Buy Wheezal Eye Bright Drops for Conjunctivitis and Eye Care

Wheezal Eye Bright Drops for Conjunctivitis, dryness of eyes, burning, sensation of dust in eye, inflammation or irritation of eye, environmental pollution

Wheezal Eye Bright Homeopathic Drops are indicated for Conjunctivitis and Vision Care, it is a safe medicine that helps maintain acuity of vision

Wheezal Eye Bright Drops is a complete homeopathic eye drop specially formulated for essential eye care, using remedies that have a soothing and healing effect on all eye ailments.

Wheezal Eye Bright Eye Drops is indicated for eye strain, watering of eyes, Inflammation, Irritation, environmental pollution, Chronic and acute conjunctivitis, to keep eyes healthy and lustrous, Eye Strain due to prolonged computer usage, pollution etc, Inflammation or Irritation in the eyes, Chronic & acute Conjunctivitis, General cleansing to maintain acuity of vision.

Conjunctivitis, also known as pinkeye, is an inflammation of the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva is the thin clear tissue that lies over the white part of the eye and lines the inside of the eyelid. It can be caused by allergies or a bacterial or viral infection. Conjunctivitis can be extremely contagious and is spread by contact with eye secretions from someone who is infected. Children with bacterial pink eye may return to school or day care 24 hours after starting eye drops or ointment.

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INGREDIENTS: Wheezal Eye Bright Eye Drops Contains: Each 5ml contains
euphrasia off :0.25ml
cin. maritima :0.25ml
argentum nit : 3x 0.12ml
acidum boricum : 2x 0.06gm
zincum sulphuricum : 2x 0.03gm
alcoholic content : 5.9% v/v

Eye health benefits of individual ingredients in Wheezal Eye Bright Drops
• Euphrasia Off.Q: Euphrasia is used as an eye remedy since ancient times. Eye symptoms appear in great variety and the irritation extends to the skin around the eye and nose. It affects the mucous membrane of the eyes, nose and chest, producing acute catarrh which is continuously acrid and hot. There are pressive & cutting pains in the eyes, sticky mucus on the cornea, must blink to remove it. Photophobia with spasms of the lids. Frequent inclination to blink. Opacities of cornea after injury. watering of eyes. The eye complaints are worse in the evening and better in open air.

• Cineraria. Maritima Q: This remedy is useful in restoring power to the weakened ciliary muscles. Eyestrain from sewing, worse in a warm room. There is an aching, tired feeling in the eyes, better by closing or pressing upon them. Eye balls feel big, pupils are dilated. Blurred vision & Photophobia in warm room. Unable to keep the eyes fixed steadily. Inner canthi are swollen and red. Violent, purulent & painful ophthalmia. Great swelling of the conjunctiva, purulent discharge. Acute granular conjunctivits. Opacity of the cornea, Corneal ulcers. It helps to strengthen resistance and clear away infections. Used in removing cloudiness in front of lens and also in the treatment of conjunctivitis. This is the best remedy to check corneal opacities. It is most effective in traumatic cases.
• Argentum Nitricum: Great swelling of conjunctiva; discharge abundant and purulent. Eye-strain from sewing; worse in warm room. Aching, tired feeling in eyes, better closing or pressing upon them. Useful in restoring power to the weakened ciliary muscles.
• Acid Boricum 2x: It is used as an antiseptic and disinfectant, since it arrests fermentation and putrefaction. There is oedema around the eyes. Exfoliative dermatitis. Intense edema closing eyes, conjunctivitis and photophobia.
• Zincum Sulph 2x: This remedy has been found to be very effective in keratitis and corneal opacities & granular lids. Bluish rings around the eyes. Eyes are heavy and dull, staring, fixed and dilated pupil. Lachrymation, watering of eyes, helpful to clear the opacities of cornea.

DOSAGE: Instill 2 drops in each eye twice or thrice a day or as prescribed by the physician.


WARNING: ophthalmic drops may cause momentary burning which stops when the tears start flowing. If irritation persists or increases. discontinue the use and consult the physician. Do not touch the dropper tip for other dispensing to any surface, since this may contaminate the solution.

keep in a cool & dark place.

SIZE: 10 ML Sealed Bottle

price: MRP: Rs.60, Buy online at best price

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