Haslab HC-8 Cactus Complex Tablet for Angina

Haslab HC 8 Cactus Complex Tablet for Angina

Indicate for heart pain, chest pain, pericarditis and dyspnoea. On the right side of the chest a feeling of constriction and grasping pain on the left side, endocarditis, constriction with cold sweat and violent action of the heart with low blood pressure.

Ingredients/Composition: Haslab HC-8 Cactus Complex Tablet for Angina Contains: Cactus G, Aconite, Crataegus, Apocynum, Digitalis.

Dosage: 2 tab. 4 times daily. N B. In acute cases, use Angio Drops 5 to 10

Size: 20 gm/450 gm

Manufacturer: Hahnemann Scientific Laboratory (india)

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