Haslab Arnica Hair Vitaliser with Jaborandi, bhringraj, cantharis

Haslab Arnica Hair Vitaliser with Jaborandi, bhringraj, cantharis, hydrocotyle asiatica. Anti dandruff oil

Haslab Arnica Hair vitaliser is a non greasy, non staining homeopathic hair tonic indicated for dry scalp, dandruff, split hair, premature greyness, falling of hair and Baldness.

Ingredients: Haslab Arnica Hair vitaliser contains Jaborandi, Arnica Montana, bhringraj, cantharis, hydrocotyle asiatica.

Haslab Arnica Hair Vitaliser is a non sticky- non greasy-Non staining homoeopathic Hair Tonic for external use to strengthen and enrich each hair shafts to the tips and give nourishment to the hair bulbs to stimulate the hair growth and prevent premature whitening and falling of hairs.

Your hair look and feel so much healthier than before. Long, thick black, lustrous, actually sheen of youthful vigour.

Action of individual ingredients:
Jaborandi: Pilocarpus Pinnatifolius. A South American tree been extensively used in the treatment of Alopecia (Baldness) and to stains light hair into black. The Alkaloid Pilocarpine increases the blood capillary circulation of the scalp, helps in restoration of hair and prevents falling of hair.

Arnica Montana : Grows on the mountains, possess a native affinity for hair. As its German name FALLKRAUT attests its value as a vulnerary, has been known since remote times.

Bhringraj Eclipta alba, Keshu Kti keshraj – A source of black stain, enters into the roots to darkness hair (CSIR) and promotes the hair growth.

Cantharis: Active ingredient – Cantharidine, stimulates Sebaceous glands, increases capillary blood circulation to provide rich blood round sebaceous glands and hair follicles.

Hydrocotyle Asiatica : Brahmi – A hair tonic contains a glycoside and asiaticoside helps in hair conditioning, beautification and perfuming.

Haslab Arnica Hair vitaliser application: 1 to 2ml Haslab Arnica Hair vitaliser to be applied to the hair roots before bath or at bed time, massage gently for 5 to 10 minutes with fingers using, gentle pressure on the scalp for adequate blood circulation to the hair roots. For external use only.

Size: 100ML/450ML

Rate: Rs.95/Rs.240 (10% OFF!! BUY ONLINE)

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