Wheezal Febral Syrup, Homeopathy Fever Medicine with Eupatorium Perf

Wheezal Febral Syrup - Fever Medicine

Wheezal Febral Elixir is a homeopathy medicine indicated for all types of fever.

Rise in body temperature is a hallmark of many diseases and the common denominator of almost all febrile conditions is inflammation. When someone has fever due to infection, there is an increase in a type of white blood cell known as the neutrophil which act against the invading bacteria. Usually antibiotics is the most common practice and it treats the most common kinds of bacteria. FUO (fever of undetermined origin) could mean ‘n’ number of possible causes.

Wheezal the No. 1 company having the widest range of Homeopathic Products in India. The secret of the efficacy of Wheezal medicines lies in the carefully selected composition in accordance with the Principles of Homeopathy. The medicines take into consideration the important symptoms in a given condition & may, therefore, be used with utmost confidence in accordance with the listed indications.

Range of Action for Wheezal Homoeopathy Febral Elixir Syrup
Pyrexia of any origin.
Typhoid. Influenza with Chills, Sweating, Delirium and Bodyaches.

Dosage of Wheezal Febral Elixir Children One teaspoonful Adults Two teaspoonful 3-4 hourly as per severity of the ailment or as prescribed by the physician.

Wheezal Febral Elixir Contains: Ocimum Sanc. Q, Chininum Ars 3x, Eupatorium Perf Q, Arsenic Alb 6x, Rhus Tox 6x, Bryonia Q, Ferrum Phos 3x, Baptisia Q, Aconite Nap 6x.

Presentation: 120 ml

Manufacturer: Wheezal Homoeo Pharma

RATE/PRICE: Rs.85 (Buy Online!! Get 10% OFF)

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  1. I have ordered febral medicine in quantity of 3 and amount is deducted and i did not get any mesg that order is placed or not

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