes, eyes red, painful, red irritating granules in lids, photophobia, hyperaemia of the optic nerve and retina, blepharitis, conjunctivities, eye muscles strain due to constant use of computers screen.
N.B.: Use Haslab Mamira Succus Eye Drops.
20gms 60
HC-58. ECHINACEA – Skin Diseases HC-58. ECHINACEA is indicated for Unhealthy conditions of the skin, pimples, acne with roughness of the skin, special value in scaly skin diseases and those of a non inflammatory type of reaction. 20gms 60
HC-59. MERC BIN IOD – Sore Throat HC-59. MERC BIN IOD is indicated for Granular Pharyngitis, inflammation of the larynx, swallowing painful, face dark red, expectoration of tough and stringy mucus. 20gms 60
HC-60. PHYTOLACCA – Tonsilitis HC-60. PHYTOLACCA is indicated for Recurrent Tonsillitis, Tonsils, red and inflamed, throbbing, rightsided sensation of hot gases, tongue coated, impressions of teeth on tongue edges. Difficult swallowing, elongation of uvula, enlargement of the neck glands, glands under jaw
and ears.
20gms 50
HC-61. PEPSIN – Dyspepsia, Hiccough, erructation HC-61. PEPSIN is indicated for Pain in stomach increases after eating. Frequent eructations. Painful sensation in the chest, on side of sternum, sour rising. Hiccough, burning in stomach, flatulence and water brash. Sensation that everything in abdomen will fall down, cannot bear clothes tight. Incarcerated hernia, painful sensation as something lodged in the chest, mostly on the right side of the sternum. Pressure & cramps of the abdomen. Excessive discharge of flatus and pain at the cardiac region of the stomach or in the oesophagus. chronic indigestion, gastralgia, Aggravation of abdominal suffering after eating the smallest portion of food. 20gms 60
HC-62. GELSEMO – Acute Corhyza HC-62. GELSEMO is indicated for Coryza, cold in the head, frontal headache, congestion, watery and acrid secretions,Sneezing, profuse watery discharges from the nose and profuse lachrymation, coryza caused by cold and dry winds. 20gms 65
HC-63. FEBRO – Fever HC-63. FEBRO is indicated for In fever low or high, restlessness, chills, inflammation, Pneumonia, Pleurisy with cough. 20gms 65
HC-64. GLONOINE – High Blood pressure, Headache, Vertigo HC-64. GLONOINE is indicated for High Blood Pressure with Faintness and Vertigo. Palpitation, rapid action of the heart. Any exertion brings on rush of blood to heart and fainting spell. Throbbing in whole body even to finger tips. Headache, sudden and violent irregular circulation of blood. 20gms 60
HC-65. INFANTO – Infants diarrhoea & cholera HC-65. INFANTO is indicated for Diarrhoea of infants & children. Cholera infantum, flatulence, Vomiting and restlessness of children and infants, foul smelling profuse and gushing stools. 20gms 50
HC-66. CASCAREA – Syphilis HC-66. CASCAREA is indicated for Chronic Syphilitic Miasm in all its stages of development. Red chancre on prepuce, Non Healing ulcers on glans and prepuce, glands swollen, ulcers in mouth, pain in long bones, worse at night. 20gms 65
HC-67. HOMEOLAX – Laxative HC-67. HOMEOLAX is indicated for Constipation, no desire for stool, burning pains in rectum resulting in haemorrhoids, fistula, stools, hard lumpy and knotty with mucus & Blood. Bowels do not move for days, pressure at the rectum, prolapsus of anus after stool. 20gms 60
HC-68. CALCAREA FLOUR – Cataract HC-68. CALCAREA FLOUR is indicated for Flashes of light before eyes, Immature cataract, spot on the cornea. Warts on the upper lids, corneal opacity. Vision double, dim and blurred. Aching in posterior part of the orbit. Twitching sensation in eyes and lids. 20gms 65
HC-70. PENCILLIN – Allergies HC-70. PENCILLIN is indicated for Pyrexia of Unknown origin, patient Hot with Burning of palms and soles but ameliorated by external heat, dry parched tongue with great thirst for cold water. Recurrent Boils, Furunuculosis, specially indicated when pus has begun to form anywhere in the body.
Hypersensitive reactions to Pencillin.
20gms 65
HC-72. CHLORAM PHENICOL – Typhoid fever, Dysentry  HC-72. CHLORAM PHENICOL is indicated for Chronic Relapsing Viral Fever Simulating Typhoid Infection, Ulcerative Colitis, Chronic Gonorrhoeal Epididymytis, Prostatitis, Plague, Anaemia, Exhaustiveness, Easy Fatigue, Falling of hairs after prolong Chloramphenicol Therapy. 20gms 60
HC-73. URANIUM NITRICUM – Diabetes HC-73. URANIUM NITRICUM is indicated for diabetes and its further ailments. Sugar deposited in urine, frequent urination worse at night. Urine milky with Fishy odour, impotency with cold & relaxed organs. 20gms 50
HC-74. SANGUINAREA – Headache, Sinusitis HC-74. SANGUINAREA is indicated for Headache right or left sided, eyes red and painful, Headache worse by mental or physical exercise, pain extends to the bones of orbits and nose. Boring pain temples and vertex. Terrible pain in globe of eyes. 20gms 60
HC-75. CHAMOMILLA – Teething HC-75. CHAMOMILLA is indicated for Slow and difficult dentition, teeth grow black and decay quickly. Open fontanellis, Flatulent diarrhoea with greenish tinge like chopped eggs and spinach, smelling like rotten eggs. 20gms 60
HC-76. PLANTAGO – Toothache HC-76. PLANTAGO – Toothache is indicated for Toothache, decay of teeth, teeth become loose, gums spongy and bleed easily, worse by cold water, cold air. 20gms 60
HC-78. ACONITUM – Cold, cough & fever HC-78. ACONITUM is indicated for Cold, cough, fever high or mild, violent sneezing, nostrils red, coryza watery or thick, pain in the chest on coughing & breathing. Fever on change of weather. 20gms 50
HC-79. PHYSIOLOGICAL – General Fatigueness HC-79. PHYSIOLOGICAL is indicated for Bodily fatigueness, debitity caused by constant repititon of certain muscular movements. Body worn out by excessive study, or frequent watchness. Debility caused by sexual excesses, from loss of fluid. Trembling of legs, headache, sleeplessness from worries, numbness of certain parts of body. Tingling in legs. Fidgety of the hands, Night terrors from over excitability of the brain or vision and feels needle like pinching. Backache and drowziness. Psoriasis, great mental depression and very forgetful. 20gms 60
HC-82. SKOOCUM – Herpes HC-82. SKOOCUM is indicated for Herpes, Itching, tetters hard blotches on the body. Dryness of skin, Irritation all over the body. Very intense itching in vagina and anus. Papular eruptions on face and lips, Eruption oozing out thick honey like fluid. Eruptions under the hair. Burning and cracks on the skin. 20gms 60
HC-83. LOLIUM – Paralysis HC-83. LOLIUM is indicated for Tongue paralysed, Half-sided paralysis of the body, Twitching of the face or muscles of any part of the body. Locomotor ataxia, vision blurred, pupils dilated, mental depression, very foregetfulness even the names of the family. Disinclination to talk or study. Pain over head and base of the brain, pain across the brain. Violent pain in the the calves. Hands fidgety and unable to hold a glass of water. Staggering on rising from the seat. 20gms 60
HC-84. BARYTA – Blood Thrombosis (Brain & Heart) HC-84. BARYTA – Blood Thrombosis (Brain & Heart) for Thromobosis of mind and heart. Paralysis, Heart beats irregular. Pulse scarcely perceptible, low voice, Weakness, twitching in the muscles of the face. Enduration of pancreas. Frequent Sugar in urine. 20gms 50
HC-85. HYDROCOTYLE – Leucoderma HC-85. HYDROCOTYLE is indicated for Loss of sensation, Discolouration of the skin, brown spots, coramin spots, Tubercles all over the face, arms, thighs and legs. No feeling of any sensation even if pin or needle pinched on affected parts. 20gms 50
HC-86. APPETO – Appetiser HC-86. APPETO is indicated for Distorted appetite, Loss of appetite or Eats ravenously yet Emaciates, Atrophy, Hyperplasia of tissues, Goitre, Deformed Joints due to Arthritis. 20gms 50
HC-89. CONJUNCTIN – Conjunctivitis HC-89. CONJUNCTIN is indicated for Conjunctivities, Viral or nonspecific, Chemosis, Blepharitis, Suppurative Conjunctivitis, iritis, Corneal ulcers. Hypopyon, Boring excruciating pains in eyes, Photophobia, Recurrent styes. 20gms 60
HC-91. CAMPHOR – Violent dry suffocative cough HC-91. CAMPHOR is indicated for Sensation of Foreign body in trachea, cough by irritation in larynx, cough with stiches in chest, short breath during sleep, breathing painful. Suffocation, voice low, Cold feeling in chest, excessive accumulation of mucus in the respiratory organ, dry cough with soreness of chest,Paralysis of the glottis with difficult deglutition and roughness of the throat. 20gms 60
HC-92. SPONGIA – Croup, Dyspnoea, Sticky frothy sputum HC-92. SPONGIA is indicated for Croup, Shooting pain in chest, coughing, spitting of blood. Cough worse from dry, cold winds. Short breath, oppression of the chest. Great soreness of the larynx, cough dry, short and sometimes convulsive, irregular respiration, breathing quick and difficult caused by stitches in chest, continued inclination to draw long breath, dry cough with soreness of chest
and fluent coryza difficult deglutition. Paralysis of the glottis and lungs, Suffocation, Hoarseness and scraping in the throat, aphonia, unable to speak, cough excited by a tickling in chest,Pneumonia, Expectoration of mucus purulent and sometimes frothy pale red and rust colour. Difficult respiration loud with hollow voice and without rattling sound or any looseness of cough. Asthma spasmodic and constrictive pain in whole chest.
20gms 60
HC-93. APIS – Dropsy, Albuminurea HC-93. APIS is indicated for Dropsy, feet oedomatus specially after walking, swelling about eyelids, soreness of abdominal wall, dropsy of renal origin, Albuminuria in consequence of cardiac or hepatic trouble, scanty urine, leg swelling increases in day time and lessens at night, constipation, frequent desire to pass water but only a few drops at a time, dyspnoea with great restlessness. 20gms 60
HC-94. SABAL SER – Prostatic glands HC-94. SABAL SER is indicated for Urinary troubles. Prostatic ailments and Gonorrhoea, painful urination.Tenesmus as in cystitis, pain extending from bladder to pubis. Stitching pain in region of kidney. scalding on passing urine. bladder irritation, urine incontinace, urine retained, Renal colic, albumen. pus cell, Blood cells, epithelialcell abundance in urine. 20gms 60
HC-95. FERRUM MET – Anaemia and Chlorosis HC-95. FERRUM MET  is indicated for White waxy paleness of the face, great debility. Black margins around eyes, Nervousness. Vertigo on ascending, sleeplessness and restlessness. Headache at night, debility from prolonged illness, loss of fluid and blood. Acrid leucorrhoea of bad smelling, retarded menstruation, decrease in Haemoglobin percentage, Anaemia along with chlorosis. The disease mainly occurs in young girls. 20gms 60
HC-96. HYDRASTIS – Chronic indigestion HC-96. HYDRASTIS is indicated for Chronic indigestion, heart burn, regurgitation and Vomiting of food, flatulence, food remains long in the stomach, feels heavy and hanging down. Total loss of appetite, winds accumulate around navel, windy pain around navel as if naval forcibly being prssed inward. Flatulence in stomach, nausea to the extent of causing unconsciousness, sometimes during meals, aversion by all kinds of food, unpleasant taste in mouth. Dryness in posterior part of the stomach, food descends slowly in oesophagus. 20gms 60
HC-97. ASTHMO – Asthma, Chocking cough HC-97. ASTHMO is indicated for Attack of asthma, difficult respiration. Dyspnoea and oppression of the chest with effort to breath, shortness of breath, spasmodic cough, dry cough, haking with fits of suffocation, stiffness of the body and bluish face. Expectoration of blood. Difficult respiration. Choking Dyspnoea, oppression of the chest on going upstairs, irritability to speak and fainting fits. Palpitation, constriction and compression of the chest, loss of breath immediately on lying down, must spring out of bed specially about midnight, must incline chest forward. 20gms 60
HC-98. NEURALGO – Neuralgia HC-98. NEURALGO is indicated for Facial Neuralgia, Maxillary Neuralgia, Opthalmic Neuralgia, where there is great soreness and can scarcely tough. Pain in eyes during movement. Extreme pain, sharp and piercing, sometimes twitching, tingling and numbness along the nerve trunk, migratory pains. Pain as needle being thrust into eyeball, giddiness when looking downwards, Headache beginning in cerebellum, drawing the facial muscles. It seems as though the skull would burst, vertigo, double vision, dull vision, spark before eyes, diplopea, affected parts sensitive to pressure. 20gms 50
HC-99. MACROTINUM – Backache HC-99. MACROTINUM is indicated for Pain in whole back, as if muscles bruised. Albuminurea and dropsy. Pulling and digging in shoulders. Stich-like electric shock in the small of back. Paralytic pain in fingers, arms, shoulders, hips and knees. Rheumatic stiffness of the nape of neck and painful tension during movement, pain in small of back. Distortion of vertebral column. Pain in loins, drawing and stitches in back, especially when stooping, continuous pain in the muscles or vertebrae of the neck, paralytic pain in the back. Arthritic rigidity and swelling of the joint with tearing and shooting pain in the spine. 20gms 60
HC-100. DIGITALIS – Low Blood Pressure HC-100. DIGITALIS is indicated for Palpitation of heart with great anxiety. Shooting pain in the region of heart when moving or going upstairs, oppressed breathing, attacks of heart when moving or going upstairs, oppressed breathing, attacks of fainting. Pulse full, stronghard. slow and feeble, thread like with anxiety. Palpitation with slow pulse, irregular and intermittent pulse. Dull, uneasiness in various parts of heart region with sensation of weakness to forearm even at rest, shifting of pain in heart. Heart weak, sitting up in bed has caused fatal Syncope, frightful stitches in the region of heart, coming in every fifteen minutes, lasting only five or six seconds, Cyanosis, heart compressed, squeezed by hand. Acute pain, palpitation of heart, day and night palpitation, irregular beats from slightest movement or excitement with deep inspiration, pain in apex of the heart, shooting down to left arm and to ends of fingers.
Dyspnoea, enlarged Ventricle, Endocardial murmur.
20gms 60
HC-101. AURUM MUR NIT – Tumor HC-101. AURUM MUR NIT  is indicated for Fibroid Tumour, cancerous growth in uterus. Haemorrahages from the womb, ulcers and induration of the uterus, enlarged ovaries, Leucorrhoea, pustules on genitals, carcinoma of the breast, uterus and ovaries, Metritis, premature menses. Habitual abortions, cancer or ulcers of the cervix. 20gms 60
HC-102. BRUCINUM – Poliomyelitis HC-102. BRUCINUM is indicated for An acute infectious disease caused by neurotropic enterovirus. The virus invades the anterior horncells of spinal cord and medulla, producing paralysis. Clinical Features.  (1) High grade fever 103 degree-104 deg F which subsides in 2 to 5 days, rises again with onset of paralysis. (2) Severe muscular pain or fasciculations, tenderness, Headache, stiffness of the joints of the neck, back, maximal, within 24 hours. (3) Followed by partial or complete paralysis of one arm or leg or all the 4 limbs. Sometimes associated with paralysis of the throat and larynx. Management: In acute stage (upto 2 to 3 weeks) a soft bed or rubber or air cushion with suppport to the affected limbs in position of physiological rest. In convalescent stage, passive movements and massage of the affected limbs. Disinclination to talk or study. Pain over head and base of the brain, pain across the brain. Violent pain in the the calves. Hands fidgety and unable to hold a glass of water. Staggering on rising from the seat. 20gms 50

Haslab Speciality Drops

Haslab Speciality drops name Indications Size Rate
Haslab Angio Drops (Low Bp) Angio Drops (Low Bp) is indicated for Paroxysmal Pericardial pain which radiates towards neck and left shoulder, sense of choking, strangling and heaviness, marked sweating, exertional dyspnoea, palpitation, may be shock. B.P. Low Hypotensive symptoms, inclusive of orthostatic circulation. Vaso and cardiotonic, circulation trouble from nicotine abuse. Crustaceous and calcareous deposits in arteries (Atherosclerosis). 30ml 140
Haslab Ashoka Elixir Drops Ashoka Elixir Drops is a boon to women. It relieves all the uterine complaints and menstrual disorders, Leucorrhoea ofall types, painful and irregular menses. 30ml 140
Haslab Fatoline Drops (Fat Reducer) Fatoline Drops (Fat Reducer) helps to loose the excess fats from Bumps & Dumps. Obese have BMI greater than 30. Sedentary life style with rich diet, fast food, excessive consumption, metabolic disorders results in extra fats deposition. This can be managed by: – Exercise, 5-40 min sessions per week- Healthy eating encluding 5 portions of Fruits and vegatable a day with max. 1000 calories. Fatoline Drops, along with exercise acts on CNS to monitor activity of hypothalamus. Thus Liver and Gall Bladder to act on Fat Metabolism to dissolve the fats & Lipids stored in the body without producing weakness. 30ml 150
Haslab Gold Drops Gold Drops is a Heart tonic to tone the heart muscles organic and functional affections of the heart. Cardiac neurosis, Nervous pertubations, cardiac arrythmias, Tachycardia, extra Systoles, Angina pectoris, Band like compresion on chest. Coronary insufficiencies, strong pulse, palpitation, vegetative dystonia. 20ml 90
Haslab Nervocalm Drops (Sleep Stimulator) Nervocalm Drops (Sleep Stimulator) is indicated for Tension, Depression, Insomnia and various disturbances of sleep, drowsiness in the morning, weariness during the day and vivacity in the evening, nervous, restlessness, and over excitement of the nervous system. Neurasthenia, consequences of mental conflicts of long duration, Nervous Breakdown. 30ml 140
Haslab Sexon Complex Drops (Amenorrhoea) Sexon Complex Drops (Amenorrhoea) is indicated for Amenorrhoea, Stopped, scanty and retarded menses due to nervousness, Functional or as a result of organic cause, dysmenorrhoea, Incomplete abortion, False Pregnency. Caution : In dosage of more than 80 drops a day may cause termination of pregnancy. 20ml 70
Haslab Vermifugo Drops Vermifugo Drops is indicated for Worms of all types, ascarises and oxyures. subventional remedy in specific mortification process, strengthens the intestinal mucosa against the lodging of worm ovas. In chronic cases daily one dose for a long period will prevent worm infestation. 30ml 85
Haslab Gensoleng Xxx Drops Gensoleng ‘XXX’ Drops is a Vigour tonic for men. Useful in the treatment of sexual neurasthenia specially for men having poor libido, pre-mature ejaculation, poor excitation, organs cold and relaxed, poor erection with early discharge, Gleet on little excitement sexual debility from nervous prostration, Premature old age from abuse of sexual power, masturbation. Gensoleng ‘XXX’ offers you with effective vigour, stiffness, long duration with complete orgasm. Make you wild again. Functional impotency is no diseases 30ml 340
Haslab Diacard (A Heart Tonic) Diacard (A Heart Tonic) is indicated for Cardiac Neurosis, Dyspnoea, Hypotonia, Dys-function of Blood Circulation, Angina, Palpitation with sensation as if sinking heart. 30ml 150
Haslab Kofsed (Cough Sedative Drops) Kofsed (Cough Sedative Drops) is indicated for Cattarrhal affections of the upper respiratory tract, Rhinorrhoea with Acute Laryngopharyngitis, Dry mucosa, Hollow barking or whistling Cough with Wheezing. An effective cough seda-tive Drops to relieve the Smoker’s Cough and bout of Cough in-stantly. 30 ML 100

Haslab Patent Products List

Haslab Patents Name Indications Size Rate Rs.)
Haslab  Sarneem Haslab Sarneem treats acne, pimples, black heads, dry skin, Boils & Eczemataus Eruption etc. It act on Pilosebaceous follicle quickly smoothly & effectively to reduce the formation of pus cells, prevents eruption on the face & other exposed parts of the skin. Haslab Sarneem is made up of 7 homoeopathic dynamic medicines – Azadircta indica, Echinacea angustifolia, Sulphur, Hydrocotyle asiatica, Berberis aquifolium, Gentiana lutea, Sarsaparilla officinalis. 100/450ml 80/250
Haslab Alfalfa Tonic With Calcium & Ginseng Haslab Alfalfa tonic with Calcium & Ginseng is indicated for Loss of appetite, nervousness resulting from anxiety, worry and overwork, Anaemia, Chlorosis, weakness of stomach, Fatigueness. A General Health Restorer Tonic in convalescent stage. 200ml
Haslab Alfalfa Ag (With Ashwagandha & Ginseng) Haslab Alfalfa Ag (With Ashwagandha & Ginseng) is an health rejuvinator effective in convalescence stage, general debility, loss of appetite, loss of weight, weakness in growing children, over exhaustion on work, Fatigue etc. 100ml 80
Haslab Alfalfa Super Abcd Tonic Haslab Alfalfa Super Abcd Tonic a Palatable tonic for Heart & Brain Exhaustion. Heart weak, Palpitation, Fatigueness of the Heart, Nerves & Muscles, Muscles thin and atrophied, weight loss, appetite Poor, loss of memory, Pain and heavyness in the Cardiac region, Poor recovery after Rheumatic Fever. 115ml 85
Haslab Ashoka Elixir Tonic (An Ideal Woman Tonic) Haslab Ashoka Elixir Tonic (An Ideal Woman Tonic) is a boon to women, General restorative tonic, Useful in Uterine Ailments. Menstrual disorders, Leucorrhoea. Menses too early & too profuse, Flow passive, Dark Clotten Offensive, Uterine atony, Bad effects of Abortions & Miscarriages. 115ml 75
Haslab Coughlex (Cough Expectorant Syrup) Haslab Coughlex (Cough Expectorant Syrup) An efficient cough syrup, indicated for upper respiratory tract infections, unproductive cough, acute and chronic bronchitis, Dry choking cough with hoarseness of voice, Dyspnoea, Pain in chest, restlessness. 115ml
Haslab Digesto (Antacid & Digestive Tonic) Haslab Digesto (Antacid & Digestive Tonic) is indicated for Indigestion, stomach disorders, sour eructations, Flatulence, Acidity, Constipation, burning in chest and stomach, Chronic tendency of irregular Bowel movements, Distension of abdomen even after eating a little Food, Loss of appetite with apathy to Food, Loud-Rumbling Belching with Acidic Water in mouth. 450ml 220
Haslab Livotex (For Liver Disorders) Haslab Livotex (For Liver Disorders) is indicated for Jaundice, Hepatitis, Liver & Spleen enlarged, Liver Function Diminished, Billiousness, indigestion. Increases immunity against infections and Post Hepatitis Sequelae and Histological recovery with regeneration of Parenchymal Cells. 115ml
Haslab G.H. Phos Tonic (With Vitamin B) A Nerve Tonic Haslab G.H. Phos Tonic (With Vitamin B) A Nerve Tonic A palatable Tonic for Nervous exhaustion, depression, Loss of memory, Brainfag, Fatigueness, Sleeplessness, Subclinical Vitamin deficiency, Deformity and exostosis of bones. Macrocytic and Pernicious Anaemia, laziness, debility, loss of appetite, Dyspepsia, Flatulence, constipation. 115ml
Haslab Atul Vital Tonic (For Vigor & Vitality) Non-Sugar-Syrup Haslab Atul Vital Tonic (For Vigor & Vitality) Non-Sugar-Syrup A restorative Tonic, Vitalizing Liver & Libido. Recommended in lack of Vital Heat in young and old persons, premature old age with great Depression of Spirits. Lack of Sexual Power in Males due to Diabetes Melitus or other organic cause, impotency, organs relaxed. In Females apathy towards sex. Anemia, Progressive Emaciation, Neurasthenia, Apathy in youngsters from Abuse of Sexual Powers. Deficient Secretion or Suppression of Milk in Nursing Women, Leucorrhoea. 115ml
Haslab Baby Tone Up (Baby Builder Tonic) Haslab Baby Tone Up (Baby Builder Tonic) is the best Homeopathic tonic for infants and children. Specially indicated in poor mental and physical growth, delayed ossification of the long and cranial bones, Rickets. Osteomalasia, late denition, Marasmus, Sluggish liver function, Diarrohea, Vitamins deficiency and worms. Stimulates growth, improves appetite, digestion and metabolism. 100ml 65
Haslab Gripe Water Haslab Gripe Water An effective and palatable remedy for stomach disorders for new born babies and children, for convulsions, griping pain, Acidity, Flatulency, teething distress, Diarrhoea etc. 100ml
Haslab Ferro Fer M malt Haslab Ferro Fer M malt is indicated for anemia, weakness, loss of appetite, coldness in hand and feet, lethargy, iron deficiency anemia in young children, pregnant women, nursing mothers. 250gms 145

Haslab Psoralea Ointment-HSLPO25

Haslab Ointments & Creams List

Haslab Ointments & Creams Indications Size Price
Haslab Aesculus Ointment Haslab Aesculus Ointment is indicated for Anal Swelling, Haemorrphoids – Piles, Prolapse uterus. For external use only. 25gms 55
Haslab Arnica Ointment Haslab Arnica Ointment is indicated for injuries, inflammation on skin and soft tissues, Painful Swelling of Joints, Backache, Wryneck, Dark Pigmentation due to deposit of Blood. For external use only. 25gms 55
Haslab Berberis Ointment (Acne Cream) Haslab Berberis Ointment (Acne Cream) An effective non-greasy cream to apply on Face. Blotches and Pimples on Face, Wrinkles, Yellow-Waxy skin, Psoriasis. 25gms 55
Haslab Blue Ointment Haslab Blue Ointment is a prompt healer of all sorts of wounds, open abscess, Septic wounds, Gangrene and oozing eczema. It acts as antiseptic. Promotes healing of wounds. It checks bleeding immediately and does not irritate the skin or cut wounds. Wash the wound with diluted Calendula-ext lotion, dry with cotton and dress with the Blue Ointment. 25gms 55
Haslab Cantharis Ointment Haslab Cantharis Ointment is indicated for Burned skin, inflammation, vesicular eruptions, with burning and itching. 25gms 55
Haslab Echinacea Ointment Haslab Echinacea Ointment is indicated for skin infections, recurring boils, eruptions, pustular vesicles. 25gms 55
Haslab Graphitis Ointment Haslab Graphitis Ointment is indicated for eczema, rough, hard, dry skin, cracks, eruptions with oozing of stickly exudates, unhealthy skin, cracks in nipples, between toes, anus. 25gms 55
Haslab Calendula Ointment Haslab Calendula Ointment  is indicated for Wounds, Ulcers, Burns, Sores, Fissures & Abrasions 25gms 55
Haslab Iodium Ointment Haslab Iodium Ointment is indicated for Antiinflammatory, Swelling in skin, Soft tissues, Veins, glands, Joints, Antiseptic, Snake bites, injuries on Face and soft skin, mucosa. 25gms 55
Haslab Psoralea Ointment Haslab Psoralea Ointment is indicated for leucoderma, psoraisis, white patches on the skin. Constant application, the skin becomes red, the melanoblasts are stimulated leading to pigment formation. 25gms 55
Haslab Rhus Bryo Ointment Haslab Rhus Bryo Ointment is indicated for liniment, reduces pain and swelling of inflammed joints, bach ache, wry-neck. 25gms 55
Haslab Sulphur Ointment Haslab Sulphur Ointment is indicated for pruritis, itching, dry, scaly, unhealthy skin, small white depigmented spots on chest and back. 25gms 55
Haslab Hammamelis Ointment Haslab Hammamelis Ointment is indicated for hemorrhages, oozing of blood from cuts, lacerated wounds, ulcers, passive bleeding from varicose ulcers, hemophiliac ulcers. 25gms 55

 Haslab Physi Hite Tablets- HSLPYH10

Haslab Speciality Tablet range

Haslab Speciality Tablet Name Indications Size Rate
Haslab Aidoaller  Tablets Haslab Aidoaller is indicated for Anti allergic, reduces hyper-secretion from nasal mucosa and control allergic rhinitis, control sneezing, control lachrymation redness and frontal headache, skin eruption due to sun exposure and dust pollution, all type of allergic troubles. 10 Tablets 80
Haslab Aidotons Tablets Haslab Aidotons  is indicated for Acute and chronic inflammation of tonsils and adenoids Growth, inflammation of tonsils, pain in throat difficulty in deglutition, sore throat, offensive discharge of mouth, nasal adenoids growth, nasal blockage tendency, fever, malaise. 10 Tablets 80
Haslab Coldreduce Tablets Haslab Coldreduce Tablets is indicated for cold, catarrh, influence associated body ache,running nose, sneezing and nasal congestion, sinusitis. 30 tablets 70
Haslab Imu-V Tablets Haslab Imu-V Tablets is indicated for enhances body resistance against viral infections, chickenpox, measles, helps to control the infection and early shredding of papules. 10 Tablets 100
Haslab Lax Yalo Tablets Haslab Lax Yalo Tablets is indicated for constipation. 10 Tablets 25
Haslab Lo-choles Tablets Haslab Lo-choles Tablets is indicated for cholesterol management 10 Tablets 120
Haslab Physi hite Tablets Haslab Physi hite Tablets is indicated for poor height and growth of children, scrofulous children with poor mental and physical health, dwarfism, children do not attain the proper height at the time of puberty, young girls with short height and poor development of secondary sex characters. 10 Tablets 80

Haslab Other Speciality range

Other Specialty ProductsName Indications Size Price
Haslab Mullein Ear Drops Haslab Mullein Ear Drops An useful analgesic and antiseptic ear drop for various ear troubles attended with earache, watery, purulent discharges and deafness. 10ml
ARNICA Hair Vitaliser (Non Sticky – Non Greasy – Non Staining) ARNICA Hair Vitaliser (Non Sticky – Non Greasy – Non Staining) is a Homoeopathic Hair Tonic for external use to strengthen and enrich each hair shafts to the tips and give nourishment to the hair bulbs to stimulate the hair growth and prevent prematures whitening and falling of hairs. Your hair look and feel so much healthier than before. Long, thick black, lustrous, actually sheen of youthful vigour. ARNICA Hair Vitaliser (Non Sticky – Non Greasy – Non Staining) is indicated for  dry scalp, dandruff, split hair, premature greyness, falling of hair and Baldness. 100ml 95
HSL-Jaborand HAIR LOTION (CONCENTRATE) HSL-Jaborand HAIR LOTION (CONCENTRATE) An non sticky, non staining Hair Lotion to stimulate the hair follicles, enrich hair bulbs and nourish hair shafts, increases capillary circulation of the scalp to help in restoration of fallen hair. Prevents hair falling and premature whitening of hair. 25gms 95
Haslab Mamira Eye Drops Haslab Mamira Eye Drops is indicated for Acute or chronic conjunctivitis. Discharge – acrid, profuse, muco-purulent, stringy. Photophobia. Dull pain with burning. Blurring vision releived by winking. Oedma and bulging of lids from pus beneath or from sub conjunctival tissues. Styes, inflammation of meibomian glands. Conjunctiva – inflamed, red bloodshot, granulated. Pterygium (adventitious growth on ocular conjunctiva.) Keratitis, pannus. Asthenopia, inability to maintain the adjustment of the eye muscles. 10ml 48
Haslab-Scm Cineraria Maritima (Non Alcoholic) Haslab-Scm Cineraria Maritima (Non Alcoholic) is indicated for Premature and Early Cataracts due to metabolic disorders, internal use of Drox 33 (Catarin Drops) or Haslab Homoeopathic Complex Tablets HC-68 (Calcarea Flour Complex) helps in early dissolution. 10ml 90
Haslab Rhustee Oil spray Haslab Rhustee Oil spray is indicated for joint pains, lumbago, muscular pains, sprains, osteoarthritis, stiff neck, injur to ligamnets and tendons. 50ml 95

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