Buy Haslab Digesto Homeopathic Antacid & Digestive Tonic

Homeopathy medicine for for sour eructations, flatulence, acidity, Constipation, Haslab Digesto Antacid and Digestive Tonic.

Haslab Digesto is a Homeopathic Antacid and Digestive Tonic indicated in cases of indigestion, stomach disorders, sour eructations, flatulence, acidity, constipation, burning in chest and stomach, chronic tendency of irregular bowel movements, distension of abdomen even after eating a little food, loss of appetite with apathy to food, loud-rumbling belching with acidic water in mouth (water brash).

Homeopathic medicines and supplements like Haslab Digesto Antacid and Digestive Tonic assist in the metabolism of essential nutrients like protein, fat and carbohydrates in our diet. This makes it possible for the intestines to absorb nutrients in our food. This natural process actually begins in the mouth when our salivary glands secrete digestive enzymes called amylase, protease and lipase. It begins with break down of starch into sugars followed by proteins, cellulose, and other foodstuffs. Without the digestive enzymes we would not be able to get essential nutrients leading to indigestion, diarrhea and gas

Ingredients: Haslab Digesto Antacid and Digestive Tonic Contains: Nux Vomica (0.05ml), Cinchona officinallis (0.03ml), Hydrastis Can (0.3ml), Carbo vegetabilis (80mg), Zingiberis Off (0.03ml), Natrum Carbonicum (80mg), Ocimum Sanctum (0.03ml), Lycopodium (0.03ml), Allium Sativum (0.05ml), Mentha Piperita (0.05ml) Palatable Sugar Syrup q.s.

Dosage: 1 to 2 tablespoonful after meals twice or thrice daily.

Manufacturer: Hahnemann Scientific Laboratory (india)

Size: 450ML

Rate: Rs.220 (10% OFF) Buy Online

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