Buy Haslab HC43 Selenium Complex Tablets to increase Sperm Count

HC 43-homeopathy medicine to increase sperm count, Spermatorrhoea

Haslab HC43 Selenium Complex Tablets is a homeopathic medicine to help increase sperm count in men lost due to Spermatorrhoea, a sexual disorder. It is indicated for Involuntary emission of semen. Excessive weakness, semen flows during motion or urination, Semen thin. Dribbling of semen during sleep and after stool, seminal weakness after masturbation, paralytic weakness of spine. Check out Homeopathy Fourrts Ubi Q capsule for low sperm count in males.

If the number of sperm a man ejaculates is low or if the sperm are of a poor quality, it will be difficult, and sometimes impossible, for him to cause a pregnancy. Normal sperm count in males is 20 millions per ml. It is considered low when there are fewer than 15 million per ml. In normal report at least 30% sperms should be normal (not dead). People suffering from low sperm motility have symptoms like less discharge (low volume of semen output), watery semen quality and sometimes fetid.

Homeopathy complex like HC43 are highly effective and produce good results when used over long periods in complicated diseases when symptoms indicate two or more remedies. These can also be used alternately when 2 or more combination remedies are indicated

HC 43 Selenium Complex Tablets contains homeopathic ingredients like Acid Phos, Staphysagaria, and Selenium that act upon debility and irritability of the generative organs that leads to Spermatorrhoea

Ingredients: HC 43 Selenium Complex Tablets Contains: Acid Phos, Staphysagaria, Selenium

Selenium is a pure natural component of the body system derived from Fish, poultry, Crab, liver and wheat . It has action on the genital regions in male (semen loss, flaccid penis) and delayed menses in females. Selenium resembles chemically and medicinally with Sulphur (isomorphous)

Acidum phosphoricum is indicated for nervous exhaustion, mental and physical debility in growing and over taxed persons. Useful for ailments due to loss of vital fluids, vertigo, a pin in eyeballs. frequent urination and weakness

Dosage:Adults 2 tab, 3-4 times daily for prolong period

Size: 20Gms/450Gms

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7 thoughts on “Buy Haslab HC43 Selenium Complex Tablets to increase Sperm Count”

  1. I am 31 years old. I have two baby. But unfortunately I face a problem of early discharge i.e., in few minutes. So plz help me save my marriage life. My friends suggestions me take a hasalab medicine hc-43 so plz help me

  2. Sir , I am 20 year old male and suffering from nightfall from past 3 to 4 years . It occurs 4-5 times in a month . And even when i watch some porn ,semen leaks from my penis. I am very depressed sir . Please help me. Due toh this problem i feel very tired all the day and my weakness is increasing day by day. When i lift some heavy loads my hands start vibrating. I am very much annoyed of my that problem. I hope You will heLP me sir .

    1. Body tremors after doing some work may the result of low body sugar or hypoglycemia, it also indicates towards nervine weakness that may be causing nightfall problem. Pls consult a homeopathic doctor for treatment

    2. Sir I have serious problem on low sperm count,married since 2011but no fruit of womb.Meanwhile have taken so many medication but all proof futile. Please sir,I need permanent solution to this predicament. Thank in anticipation.

      1. Infertility is caused by caused by problems that affect either sperm production (such as shrinkage of testicles caused by taking anabolic steroids) or sperm transport (sperm cells are infected with Mycoplasma, their motility may be reduced during urinary tract infection). It can be due to Hormone imbalances when the pituitary, hypothalamus, and testicles produce hormones than that are necessary to create sperm. Changes in these hormones coupled with disorders of the thyroid and adrenal gland may damage sperm production. Smoking cigarettes also contributes to this problem. Check Doctor recommended Sperm count increase combination Kit. UBI Q capsules (The biosynthesis of CoQ10 in testis leads to high levels of its reduced form QH2 (ubiquinol) in semen which indicates a protective role as a scavenger of reactive oxygen species known to impair sperm cell function_

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